Dreams Related To Fighting

Witnessing fighting

To dream that you are witnessing a fight is good news. It is a symbol of freedom and indicates that you are free to decide and mold your own life regardless of what other people might think. So long as you respect other people's rights and spaces, you could pursue your own idea of happiness and success. For an alternate interpretation, this dream could be the answer to your prayer of winning the lottery and be an instant multi-millionnaire. Otherwise, you may soon receive a gift of enormous value that existed only in your dream, like a car or a rare family heirloom. This dream could also mean you might soon make highly-profitable investments.

Yourself fighting

Dreaming that you are embroiled in a fight signifies an occurrence in your life that would catch you off guard. It could be a happy event that would come as a pleasant surprise or a terrible incident that would make you lose faith in humanity. On a positive note, this vision in your dream could very well be a piece of good news brought to you by, of all people, the person closest to you.

This dream could also be interpreted to mean that, instead of taking a passive stance and just waiting for luck to fall from heaven, you proactively participate in achieving your goals by making full use of your potentials, talents and skills. As a result, success would come to you early on or at the prime of your life.

Winning while fighting

To dream that you are winning in a fight is a positive sign indicating your resilience and perseverance in the midst of a difficult situation in real life. By focusing on your capabilities and your will power instead of wallowing in your weaknesses and negativity, you would soon realize that the worst of situations could bring out the best in you.

Fighting involving sharp weapons

I witnessed a fight between someone I knew and someone unknown. It started when he (the one I know) started to shout at the person saying that he was a killer and then he started provoking him until they both went down their cars to fight, but the killer had a sharp weapon and so was able to give him cuts. The person knocked him out by headlock and then I woke up when the killer was about to kill him using the sharp weapon.

This fight between an unknown person and someone you recognize from reality may represent dueling aspects of your personality. On one hand, you may have a rough, callous side that does not coddle others, even when they are in unfortunate circumstances. The other part of your personality, then, is the side that is empathetic, sympathetic and concerned about the well-being of others. These two sides are warring because even though you want to be a good person, it is hard when others do not try as hard as you. According to the progression of the vision, it seems the harder aspects of your personality are winning out. It might be a good idea to remove yourself from confrontations or situations that are aggravating these feelings. Perhaps with time and space you would be able to let your better emotions rule your actions once more.

Fighting between women

Dreaming about two or more women fighting is a sign that one of the women is currently undergoing or about to go through a period of emotional instability and distress which could have a lasting impact on her life. However, her inner turmoil, which would turn out to be temporary and superficial, may not necessarily involve any of the other women seen in the dream, or you for that matter.

Fighting with a stranger

To dream that you are fighting with a complete stranger indicates upcoming changes at home, in your workplace, career, business or personal relationships that could alter the course of your life significantly. These changes could be as trivial as shifting the position of things at home, or as grand as kicking a bad habit, like chronic smoking, or changing your sleeping patterns due to a revised work schedule or a new job.

Being chased and fighting

To dream that you are being chased and a fight ensues between you and your aggressor is a stern forewarning that if you allow yourself to be bullied and refuse to put up a fight against injustice directed at you, it is tantamount to choosing evil over good, even if you did not instigate it. Seeing evil and doing nothing about it is a form of sin by omission, with repercussions equal to the aggression itself. This dream tells you to stand up against any form of oppression so you do not end up a sore loser.

Breaking a fight

Dreaming that you are trying to break up a fight or pacify a commotion is a vivid reflection of your lack of skills in arbitration or mediation. You could have been thrust under similar circumstances or had opportunities in the past where you tried to use your judgment in settling disputes and arguments, but you had been found wanting. In other words, you could not handle such situations, which could be a blow to your ego and self-worth.

Breaking up a fight, between friends or random strangers you encounter who are either verbally fighting or physically wrestling each other, reveals your diplomatic nature. You may naturally take on the role of arbitrator or mediator when conflict arises. Perhaps you have been involved or participated in tense situations or fights so you know how it can affect both parties, emotionally and physically. As a result, you may have an open mind and a wider understanding about conflict resolution. Soon you would be able to apply your knowledge and skills as depicted in the dream.

Fighting with someone you know

To dream that you are in a fight with a loved one or a person close to you is indicative of your arrogance and callousness. You would have no qualms exhibiting you aggressive attitude to everyone you encounter, even your loved ones. While it may prove useful in situations that require quick action and dominance, it could put a noticeable strain on your relationship with loved ones and people close to you.

Blood during fighting

Dreaming that you are in the middle of a fight in which either you or your adversary begins to draw blood says something about loyalty and betrayal, trust and treachery. This vision forewarns you about being too trusting of your friends and people you think would never put you in harm's way. Sometimes, the people who should protect you could strike you worse than your enemies, at a time and place you never saw coming, and in the most unimaginable ways.

Fighting happening in a distance

To dream that you are witnessing a fight taking place a good distance from where you are standing is a reminder that you should be cautious about being involved with someone who might commit a blunder and drag you into the mess. You would not want to be a party to questionable dealings or activities, or be put in a compromising situation where your reputation or your own life could be at stake.

Fighting for a young woman

A woman dreaming that she is involved in a fight or trying to break it up should take it as a warning that some people in her close-knit circle could be spreading ugly rumors about her when she is not around. Gullible listeners could be easily swayed, and she could lose a lot of friends. But then at least she would know who her real friends are. If she happens to dream about her partner or spouse being embroiled in a fight, it is telling her that that person could be a pompous twit who does not deserve her time, much less her slightest attention.

Fighting with a friend

Dreaming that you are in a fight with a dear friend or family member is analogous to what could happen to you in real life. You could lose a friend one way or another, suffer financial setbacks, or fail to achieve your current goals.

Fighting between men

A man dreaming that he is having a fight with another man is a sign that there may be competition and tension between you and a male friend, family member or acquaintance. You could be rooting for the same attractive woman, vying for the same position in your company, or engaging in the same type of business in which you consider yourselves direct competitors.

Fighting fiercely

Dreaming on a recurring basis that you are engaged in a fierce fight or violent scuffle is indicative of a dismal sex life. Your poor performance in bed could have underlying issues, such as health problems causing erectile dysfunctions in men or the loss of libido in women, or low self-esteem due to poor body image. This may take a toll on your marriage or relationship. The dream vision reminds you to take measures to address it as soon as possible, even so far as to seek professional help, in a clear effort to spice up your sex life and bring back the romance. That is, if you do not want your ego deflated by the discovery of your spouse or partner getting it on with your better-looking neighbor.

Fighting with animals

To dream that you are mistreating animals foreshadows gloom and doom. Hurting animals in reality is bad enough. Doing it in your sleep signifies that you could be entering a rough period in your life filled with angst, pain and sorrow. Such could be the effect of this unspeakable cruelty that you would have great difficulty putting your life back on track.

Fighting in a duel

Dreaming that you are a participant to a duel has grim implications. You might soon go through some difficult situations in your career, business, relationship or life in general. Such obstacles might give you a bit of discomfort and disrupt your normal routine, but these should be no cause for alarm. They are there on a temporary basis to test your agility and intelligence, and your undeniable ability to get back on track in no time.

Fighting for those in love

To dream that you or both you and your spouse or partner are involved in a fight with someone else could symbolize a gloomy period of separation in your current relationship. Certain events in the past could have led to your emotional burnout and caused your intimacy to fizzle out. The separation could be temporary. But, with no effort from either party to rekindle the romance, it could die a natural death.

Participating in mob fighting

Dreaming that you are a participant of a rumble or a mob fighting is a reminder that you should watch your mouth when you figure in a dispute or disagreement with a person or group of people in real life. Harsh words could get you in serious trouble in situations like this, so you should learn to raise your point in a polite manner or just know when to pipe down.

Fighting with a whip

Dreaming that you are using a whip to defend yourself in the middle of a fight is a symbol of triumph. In whatever you do, whoever your opponent may be, you could expect to always have the upper hand, be in control, win over normally strong, invincible competitors and give them a run for their money. In real life, this could translate success in your business, your family life or any current undertaking.

Fighting between spouses

To dream that a couple is having a fight is a sign of infidelity in real life. It indicates that one-half of the couple, or worse, both parties could be having extramarital affairs with or without the knowledge of the other party at present. The longer the affair or affairs go, the deeper the emotional attachments. The cheating could reach a point of no return, and consequently break a family or relationship, shatter lives, or God forbid, turn deadly and become another gruesome subject on a CSI episode.

Boyfriend fighting someone

Envisioning your current boyfriend or partner fighting someone in the dream realm is often considered a harbinger of misfortune. Analysis of this symbol suggests you would experience a plateau or even a downturn in your situation in reality. This symbol by itself tends to be a bit ambiguous. Sometimes this symbol is only considered an allegory for a period characterized by gloomy, negative circumstances. Other times it can specifically point toward a separation or break up between you and someone you care about, maybe even your boyfriend.

Fighting with an old friend

In my dream, my old friend who I no longer talk to showed up at my house and started shouting at me. I started shouting at her back as she was the one in the wrong. I said something but smacked myself afterwards.

Having a dream about quarreling or having a fight with someone you know closely, such as a friend or a family member is a reflection of your aggressive attitude toward this person and your desire to provoke or humiliate this person, including by some indirect ways or actions. If you felt in your dream that the conflict with this person was a wrongdoing on your part or you felt bad about this confrontation afterwards, you might have doubts and second thoughts about continuing down this conflicting path with this person.

Fighting with best friends

I was on a train with my 4 best friends Alissa, Hailee, Ava, and Melissa and I was being shot at, Alissa jumped in front of me and she died. Then we all left her and ran down the road where we lost Ava. I found myself in the middle of a gang and the guys were starting to yell and hit me. Hailee just watched while Melissa got upset and decided to fight them off. We ran away but yet again found that we'd lost Hailee. It was me and Melissa and we started swimming in the ocean and I was stung by some sea creature. She tried to save me but we used up our last moments talking about our friendship.

Traveling on a train with your friends indicates you have a close relationship with them and enjoy spending time with them. Being separated from your friends in a dream, either because you left them, lost them, or cannot find them, predicts one or all of them has some important news to share with you. This may be related to your experience in the ocean within this dream. Oceans represent possibilities, meaning your friends might know about some chance or opportunity which would be important to you and your future. However, being stung is associated with facing hardship and challenges, so this opportunity may take a lot of hard work to get the results you want. Talking about friendship is good luck, though, so as long as you work hard and do your best, you should be going in the right direction.

Imminent fighting

Dreaming that you are a witness to a dispute among a bunch of people that looks like it would escalate into a full-blown fight is a sign of glad tidings. You would be surprised to receive good favors from people and places you least expected. The same vision could also indicate a completely unforeseen occurrence that could have a positive or negative impact on your life. Otherwise, this dream may indicate the healthy relationship you are cultivating with your neighbors.

Fighting someone and winning

Getting into an altercation or a fight and then emerging as the winner, be it an argument or a fist fight, alludes to a combination of skill and luck which would help you escape a potentially harrowing situation. A couple of examples regarding this narrow escape is finding a loophole in your contract that could end a really bad deal or a split-second decision that saves you from getting imprisoned in a toxic relationship. Your nocturnal state underscores your grit and good instincts, so you can thank your subconscious for keeping you alert.

Getting hurt while fighting

Dreaming that you are getting hurt in the middle of a fight is an indication of your excessive tendencies to give unsolicited assistance and advice, or meddle in other people's affairs when in reality it is the last thing they would need. Granted, you could have the best of intentions, and your messianic complex could be getting the better of you. Still, you should exercise self-control under these circumstances to keep troubles from gravitating towards you and avoid complicating other people's problems.

To reinforce what is already obvious in the main interpretation, you should avoid giving assistance where assistance is unwarranted or at least may be viewed with suspicion. Often the people involved in a conflict have a far deeper understanding of the intricacies of their problem than you as an outsider. In other words, they would have the innate capacity to solve it on their own, unless they ask you to mediate, at which point you may share your advice in a most appropriate, most sensitive manner.

Unstoppable fighting

Dreaming that you are in the midst of an unstoppable brawl involving countless people is a stern forewarning that you should refrain from associating with shady characters or people who might have a criminal past because you may be branded as one. On the other hand, this vision in your dream could also imply an important change in your life or a shift in your career or business. In addition, it could mean you would soon attend a bacchanalia or a wild party where you could let your hair down and just enjoy it as though it were your last.

Children fighting

Dreaming that you are a witness to children engaged in a fight, whether they are your own or other people's, is a cause for excitement. It indicates that you are presently enjoying the company of, or would soon spend quality time with, the people who really matter to you - your family, friends and loved ones. An outdoor picnic by the lake or a simple meal at some quaint diner would be priceless and would bring you immeasurable joy knowing that you are surrounded by love in the form of your favorite humans.

Fighting with family members

Fighting among the members of your immediate family is a common symbol to perceive in dreams, although it is not a prophecy of upcoming discord or unhappiness in your home. Rather, traditional sources suggest this symbol alludes to some part of you being unfulfilled or disappointed, possibly due to a wasted effort or unexpected setback in your plans. This would leave you with a bitter taste in your mouth and make it difficult to try and pick up the broken pieces.

Ex-boyfriend fighting with my current boyfriend

My ex-boyfriend fighting with my current boyfriend.

Seeing your ex-boyfriend trying to communicate with you in a dream has negative connotations. If you are currently dating another man, it could mean that you tend to delve into things from the past and make unfair comparisons between your ex and current boyfriend. This interpretation is reinforced by the fight they got into in the dream. When you focus on these feelings, it might cause major interferences with your newly established relationship. You might become unable to cherish, understand and take it to the next level. In relation to the fight, you might also want to be loved by both men equally. You could also feel undesired, unloved and undervalued by your new lover and subconsciously want him to prove his love for you through real actions. Note that this interpretation could equally apply to other people with whom you have a very close and significant relationship.

Being defeated when fighting

Dreaming that you are losing in some fight forebodes a losing streak in real life. You could be embroiled in a string of unpleasant events or have been making bad decisions pertaining to your current moneymaking endeavor or business. This could begin a downward spiral that, if ignored and not given proper attention to reverse the situation, could lead to losing a lot of your money or property and, ultimately, to the possibility of filing for bankruptcy.

Watching professional fighting

Dreaming that you are watching a professional fight live or on TV is a welcome sign. It is an indication that you would soon make new friends, meet and get to know people who might become a significant part of your life. This dream vision could also be a sign that someone you dearly love whom you have not seen in a while would give you a surprise visit and spend some quality time with you.

Fist fighting

Fist fighting while in a dream is often considered by Freudian sources to allude to issues within your family unit. In some cultures, the fingers are thought to represent different members of the family. As such, squeezing your fingers into a tight fist and using those fists to land blows on someone else means you are about to enter into conflict with one of your relatives. It is possible that living together is causing some tension when different views or personalities clash. Perhaps you need to de-escalate the situation by thinking a bit more about how others feel or taking a step back when you feel like you want to lash out.

Fighting with someone who shrinks

I was fighting with a random person and what the fight entailed is unknown. I kept beating him and he kept shrinking then hid in a shoe, so I started taking the shoe and hitting it against the wall and the floor.

The image of fighting a random stranger usually points to dealing with conflicts and problems that seem to arise out of nowhere. You may be working on a task that seems to hit a roadblock every step of the way, or you may be dealing with a recurring challenge that you have not found a solution for yet. However, beating these troubles into submission (metaphorically) and causing them to shrink and hide means you are likely to succeed in overcoming these challenges in the future. The dream is most likely suggesting to take a closer look at what you are currently dealing with and act on.

Being challenged to fight

To dream that you are being challenged to a fight that everyone present knows you are the clear winner indicates doubts and apprehensions that could be bothering you and hampering your current project or undertaking. You could have started this project on the wrong foot, and now you are worried you might not be able to see it through because, as they say, a house built on bad foundations would not stand the test of time. Therefore, why pursue it?

Fighting someone but you can't hit them

You may be wondering what does it mean when you dream about fighting someone but you can't hit them. This is an ominous symbol that suggests you would get into a confrontation with someone in wake life. However, this individual has something on you. You would be unable to fight back literally or figuratively because doing so would allow this man or woman to share some very unflattering information about you. You would just have to hold your tongue and deal with their onslaught until you are in a more advantageous position.

Fighting with people and animals

I got into a fist fight with two guys and won. Walked back home, on the way I had to evade a horse trying to kick me, so I jumped in a tree horse kicked tree down and it splintered I landed on my feet. The horse ran away I ran towards my house. Then a friend was walking with me and we heard deep growls from behind us. An huge dog was sprinting toward us. We got in the house and I grabbed a gun went out back to look through the gate dog was trying to get at me and my friend we were going to go back in the house and didn't see my dog. Big dog had mine in its mouth I shot it twice. Then another showed.

Overall, your dream visions about being attacked by animals (the horse and the dog) could be a manifestation of the period In your life when you are going through a lot of conflicts and confrontations with people you have to deal with on a daily basis, such as family members, relatives or coworkers. Being kicked by a horse in a dream signifies having to face enemies or adversaries and being defeated, which could in turn negatively affect your future relationships with other people. Dreams about a dog attacking you viciously symbolizes other people's reactions to your behavior and actions. They either do not understand your motivations and reasoning, or try to protect themselves from your influence which they perceive to be dangerous or threatening. You could also be trying to build new relationships or find new friends, but because of your way of approaching people they seem to distance themselves because they tend to question your real intentions.

Fighting with a bear and winning

My friend had a dream of me, fighting a bear he said, the bear had me by the neck as I attacked it with a "bear claw attack" lol. As he broke the fight up, I stood up and said "I'm good, let's go again". He said me and the bear were the same height and both I and the bear were brutally injured, but the bear ran.

Seeing you fighting with a bear experienced in a dream by others reflects your behavior when faced with rivals or competitors. Witnessing you being determined to continue the fight could be pointing to your tendency to provoke conflicts and challenge other people to confrontation even though their original intentions are not a real threat or menace to you. Overall, this dream could be revealing how your friends see you in real life and if they are not happy with these aspects of your personality, it could ultimately put your friendship with them at risk.

Fighting and ending up in court

I was out with three guys and one of them offered me a steamed fish and I refused to eat it, and we get in a fight, and I beat him so bad. We end up in court. The judge was in favor of him, but residents were in favor of me.

Eating fish in dreams pertains to receiving money acquired by legal means, good news or closing a deal. Your refusal to eat the fish indicates your resistance or defiance in regards to a pending decision. Maybe you want to be more independent or rely on your own capabilities and tactics in business or private matters. Your refusal to go along with other people's plans or points of view is likely to put you on a tight spot and could lead to confrontations. The dispute is a complicated and divisive one which may involve other people in your social circle.

Fighting with father but reconciling at the end

This is the second time I would dream of having a fight with my dad. This particular time, we had a misunderstanding again and he was going to hit me, I was upset and I took my things and left the house. On the road, he came with his friends to talk to me, I thought he was coming to capture me, so I wanted to start running, then he broke down in tears and asked why I am dishonoring him, so I broke down and went to him, and woke up crying and we reconciled.

Arguing or fighting with a parent suggests unresolved issues in your family. Problems and issues evaded or bottled up in real life are pushing their way into the dream world, forcing you to acknowledge and confront them. The fear that he will use violence against you speaks of a lack of emotional connection between the two of you. Perhaps you are not communicating enough, hence you tend to walk on eggshells when dealing with each other. Running away from home also alludes to avoidance of problematic situations. It seems, however, that you want to settle matters once and for all, as evidenced by the reconciliation towards the end of your dream. Your subconscious is guiding you to a resolution which requires a head-on approach instead of running away or pretending that the problems do not exist.

Fighting with an ex

I am a female... I was sitting at a table with my ex and he said something rude and laughed, threw a glass of water at me, I then threw a glass of milk at him and then I found a glass of water and hit him with it. There were people surrounding the table who began to take his side and threaten me.

Having a fight with your ex-boyfriend suggests that your current relationship or love interest may not be treating you with the love and respect you expect. In fact, he may not even treat you as his equal, brushing off what you say and putting his needs before yours. Others may have already warned you about him, but you have, to this point, chosen not to heed their advice and get out while you can. However, throwing water and milk at each other predicts finding yourself in an embarrassing, almost mortifying situation because of your blindness to the truth of the situation. You may be able to avoid these adversities if you react quickly and stand your ground, but anything short of a quick, decisive move is likely to end poorly for you.

Fighting a woman to protect boyfriend

I was fighting with a strange woman to protect my boyfriend from getting hurt. While fighting the woman, blood was drawn.

A dream in which you find yourself in a verbal or physical altercation with a strange woman to protect yourself or someone you care about is an ominous sign. It portends the possibility of losing a competition due to a secrecy breach. A rival of yours may gain the upper hand thanks to having found a particular bit of information you would have normally kept hidden. Try to not be careless with private information and be more serious about whom you ultimately trust.

Women fighting with one of them dying

In my dream, I saw two women fighting, and suddenly one fell to the ground and died. I just passed by and was watching the event.

To dream that you are witnessing a fight is good news. It is a symbol of freedom and indicates that you are free to decide and mold your own life regardless of what other people might think or say. Alternatively, these women may symbolize clashing aspects of your beliefs and you are turning a blind eye to the negative consequences of your actions based on erroneous judgments.

Dreams about birds of prey like owl or falcons meaning

An owl and falcon fighting in the air

In the dream, I was on the edge of a road and a cut-down wheat field, or it might have been an abandoned wheat field turned into a grassland. The snowy owl flew in and caught in midair a bit smaller bird, which I perceived could be a young falcon. The owl carried it up, but the falcon escaped for a moment, I gasped and the owl looked at me once again, I felt that the owl should not give up. 5 seconds later owl caught the falcon again and they flapped their wings in flight, swirled with nails in each other. End.

Envisioning a seemingly abandoned wheat field is highly symbolic and represents the point you are at in your waking life. The lack of life and "work" happening in this particular field suggests your own growth has been stunted for some reason. This could be due to others keeping you down or a general sense of disappointment and disillusionment. Your own emotional state often hinders the progress you can make, especially with self-improvement. The snowy owl in this vision is most likely you projecting yourself onto the magnificent creature. The smaller falcon, then, could represent your fears and self-doubt or a particular person who acts bigger than they actually are. Seeing the owl prey on the falcon shows how you can overcome the obstacles preventing your growth with perseverance and patience. Even if you do not succeed the first time, your effort is likely to be rewarded the more opportunities you accept to rise to the challenge.

Fighting with spirits of zodiac signs

I was having sex with my boyfriend (who in the dream was a stranger), it was at my grandma's house and we were watched by everyone but it was to vanquish spirits. Then it made a female demon mad and she started to send out spirits to kill us and my family that were spirits of the zodiac. Each of my family members fought their zodiac sign (although I had no idea what their zodiac signs were).

Having sex with a stranger, who is actually your boyfriend, in reality, alludes to uncertainties about your current circumstances. You may feel as if your loved ones are becoming too invested in your and your boyfriend's status, nitpicking everything they observe possibly because they are overly concerned about your happiness and well-being. The female demon represents your inner darkness and this is what they are probably trying to suppress. They do not want you to become self-destructive or do something that would end up harming you. As such, your family, like yourself, are also battling their own prejudice and flaws in dealing with your situation.

Wife and mother fighting

I dreamed of a physical fight between my mother and wife while I was just standing there.

Seeing your wife and mother fighting while you simply stand there could represent an actual improvement in their relationship. This means that while their altercation in the dream may have seemed violent, the way they get along with each other in reality may soon take a turn for the better. It may be wise on your part to let them work it out themselves in this case and try not to meddle and possibly get in their way.

Fighting with men in a cabin

I live in a cabin with other men. Strangers show up and I feed them. One stranger tries to kill me. I kill him. The other (very tall and bearded) bludgeons my men with a hammer. I disarm him and ask why he's done this after I've fed him. I try to kill him and attacks are weak he seems to be faking that I do any damage and my blows are weak. I disarm him after he pulls out a screwdriver and he still taunts me. My weapon is a broken broom handle. I try to shove the handle through his eye socket but I can't pierce through.

To dream that you are residing or staying in a cabin indicates that a person from your close circle is in dire need of your help, but is reluctant to confide the matter to you. You would learn of that person's predicament from others in your circle. Being attacked by a complete stranger points to upcoming changes at home, in your workplace or inside personal relationships that could alter the course of your life significantly. Combined with the image of the cabin, it seems your relationship with this individual, in reality, may change some aspects of your life due to the importance of the challenge they are facing and your potential involvement. Killing or trying to kill people in your dream signifies your determination and readiness to do something about this situation before it escalates and gets out of control.

Fighting with a woman while in the sky

Flying so high in the sky, holding a small white stuff in my palm, while a woman flying with me, and fighting and having real battle with me over this small white thing I strongly hold firm in my palm, I beat hell out of her in the sky, but she never gives up. At the same time she fails to get that thing from me, then later woke up to the real world.

A dream about flying high reveals your ambitious nature. You may be a dreamer at heart who is not afraid to fight for your goals, and the white stuff inside your palm represents whatever it is you have been working towards, whether a promotion or a project. In that sense, the girl you engage in a battle with alludes to rivals and competitors vying for the same thing that you want. As the scenario plays out in your dream, you seem to be fully motivated and not easily deterred by competition. You are a natural-born fighter and your dream vision is probably reminding you that your dreams are attainable as long as you fight for them.

A cow and a bear fighting

I dreamed that I was on the top of a cliff looking at a cow and a bear from a distance. It looks like they were fighting and somehow the cow slipped and I saw it falling all the way down, it tried to hang onto something but later fell to its death. The same thing with the bear. Not soon after I saw them on these big shelves almost like little coffins and I started seeing that they sort of "glitched" and it looked like they started turning into something else. Weird dream I know but I'm just curious!

Cliffs often connote difficulties in the real world. In that context, the cow and the bear represent two aspects of yourself that appear whenever you are faced with challenges. The cow represents your nurturing side and the desire to shield your loved ones from the negative circumstances surrounding the problems you face. The bear signals rivalry and competition accompanying your life every step of the way. It can also signify being successful and provide the best solutions for problems and issues you may encounter. It is a question of balancing personal and professional goals when faced with precarious situations. Allowing ambitions to take over would result in losing your sense of self and personal integrity.

Fighting with a werecat man

Squaring up and fighting what was a man I was trying to return a bike to. With a narrator in the background. Then the man transforms in to a black werecat-like creature and we circle. We both find weapons, I find a dagger-like stick and he has a rock then a log.

This vision of fighting a man who turns into a werecat could predict entering a period filled with gloom and a great misfortune. This is likely due to some activity or scheme in which you have gotten yourself involved. Additionally, the presence of weapons may add an element of danger to this interpretation. You should be wary of any potentially troublesome situations developing in the near and distant future.

An out of body experience after a fight

I had a dream I was fighting multiple people back in my hometown where I was winning the fight against each person, but suddenly I am hit in the head with a rock, the fight ends and my friend takes me into his home where I have a bright light around my body and my head cracked open with me trying to stay conscious all while watching myself through an out of body experience. I am male.

In the dream world, fighting can have a number of interpretations. In many cases, fighting predicts conflict with people close to you, perhaps those same individuals you saw in your vision. Another possible interpretation indicates receiving unpleasant news or hitting a rough patch of some sort. Furthermore, having an out of body experience suggests that either potential scenario could lead to being rejected by your peers. In the case of fighting, it is likely your friends would take the other person's side, while in the case of receiving bad news, it may mean others would abandon you in your time of need. However, passing out and waking up encompassed in light could reveal some inner strength or power that would allow you to get through these difficulties, even if it seems impossible. Those who left you would not be necessary in the new life you create for yourself.

Reconciling with someone after a fight

I had a fight with someone and we haven't talked ever since and yesterday I had a dream that we were standing among our friends together and he asked me what's my problem and why did I stop talking to him! What does it mean?

Reconciling with someone you have been in a disagreement with may reveal an upcoming situation in your life that would be too good to be true. Someone may promise you something they have no way of delivering, or you may be deceived by an offer from a salesperson or advertisement. You should be wary of situations that make it seem like you are getting a lot for very little. Likely, this would come back to haunt you later on.

Seeing two men fighting

Perceiving two guys fighting in your dream is a direct metaphor for some conflict between you and friends or someone in your close circle because of liking the same thing, whether it's a person or a job position. The act of fighting mirrors inhibited emotions that you have toward this person. You might be preventing yourself from being too emotional and expressing yourself to avoid aggravating this situation and are looking for ways to address this matter accordingly.

Fighting with a dead friend

Fighting with a deceased friend in your dream might seem like a bad omen, yet in reality, this carries a fortunate interpretation. Firstly, this vision is a harbinger of a positive change that will happen in your life. This change will bring you a different level of confidence, which will be apparent even to the people around you. On the other hand, this dream also means that there were repressed emotions you have toward a relative or a family member that will be settled soon.

Mother and daughter fighting

Fighting with a family member is an ominous sign. Specifically, a vision of a daughter arguing with her mother in the dreamscape reflects a conflict between your physical and spiritual worlds. It also represents indecisiveness and a tendency to be easily swayed by others due to a lack of sound judgment. As a consequence, you often have to deal with issues that should not be there in the first place, hurting your own and others' feelings.