Dreams Related To Feet

Own feet

A dream in which your own feet become a prominent and important detail, even if it is the only part of your dream that you will eventually remember in the morning, is a sign that you are currently the supporting pillar in the life of someone very dear to your heart. For example, this person or people may be your closest relatives or friends. Consider this vision to be a reminder that the mentioned people rely and depend on you regardless of whether you like this fact, so it is recommended to participate in their lives as actively and regularly as possible. As Antoine de Saint-Exupéry once said, "You become responsible, forever, for what you have tamed".

Injured feet

Just like a building requires a strong foundation to stand, a man needs a pair of healthy feet to go through life with confidence. That said, a dream in which you envision a pair of injured feet or legs, be it your own or someone else's, is usually considered to be an ill omen. It portends upcoming hardships and losses of great magnitude, similar to a crushing blow to a building's foundation. Most likely, the damage in question would be either of emotional, physical and financial nature, but this is a matter impossible to affirm univocally.

Bare feet

Regardless of whether you were just observing your bare feet, caressing them or performing a pedicure, for example, a dream in which this part of your body strikes you as an important and memorable detail foretells an upcoming new chapter in your waking life. This phase would be a passionate and romantic one, possibly marked with either emotional or physical affairs, as well as an outstanding desire to impress and captivate a special person whom you would want to have alongside yourself as a partner in love. It is impossible to tell how long this phase in your life would last, but it goes without a shade of doubt that you would remember its cheerful joys for years to come.

Washing feet

A dream in which you envision yourself in the process of washing your own feet is considered to be a dangerous and ill omen. As a rule, it signifies that a certain foe or foes, either known or hidden, could be designing a treacherous scheme to hinder your goals and current undertakings. What is even more dangerous is that their efforts and endeavors have a significant chance of succeeding, thus resulting in serious distress and disappointments on your part. It is recommended to stay alerted and keep an eye on everything happening in your closest surroundings.

Someone rubbing your feet

Witnessing in a dream someone gently rubbing, massaging and caressing your feet is a symbol indicating that you can wholeheartedly rely on your co-workers, colleagues and subordinates. Most likely, they harbor a deep feeling of respect and admiration for you and your work, thus are willing to always go the extra mile to make you proud of them and satisfied with their efforts. Additionally, a similar dream could be foretelling that those people who currently depend on you would later do everything possible to reward and thank you for your kindness, understanding and support.

Shoed feet on a wet road

A set of man's feet in dress shoes walking down a wet road. And I know that person is coming after me. I've had this dream since I was very young. Thank you!

Seeing a man's feet in a pair of dress shoes is often considered a warning in dreams. Modern dream interpreters suggest this symbol is a message from your subconscious about a wolf in sheep's clothing. In essence, this vision is like an alarm telling you to look carefully at the true intensions of someone close to you. As this is a recurring dream, you may have a special connection with the astral plane to get such warnings so frequently or consistently. It would be wise not to ignore the help of the spirits. Whenever you see this dream again, consider those you were talking or working with most recently to see if they really have your best interests at heart.

Feet turning a different color

In my dream I looked down at my feet and they turned a dark grey and blue color before my eyes. They didn't quite look like my feet either, but someone else's.

Seeing your own feet turn an unsettling color during a dream vision carries an ominous prediction. It suggests you would be the architect of your own difficulties in the near future. You are likely on the verge of making a bad or dangerous choice, for example, getting involved with the wrong people or not taking proper safety or sanitation measures. The reason that these feet did not seem to look like your own is because you may also have a tendency to shirk responsibility and blame others for your problems. This would not prevent hardship from raining down on you, however, so it would be wiser to simply own up and work harder to make better choices.

Ugly feet

Dreaming of seeing, having or interacting in any other way with a pair of ugly, injured or disfigured feet, be it your own or someone else's, foretells approaching undertakings and work projects which would eventually turn to be financially unprofitable and emotionally exhausting. For instance, it could be a questionable business opportunity or an illegal source of income. Alternatively, such a dream could signify an upcoming time period in which you would have to handle the presence and attitude of annoyed, irritated and generally unhappy people, but it is impossible to predict whether they would be from your working environment or family circle.

Cutting the base of a foot

A dream in which you envision yourself cutting the sole of your foot or feet with a sharp object like a shard of broken glass, a razor or a pointed stone, could be foretelling an exceptionally unpleasant scenario in the upcoming future. Such a dream indicates that you could lose the trust and reliance of those people whom you value and hold dear, for example, your close friends or household members. It is impossible to predict what would be the cause of such developments, nor it is possible to say whether this would become a permanent change or an episodic one.

Amputated feet

Observing in a dream your own feet being amputated could indicate an upcoming event or series of circumstances that would result in yourself losing a friend or some other person that you hold dear in your waking life. The cause of this loss is impossible to predict, so take into account that it would not necessarily be a tragic and bitter one, like a terrible accident with lethal outcomes. For example, one of you could just move to another continent and gradually lose interest in the other. Alternatively, such a dream portends conflicts and discord of significant magnitude in your household, potentially leading you to a state in which you would feel better anywhere else than in your own home.

Splinters in the feet

Female. I dreamt of having huge splinters of wood in my feet that I had to pull out, varying from small to ridiculously large. Heaps of them.

Getting a splinter or splinters in a dream usually suggests small annoyances and minor issues. However small those petty concerns may be, they are likely causing much discomfort and distracting you from the more important things. Your feet symbolize mobility and independence, so those splinters may be derailing you from your plans and delaying your personal growth. Maybe you are focusing too much on the little things, obsessing over details, because you are afraid of looking at the bigger picture or perhaps overwhelmed at the enormity of work yet to be done. However, nitpicking can make you lose sight of your true purpose.

Someone tickling your feet

A dream in which you feel that something or someone is tickling either one or both of your feet is to be considered as a warning, as some cunning and deceitful individuals may be plotting to take advantage of you. Although it is impossible to tell whether this person or people are from your family circle, working environment, close friends or distant relatives, be aware that their actions may result in significant financial and emotional hardships for you in the upcoming future. To avoid such a scenario, it is crucial to stay alert and pay great attention to whatever will be happening in your closest surroundings in the approaching weeks.

Swollen red feet

A dream in which you envision your own feet in a reddish and swollen state as if they were extremely tired or inflamed, foretells approaching disagreements with people from your immediate surroundings. For example, it could be a series of conflicts with family members, confrontations with colleagues at work or quarrels with your closest friends. These episodes of discord could lead to a prolonged time of disgrace and humiliation in your waking life, similar to a long and exhausting road that one would be forced to travel barefoot.

Putting shoes on feet

A dream in which you see yourself putting on a pair of shoes, regardless of their specific type, style or color, could be a sign foretelling an upcoming travel, most likely to a distant location. The motivation behind this undertaking is impossible to predict, but it could be related to your work or business project, a leisure opportunity or a sudden need to relocate for a specific reason. Take into account that if in your dream you were putting shoes on your bare feet, without previously putting on a pair of socks, the upcoming journey could turn out to be an urgent and pressing one.

Stubby feet

I dreamed that I and other people in my dream had chewed up, stubby feet. I don't remember faces or anything else. Just that I was annoyed by it, but I could still walk and had no other issues.

Stubby feet is a bad omen in the dream world. This unfavorable symbol portends a period of hardships that would take its toll on you, both financially and mentally. The good news is that you will survive this trying time and you will not be the only one trudging through it. The fact that other people also had chewed up feet means the challenging time is an economic or societal problem negatively affecting many people.

Ulcers on feet

If you see a dream in which your foot or feet appear in an ulcerated and wounded form, know that this could be a warning sign. Your kind heart and generous attitude towards your surroundings could eventually result in yourself reaching a financial rock bottom in the future. Perhaps, you could be thinking, consciously or not, that your personal needs are inferior to the problems and hardships of the people around you, and thus often helping them at the cost of your own comfort and necessities. It is recommended to reevaluate the current situation and assess whether your recent actions are really worth the consequences in the end.

Small fish biting feet

Somebody throwing small biting fish at my feet.

A small fish in a dream signifies fears, insecurities and uncertainties.This means someone whom you do not consider a threat and merely a small annoyance could end up giving you a big problem. This individual or personality may keep questioning your abilities and leadership skills. Alternatively, this may also reveal your own reservations about your capabilities. This could be hindering your professional and personal growth. Your rivals and enemies may use this weakness to further their own agenda and snatch opportunities from under your feet.

Paralyzed feet

As unexpected and perplexing as it may sound, dreaming of yourself unable to move your feet freely, up to the point of a full-scale paralysis, is usually an exceptionally favorable sign. It foretells that your competitors and enemies would find themselves unable to fulfill their plans of holding you back, humiliating and degrading you for the sake of their own success. In the upcoming future, these cunning individuals could finally realize their absolute inability to hinder your determination to seize your own dreams and bring life to your long-term goals.

Being kicked by feet

A dream in which you witness yourself being kicked is considered to be a favorable sign. Regardless of whether this kick was accidental, for example, coming from a passerby in a hurry, or intentional, during a violent fight with a person or group of people, this vision foretells approaching prosperity and financial success. It is likely that after such a dream you would be able to purchase goods you had never been able to afford before, as well as partake in activities you have considered to be too costly for you in the past. However, it is impossible to predict whether this period of wealth and prosperity would be long-lasting and stable.

Feet bitten by a snake

Envisioning a dream in which your own foot or feet are bitten by a snake, spider or any other kind of venomous living creature, is symbolic of a deep feeling of boredom you experience towards your life in general or one of its aspects particularly. For example, this extreme tediousness may be the result of working in an environment you do not feel enthusiastic about, with long and monotonous tasks you cannot throw aside or delegate to someone else. Alternatively, you could just be longing for a breath of fresh air in your usual routine. Another possible root of such a dream could be a recent period of depression and subsequent recovery that your subconscious mind still dwells upon.

Scratching feet

If you happened to envision yourself in a dream scratching your feet, know that this could be the sign of upcoming travels and long-distance journeys. Regardless of whether this would be a vacation trip, a business visit or a relocation, its final destination could turn to be the place where your current undertakings would finally reach a successful outcome. But before starting to celebrate this fortunate omen, take into account that if the feet in your dream seemed to be dirty and tired, this upcoming adventure could be exhausting or unpleasant. Perhaps, it could even turn out to be generally not worth the time and efforts invested into the undertaking.

Strangely-shaped feet

A dream in which you find yourself observing your own feet being strangely-shaped as if they were naturally deformed from birth, could be indicating that you would meet someone new in the nearest future. Although it is impossible to predict the role that this person would play in your life, most likely it would be a pleasant and joyful one. For example, you could become close friends sharing same interests or two passionate lovers indulging in every bit of each others' personalities. As an alternative, if the feet you have witnessed in your dream were somebody else's, this vision could be a disturbing omen of approaching financial turmoil up to the point of bankruptcy.

Staggering feet

A dream envisioning either your own or somebody else's feet stumbling and staggering is usually interpreted as a sign of annoyance. It reveals that a certain individual in your life may be slowing down and holding back the successful achievements of your goals and long-term plans. This person, most likely, is a laid-back and cunning one who may be setting roadblocks in your way either intentionally or absolutely unaware of the trouble and nuisance these obstacles would bring you in the future. In any case, it is recommended to re-evaluate your relationship with everyone in your current surroundings.

Unusually wide feet

A dream in which your witness a pair of unusually and unnaturally wide feet, regardless of whether you are the one who has them or not, is considered to be an unfavorable omen. As a rule, it speaks of an upcoming period of significant hardships and predicaments of unforeseeable nature. The magnitude of these events would take a terrible toll on your emotional and financial well-being, as well as be a great challenge for all people in your closest surroundings, so it is important to brace yourself for the approaching storm.

Someone's feet

A dream in which someone else's feet play a prominent role or are one of the few details you remember in the morning after waking up may signify that you could be relying too much on the support and attention of other people around you. For example, you could be sticking too close to the shoulder of a family member, a close friend, or a long-time mentor, without showing much of your own initiative and attitude. This dream could speak of the necessity to think through your usual way of living, and maybe try to adopt a more proactive attitude, one that would not depend that much on other people.

Many feet

A dream in which you envision a significant number of other people's feet, for example, on a beach or during a sleepover, signifies that your life may be full of numerous friendly and helpful people around you. Most likely, you are keen to pursue common goals and mutual achievements with the said people, or spark endeavors that would later end in benefits both for you and them. For instance, if at the moment you are amid a common project with the mentioned people, know that this undertaking is much likely to succeed thanks to the participation and support of the latter.

Woman's feet

A dream vision in which a pair of woman's legs or feet plays a prominent role or strikes you as an important detail in the general picture could indicate that you may find yourself worrying too much about a certain person, thing or event in your waking life presently or in the future. Although such an attitude could seem absolutely appropriate and worth the trouble at that time, it is very likely you would eventually become displeased with the results and possibly suffer from severe emotional and financial losses. In addition, if you are a man, dreaming of woman's feet could signify that you are currently harboring homosexual desires in your subconscious mind.

Admiring your feet

If you are a woman, know that a dream in which you find yourself admiring the beauty of your own feet, for example, after a flawlessly conducted pedicure session, may be foretelling that you could lose your partner in love as a result of your own egotism or unwillingness to recognize and care for the needs and desires of this person. Additionally, such a vision could be a suggestion to be more cautious when forming new connections and friendships in the upcoming future, as the person or people in question could turn out to be insincere, deceptive and even dangerous for you or your closest surroundings. It is impossible to predict the aspect of your life in which this new acquaintance would let you down, so it is recommended to stay alert.

Putting feet in the fire

If you dream of yourself willingly putting your feet in some kind of open fire, be aware that this is an auspicious omen. Regardless of whether it was a bonfire in the forest, a fireplace in your own home or any other source of fire, this vision foretells you would be able to resolve and defuse any kind of feuds and arguments currently developing among your family or household members, as well as those quarrels that may be coming your way as a result of previous episodes of discord. Most likely, you would manage to alleviate the situation by approaching it with care and attentiveness instead of assuming an unreasoned and authoritarian position.

Wiping your feet

A dream in which you see yourself wiping your feet before entering someone's residence, regardless of whether it is your own home or not, is usually considered to be a favorable sign. It may be indicating that you would soon be granted a fabulous gift, reward or any other kind of acknowledgment for a recent achievement, personal victory or attitude in general. For example, you could be provided a pay raise, a promotion or a one-time incentive, be it financial or otherwise.

Burning your feet

Contrary to what it may seem at first sight, a dream in which you envision yourself burning your feet either through contact with fire or any hot liquid is an extremely favorable sign. It foretells upcoming success of your current projects and significant acknowledgment of your personal achievements, either past or future. For example, you could bring prosperity to a company or business and become its leader or spokesperson, make a significant breakthrough in a certain niche or science, write a bestseller or develop an innovative digital service. Whatever the specific source, it would eventually bring you fame and success, both financial and social.

Light feet

A dream in which you experience the phenomenon of so-called "light feet", for example, when dancing effortlessly to a complex tune or walking in springy and energetic steps, is usually interpreted as a positive sign. Most likely, you either are or may be engulfed in the upcoming future in an atmosphere of sheer joy and light-hearted happiness. Such a dream may indicate that you are a person who easily establishes and maintains strong bonds with your friends. Perhaps this trait could explain the fact that most people whom you meet in waking life are, for some reason, able and willing to understand and accept your personality for what it is.

Feet with hoofs

Hoofs are a symbol strongly associated in modern society with dark forces and even the devil himself. That said, it goes naturally that a dream in which you envision having hoofs on your own feet may be indicative of a strong interest or inclination towards the paradigm of spiritism, black magic, demonic beings and occultism in general. This curiosity or even longing could be unfolding deep in your personality without reaching your conscious eye, so it is important to stay alert for any resulting signs. Alternatively, such a dream could be speaking of some previous ill deeds and sinful undertakings, mental or physical, that could be now emerging from your memory and subconscious mind.

Iron feet

A dream in which you see your own feet look and feel as if they were made of some sort of metal, like iron, steel, silver or even gold, is a symbol of your adamant personality and strong health. Such a vision could speak of an immense amount of energy and stamina that you possess and manage audaciously and wisely. These valuable personal assets could be a strong foundation for decades of prosperity and well-being for yourself, everyone in your household and whomever else you hold dear.

Hair growing on feet

Dreaming of hair growing on the sole of your foot or feet could be an indication of your inner ardor and passion in matters of commitment to faith, religion and similar doctrines. Most likely, you tend to maintain a zealous position concerning the postulates you believe in, often to the point of doing everything possible to persuade everyone around you into acquiring the same point of view. For example, you could be a fervid politician, a passionate follower of a certain religion or maybe a fan of a modern religion teachings. Whatever the cause, it is likely that you are always ready to go the extra mile for the sake of bringing new followers into your society or group.

Liquid on feet

A dream in which you see some kind of fluid on your feet, regardless of whether it was plain water, juice, blood or any other liquid, is usually interpreted as an ominous and fearsome sign. If you have been dealing with certain health issues in waking life when you had this dream, be aware that the dream vision could be portentous of a lethal outcome of the disease as a result of its complications. In a similar way, if you have been taking care of someone battling a disease and then saw a dream in which this person had liquid on his or her feet, be prepared for the worst case scenario.

Feet affected by gangrene

A dream in which you witness your own feet being involved in something similar to a gangrenous process portends that in the upcoming future you may need to support or assist someone in their hardships but, most likely, you would put at risk your own comfort and well-being by doing so. This attitude could thus lead to a period of regrets and misfortune for the sake of someone else's good, so it is important to analyze whether this outcome would be worth the price. It is impossible to predict whether the resulting period of your suffering would be a long-lasting one.

Walking on feet upside down

A dream in which you envision yourself walking upside down, for example, strolling on the ceiling of your own apartment, could be indicating that in the upcoming future you would be subjugated to the will and desires of a person who would manage to captivate your mind and emotions with his or her personality, leaving no part of you unaffected. It is possible that this person would even devoid you of all your pride, sobriety and self-respect, persuading you into the commitment of things you would usually deem humiliating and inferior.

Putting anything but shoes on feet

Dreaming of yourself trying to put some inappropriate objects on your feet such as cooking pans, gloves or bags as if these items were your ordinary shoes, is a vision foretelling sudden challenges and difficulties in the upcoming future. These obstacles on your path could force you to urgently modify your existing plans and projects in an attempt to adapt to the altered circumstances. Take into account that there is no predictable association between the specific objects in your dream and the magnitude of upcoming roadblocks or your success in dealing with them.

Enormous feet

If you happen to see in a dream that your own feet seem to be unexpectedly enormous as if they were taken from a giant and attached to your body instead of your usual limbs, be aware that this imagery is a symbol of your procrastination and laziness. Such a vision could be indicating that you are a person keen on leaving all important decisions and effort-demanding actions for the very last moment. If so, you could be missing numerous opportunities for success, and thus achieving far less than you could potentially seize. The dream you have witnessed could be indicating that the main element in your life that is currently holding you back is, to a great extent, yourself.

Feet catching fire

Dreaming that your own feet have caught on fire is a highly auspicious symbol associated with the resolution of major disagreements or misunderstandings. You may be a main player in the conflict, or you may be a bystander acting as an intermediary. In either case, your calm words or sage advice would be able to diffuse the situation and get all parties communicating coherently and logically once again.

Dreams answers dreaming about own or someone feet

Someone else's feet

This dream symbol's interpretation depends on the context in which you touched the other individual's feet. If you were helping or supporting them in some way, such as washing their feet or helping them put on shoes, it could reveal that you have a generous nature. You are the type of person who would donate to charities, like the ones currently helping the Australian wildfires or the ones that supported Japan after their last major tsunami. If, however, you were forced to touch someone else's feet or were treating the feet reverently, it suggests you tend to be be a pushover in reality. For men, it has the context of being "whipped" by your partner, while women or those not in relationships may not stand up for themselves, like when asking for a raise or a promotion.

Feet replaced with metal parts

Feet were removed, not gory. Feet were replaced with a hinge and primitive metal fitting shaped like a triangle. I noticed I could be just as good or even better, but it didn't look very good.

While the imagery is rather quirky, the interpretation is no laughing matter. Having a dream where your feet are amputated predicts experiencing some major setbacks at work. Whatever task you are working on is likely going to have a problem, such as a machinery failure, lack of funding, or wavering support from the higher-ups. However, replacing your feet with a prosthetic suggests utilizing either skills or experience to overcome this challenge. The impression that the new limb is functional but not good looking indicates your fix is likely to not be the most efficient or profitable solution, but it can get the job done successfully which is all that matters.

Losing a foot during war

I was in a dark open space like a war zone where I heard someone yell something is coming, after that all of sudden I had lost my legs, but only the leg part that we slide in the shoes. Later I found my legs I pasted it unevenly, desperately not wanting to lose it. Doctors cared less too. I was taken in but not for treatment but a lockup with crippled people, all in same room. Outside was a policemen trying to catch someone, somehow I escaped. Outside someone called my name to come in again... HELP.

Visions containing the images and sounds of war often predict conflicts or disagreements within your circle of friends. Likely this is a group in which you have recently become popular and well-liked. It could be that your sudden rise in status has angered current or previous members, causing jealousy to rear its ugly head. Losing your legs in the vision supports this idea, further showing how the disagreements between you and your enemies could begin to put a strain on the relationships with your friends. You and a few others may try to hold things together, but it may be better to abandon these individuals altogether and find a group with less drama and animosity.

Clear liquid coming from the feet

I was standing at the dinner table setting food down as I heard water dripping on the floor, I thought I had spilled something. I looked down and it's this clear liquid, but where it was coming from I did not know. Then I realized it was coming out of my feet, rushing out of my feet.

Food on the table is a highly auspicious symbol to see in a dream associated with happiness and joy. Because you were the one putting it on the table, it suggests you would be the author of your own destiny, choosing the people, activities and ideas which would help you make your life more enjoyable. Water coming from your body is a complicated sign to interpret, but seems to predict meeting someone who shares your same ideals. It is perhaps because you have chosen to be happy and live in a positive way that this person realizes they could share this destiny by getting closer to you.

Washing other people's feet

Washing feet of others in a dream.

Washing the feet of other men and women during a dream vision can have two different interpretations, depending on the context. If you felt happy or pleased with you work, it could mean that you enjoy serving others and helping your friends and colleagues achieve their goals, often at the expense of your own projects. If you felt resentful or angry, however, it could reveal internal conflict about your relationship with someone else in reality, possibly leading you to betray them or suddenly cut all communication between the two of you.

Boyfriend's feet turning black

I had a dream that was rubbing my boyfriend's feet and I noticed when I looked at them that all of his toes on the sides of his feet and his heel of his foot where jet black, the center wasn't. I woke up scared.

Rubbing the feet of your boyfriend during a dream reveals your wholehearted devotion to him in wake life. You probably have very strong feelings for him or have recently felt your heart swell with pride or love at something he has done. However, relationships are not all rainbows and sunshine. You may soon go through a trial with your partner. For example, there may be some careless flirting at a club or a temporary dabbling in drugs that causes the two of you to go through a rough patch. If you can communicate and work together, this situation may end up bringing you closer together than before.

Touching someone's feet

Dreaming of touching someone's feet carries varied meanings depending on the person you envisioned. If the feet belong to your father or a teacher, it signifies your aspiration to follow their professional or artistic path. If the feet are your mother's, it reflects a desire for her approval in wake life. If a girl's feet are involved and you're a man, it could symbolize a desire for marriage or married life. This dream emphasizes the significance of personal relationships and aspirations. It prompts you to consider the emotional connections you have with these individuals and how your actions or desires may impact those relationships and your life's journey. Therefore, if you did not recognize the individual, you need to look for other clues in the vision to analyze your connection and recognize what you really want out of the relationship.