Dreams Related To Fiance

Fiance having sex with an ex

My dream was about my fiancé having sexual affair with his ex-girlfriend, to which I originally said was ok but they kept doing it in front of me, so I finally went up to my fiancé and said I can't watch this anymore it hurts to bad so I'd like him to stop having sex with her or unfortunately I'd have to leave him.

Watching your fiancé have sex with his ex reveals your lack of faith in him. This act of infidelity could be a projection of your insecurities about yourself and your relationship. Abandonment issues may trigger your fear of rejection, but this does not necessarily mean that he is capable of leaving you. The ex in the dream could also symbolize his personal baggage which is causing a strain in your relationship. Perhaps your initial consent means you want him to tie any loose ends from his past before you settle down and start a family. Unfortunately, your personal fears and lack of trust in him make you unsure about giving him the leeway to close any unresolved issues from his past. Perhaps a part of you just wants him to leave the past behind and focus on the future.

Wedding without my deceased fiance

Dreams about deceased loved ones may be unsettling, however, this symbol does not necessarily refer to negativity. The imagery of your deceased finance means your lost lover is sending a message to you. Seeing your wedding in your vision is a positive sign that implies you are about to experience something completely new, and your life is slowly changing for better. Your deceased finance is communicating to you about this unique opportunity, saying that there is nothing to worry about and you can go on this path free of doubts and hesitations.

Sex with your fiance

Having sex with your fiance during the course of a dream vision may be a reflection of your desire to be open and honest with them in reality. Perhaps you have been holding back some parts of yourself or behaving in a way that does not reflect your true feelings or actions in wake life. Your desire for complete honesty and openness directly refers to your upcoming nuptials, as you may be worried that learning the truth would send your partner running. However, it might be wise to trust that your future life partner would love you for who you are and not who you pretend to be.

My fiance leaves me for his ex

Dreaming that your fiance has left you for their ex-lover represents your lack of trust in them. In a sense, seeing them with someone else reveals a deep-seated fear that they really would leave you. This does not mean they actually would, however. Perhaps you are seeing this because of your own issues or lack of faith. This could get in the way of having a deep, meaningful relationship with this individual.

Talking to your fiance

Talking to your fiance reveals your excitement about your upcoming wedding. This could also point to the mounting stress about the preparations for the ceremony. There are probably a lot of details you need to attend to and suppliers you have to hire, hence this is manifesting in your dreams. You want you and your fiance to communicate well during the process and work together to make things more manageable and memorable.

Your fiance leaving you

Dreams that include your fiance or betrothed leaving you, whether it is for someone else or just in general, are often considered an indicator of upcoming distance or temporary separation. However, this time apart would likely be good for your future life together, like the old adage that says absence makes the heart grow fonder. Possible examples of this vision coming true might include anything from a business trip to a study abroad program. While you may be physically distant from one another, you would grow closer through heartfelt emails and long phone calls on Skype.

Fiance dying

Dreaming that your intended has died or is in the process of dying is an ominous symbol to behold in a dream. It suggests there are some minor problems creeping into your relationship, casting a shadow of doubt over your upcoming union. For men, this could be related to their wife becoming overly involved in wedding preparations, making her act like a "bridezilla". Women, on the other hand, may be frustrated with the lack of involvement or support their future partner is putting into planning. Other, external issues could also be at play.

Together again with deceased fiance

In my dreams, my deceased fiancé and I are together as normal. We never discuss her passing, we are still working together, living everyday life, talking, joking, solving problems, it's like we're in a different place, but nothing has changed, I love it and sometimes wish I wouldn't wake up.

Seeing your deceased fiancé in a vision is a positive sign predicting you are soon to receive some pleasant, uplifting news. Because you were envisioning your life as being somewhat different (in a new place or trying new things), it suggests you may receive an opportunity that brings about a fresh start, such as a new job or a transfer to a different city. This could be a chance to grow and allow yourself some time and space to heal.

Being approached by the ex-fiance's son

I was at a stoplight and I saw my ex-fiance's son. He walked over to my car and started confiding in me. I let him talk and cry and then I asked him if he knew who I was, and he said that he didn't. Then I told him that I was engaged to his dad but I never got a chance to meet him.

Whether you met him in wake life or not, seeing your ex-fiance's son crying in your dream vision predicts an upcoming situation in which you are likely to be called on to comfort and stand up for someone in your life. This person may be a younger relative who is being bullied or an older family member who is being taken advantage of. In either case, being at a stoplight suggests putting something in your life on hold to take care of someone else. They would certainly appreciate your help and express their gratitude profusely, but whatever you have to give up to help them might be just the right amount of effort you may want to spare to address their needs.

Being told of fiance's imminent death

I had a dream today, a man was telling my fiance that he will die of poison, and I, as the wife, just have to learn to accept his death, and yet I can still save him and my know-how.

Poison, in a dream vision, is a highly ominous sign indicative of tragic events or serious health problems. Because you envisioned your future husband in this dream, it could predict that some terrible misfortune is about to befall him. This equally affects you too, as his future wife. The other man in this vision represents the presence of someone who either orchestrated or benefits from this situation, meaning they are opposed to your marriage. This could be a jealous rival or a relative who has been against this match from the beginning. In either case, you should be wary of situations where accidents could occur and communicate your concerns with your fiance.

Fiance caught cheating on other girls

Me and my at the time fiancee were together and I never thought or accused him of cheating. I had a dream he was going what felt like next door to flirt with some chicks and I jerked his ass up by the waist of his pants and belt and brought him back home. We broke up not long after that and a year later he still says he loves me.

Dreaming that your fiance is cheating on you does not actually represent such an event in wake life. Rather, dreams about infidelity represent your own lack of trust in him. Additionally, this could represent a subconscious desire not to fully commit to the partnership for one reason or another. Maybe you became dissatisfied with the relationship or his habits became annoying. It is possible you did not want to settle down yet or saw an opportunity elsewhere. In either case, your vision has more to do with your state of mind than his actions.

Fiance mistaken for a dead lover

Walking through a street I saw my dead lover in front of me. He smiled and asked me "Why were you so late? I was waiting for you too long". We hugged each other and sat on the edge of the mountain and suddenly I realized that I am sitting with my fiance.

A dream in which you envision talking with your deceased lover only for him to suddenly become your fiance points to certain feelings of depression caused by aspects of your everyday life. It is possible that things like work, studies, or, perhaps, your current relationship may be affecting you more than you realize or are willing to admit. If this were to be the case, it would be wise to seek the help of your closest friends and relatives or look into the possibility of getting professional counsel.

Exchanging vows with fiance

My dream was about me and my fiance. We were putting rings on each other. It was me who first put a ring on his finger and recited the wedding vow. When it was his turn, he just put it on without saying anything. He realized that and asked me to take off the ring. I did so. He put the ring on my finger and this time recited the wedding vow. When he was finished, there was an old nice lady that came out of nowhere and stood next to us and she mentioned: "In god's". I woke up.

Dreaming about putting on wedding rings and exchanging vows with your real-life fiance reveals your readiness to commit to your significant other. However, his failure to recite his vows when it was his turn could signify possible conflicts you may have to deal with before getting married. There could even be several instances in which you may try to break up or come close to calling it quits only to change your mind and reassure each other about your lasting love and loyalty. These trials may be inevitable and part of a higher plan, as mentioned by the old woman, in order to test your true love for each other.

Fiance scared of the storm

Me and my now fiancé were on this road and it was a long narrow road and it was storming and the sky was grey and white and dark and we were heading up the stream. My fiancé said we have to turn around, it's getting worse and I wanted to keep going and we ended up turning around towards the non-raging river? And ended up at a country restaurant? I really hope this man isn't leading me away from God??? He got scared of the storm and we turned around to a calm storm? I'm a little nervous.

There are conflicting symbols in your dream. Driving on a long and narrow road means you are about to undertake a journey that is designed to satisfy a desire for stability and a respectable social status. However, the dark and stormy sky in a distance refers to problems or even repressed anger on your part. As such, turning around to avoid the storm likely means that your fiancé is the type who avoids conflict. It could also be a reflection of your own misgivings and apprehensions about the upcoming nuptials. Maybe it is you who is unsure. In that regard, the restaurant becomes a place of safety, possibly involving family and close friends, where you can discuss and mull over your decisions before you fully commit to your significant other you want to spend your life with.

Fiance's penis turning black

I dreamt that my finance's penis turned black and sick-looking.

This vision carries an ominous interpretation for your future life with your fiancé. Dreaming of a strange, sickly penis could portend extramarital affairs on your part, suggesting you would soon cheat on your future husband. This could be due to a lackluster sex life or a decline in intimacy in the time leading up to your marriage. In order to avoid this situation, you would have to focus on the good points of your relationship and the reasons you wish to marry, as well as communicate with your fiancé about what you desire both emotionally and sexually.

Fiance wearing high heels

I am a female aged 38 years, I saw my fiance wearing my high heel shoes in a dream and he seemed so comfortable, what could be the meaning? Thanks in advance.

Usually, seeing men wearing women's shoes, such as high heels, indicates you may be feeling some discomfort, since these shoes in general are not comfortable for those not used to wearing them. Since your boyfriend seemed comfortable wearing them in your dream, perhaps it could mean that there is something in your relationship you are concerned about, something you thought could be a problem, but you have discovered your fiance can handle it perfectly well and so a potentially problematic issue has come off as inoffensive.

Riding with an ex fiance

Me and my ex fiance were riding a four-wheeler going very fast.

Dreaming of an ex usually reveals lingering romantic feelings for this individual or an unfinished business between the two of you. Perhaps a lack of closure is making you cling to the possibility that the two of you would get back together. Meanwhile, the four wheeler in your vision reveals your longing for the adventures you shared when you were still a couple. You could be missing the feeling of excitement and invincibility whenever you talked about your plans for the future. Maybe you feel you were much more driven and motivated with your ex fiance.

Fiance and dog passing away and rotting

I see my fiance holding my dog, both had passed away, a bus passes and their flesh is rotting off them as the bus passes.

Envisioning your future life partner as dead could represent an upcoming event or situation where you feel betrayed, disrespected or hurt by something he says or does. It is possible this would be a case where you have simply blown something out of proportion, but it is also possible his behavior could have serious negative consequences for you and your future life with him. The image of your dog with him in a deceased state may mean there are issues where his loyalty are concerned. Seeing a bus pass by this scene could reveal your ability to move past whatever has happened, although whether this means you would forgive and forget or leave him altogether is unclear.

Fiance cheating with men and women

My fiance cheating on me with men and women.

Dreaming that your future marriage partner is cheating on you actually has little to nothing to do with your relationship. Instead, it suggests that you are having trouble meeting deadlines or following through on promises. This is because you tend to over-analyze small, unimportant details rather than paying attention to and acting on the big picture. This could cause you some troubles both in your career and in your future married life if you are not careful.

Fiance with his ex during a power outage

My fiance and I were in the house and his ex wife who does live with us was there too. The power plant next to our house began to shoot sparks and fire and all the power lines were coming down one by one. While this was happening and I walked into the room to tell everyone about the power plant I saw him and her lying together hugging. And all of the sudden I froze and couldn't move. So instead of focusing on getting everyone to safety I was frozen and couldn't move and heartbroken.

The sparks that began to shoot from the power plant represent dire consequences in reality. It suggests that your current actions or trajectory are leading to a terrible end. Furthermore, seeing your fiance hugging his ex-wife often means you have a trusting and gullible nature. Perhaps your trust in someone is misplaced and would eventually cause you trouble. This does not necessarily point toward your fiance cheating. It is possible that he is deceiving you for a different reason. Alternatively, it may not be your fiance at all who is taking advantage of you. This vision, then, is a warning to not be so trusting, otherwise you could find yourself in a difficult situation.

Running from fiance in the dark

My fiancé said he had a dream about me running towards something in the darkness, so dark he said you can't see. He was trying to catch me and I kept running fast away from him. Not answering him when he called after me.

Your fiancé's vision may allude to some future time when you would be apart. This does not necessarily mean you would break up or end the relationship, rather, it suggests having to spend some time away from each other. For example, you may have to socially distance due to the current virus or maintain a long distance relationship because of work. While this situation may place some strain on the relationship, it does not mean you cannot overcome it.

A message from a deceased fiance

My dream was where my dead fiancé advised me when the time says 10 I must be there on time, otherwise I will also get shot like one of our friends (but the friend is not shot in real life, he's alive).

This vision carries an interesting prediction for your future. The presence of your deceased fiancé in your dream suggests you would soon get some great news, perhaps about something you have been waiting to hear about for some time. The specific time of 10 o'clock, however, alludes to this information being time sensitive. If you do not act quickly, you could lose out on this amazing opportunity.