Dreams Related To Feeling

Mixed feelings about two girls

I'm a girl and bisexual, and had a dream about me kissing my girl best friend (we'll call her "A") and my other girl best friend (and we'll call her "J") whom I'm in love with came in the room and then immediately "A" stopped acting affectionate with me. It crushed my heart but I have never had feelings for "A" before. And I don't know why I kissed her since I was and still am completely infatuated and in love with "J". Thanks if you can figure this out.

Both of your best friends in the dream represent choices you have in reality. Kissing girl A signifies safety and comfort. This is your current state. However, girl J comes into the room which symbolizes a dilemma. To follow your heart would mean leaving your comfort zone, hence the coldness you felt from girl A. At the moment, you have not yet decided whether to contain your feelings or be swept away by them. Just know that deciding to pursue your love would mean putting yourself at risk and losing your sense of security altogether. You will be leaving your comfort zone for a real chance at happiness. Although it could very well lead to heartbreak as well, so you need to decide whether revealing yourself would be worth it.

Having no feelings towards someone

I dreamt of a man I haven't met personally, but I know of him. It was very nice and passionate, however I don't think of him.

Envisioning yourself with a passionate, interesting person who is a virtual stranger represents a recent situation in which you made a decision that might not reflect your true feelings or intentions. This could be related to your relationship with someone or a career move you made recently. Undoing what you said or did may put things back on the right track and ease any tensions that built up.

Rejecting someone's signs of affection

I had a dream that this guy who I don't know was telling this girl lying down next to me about his feeling about her, how he wanted to be with her and loves her. But it turns out he meant it towards me, not her because he said that to me later when I got up to leave them. Then, after he confessed his love to me, I walk away from him and got into my dad's car and we drove off. I was afraid and still hurt from past love, which was the feeling I had in the dream.

Dreaming about a stranger confessing their love for you is usually seen as a reflection of your tendency to be dissatisfied with things in your life. On one hand, this could manifest as not settling for less and always trying to improve your life and personal character. On the other hand, this could indicate a lack of gratitude for the good things you do have or a lack of appreciation for the help others give you. Getting in the car at the end of the vision suggests your future could depend on how you act from here on out.

Feeling uneasy by someone's flattering

I was in an awkward position with some guy. He was flattering to me. We were in his office.

Being in an awkward situation in an office during a dream vision symbolically represents the discomfort or anxiety your current position in the world is making you feel. The cause of this can be seen in the man you are with, as a random guy suggests you could have recently mixed up or misrepresented the facts about something important, possibly jeopardizing your association with a friend or colleague.