Dreams Related To Ferry

Falling off a ferry and befriending a boy

I jumped from a ferry, I missed and started to sink, FAST, and I can see through the water giant crusty crabs and start to panic. I wasn't floating back up, heavy as cement. I found a pole the pier was attached to, I climbed up. I couldn't breathe, but I didn't die after 10+ minutes being down there. The boat was gone and I found shelter. There was a young boy, age 7, who I became close with over a few months. I saved his life from some gang members and we ran away, don't know where. And I woke up.

Falling into the sea and being left behind by the boat reveal a sense of hopelessness and confusion. Being unable to float up to the surface of the water means you could become overwhelmed by emotions and sink into depression due to missed opportunities and other unfortunate circumstances. The crabs you saw as you sank further into the depths of the water reveal your tendency to dwell on negative thoughts. Alternatively, the crabs may also refer to your perseverance and grit when faced with difficulties. The young boy is the symbol of your salvation. Saving him could be tantamount to reviving your youthful spirit, enabling you to chase after your dreams again.