Dreams Related To Feces

A pile of feces

Seeing a pile of feces in your dream tells of amassing great profit or wealth. You might soon be earning big money, doing activities which you do not think would bring you much, probably through a hobby or being involved in events which are fortunate. This can also be a sign that you will receive this wealth through an inheritance.

Human feces

Human feces in your dream tells of a personal dilemma that you are having at the moment. Something in your life is troubling you and this could be caused by a person in your life. However, you also do not feel the need or you may be uncomfortable dealing with the person who is the root of this situation.

Traces of feces on your clothes

Having traces of feces on your clothes is a sign that you will unravel some facts about someone close to you. These pieces of information will be confidential in nature, and your friend or relative will not be aware that you have discovered his or her secret.

Eating your feces

Having a vision of eating your feces or putting them in your mouth means that you have a tendency to be negative when it comes to life. This outlook is not beneficial to you in any way, it can also lead to your desire to end your life soon.

Trying to wipe feces off your body

Trying to wipe feces off your body is an indication that you will be faced with an uncomfortable situation, because you will expose yourself to someone whom you do not feel secure with. This person might find out things about you that you do not wish to reveal to him or her, and you fear that this will cause you some problems later on.

Unable to dispose of feces in a restroom

I had a dream of going to the washroom and could not flush or even remember toilet. My poo was in a MacDonald's bag and I was trying to throw it out somewhere private but could not find a spot.

Human feces refer to a personal dilemma. As such, your predicament about finding a place to dispose of your waste means you have no clear way out of your confusing situation. Perhaps a neutral third party can help. On the other hand, human feces are sometimes used to symbolize money. In the context of your dream, it means you do not know how to manage your finances and you end up spending your hard-earned money on frivolous things instead of investing in your future.

Feces on the floor

Seeing feces on the floor is a metaphor of great wealth. Your skills and unique talent will land you a very lucrative job. You may even amass plenty of money because of you entrepreneurial personality. You can parlay your hobby into a very profitable business, so thank your lucky stars. This dreamscape symbol can also refer to wealth acquisition through an inheritance. All those weekends and holidays you spent keeping your elders company will pay off as they leave their estate in your care.

Cooking feces

I was cooking feces and it did not smell and later I I poured it, I did not eat it.

Cooking feces could be an indication of liking to stir up trouble or get involved with gossip. While you like to share juicy details with others and tiptoe along the edge of "bad," you probably are not actually a mean or vindictive person, as is indicated by not smelling or eating what you had made in this vision. Your involvement with those who do harbor darker personalities, however, could get you into trouble in the future if you are not careful.

Touching feces

The act of touching poop or excrement, or even holding it in your hands, means that you are invested in a project or someone's personal life at present. However, you consider this engagement a burden and want to dispose of it as quickly as possible. You likely feel like you have bitten off more than you can chew in this particular situation.