Dreams Related To Father

Sick father

If you see your father in a dream as having been sick or admitted to a hospital due to sickness, it could be suggestive that you are deeply concerned about some intriguing, unresolved issue which you could be currently facing, which is causing you a lot of worry and anxiety that is so overwhelming that even in a subconscious state of mind, it is not leaving your attention.

Deceased father alive

Having a dream in which you see your deceased father as being alive or coming back to life as if he never passed away, points to an approaching positive period during which you would be able to regain your strength and rejuvenate to lift your spirits to a new high.

Crying father

Finding your father to be crying in your dreams indicates possibilities of something unusual or extraordinary happening. It has a negative tinge about the circumstances that are likely to emerge. This change would make you re-think how you live your life. It could lead you to have a second look at the ways and approaches you use to look at, evaluate and deal with important things in your life.

Father in general

If you see your father in a dream, it implies that you are in a dilemma or unclear about some matter and need some good advice which would not necessarily be received from your father, without which it would be very difficult for you to solve a problem or an issue all by yourself.

Deceased father for a female

For a female who is in love with or in a relationship with a boyfriend, seeing her deceased father in a dream may imply to be a forewarning that her lover or the partner in the relationship is cheating on her, he is not being faithful to her or is likely to leave her in the coming days, suggesting that she must be careful about this relationship.

Deceased father coming back alive

My father died 4 years ago. I have a recurring dream where he is with us in our family home, because he had dug himself out of his grave. In the dream he is alive, but also not. And we have to keep it secret that he's "alive". The dreams are never scary. They are almost comforting. At the same time, I carry shame that he's alive after I told everyone he died. I am also worried (in my dream) about whether authorities will want the life insurance back. In the dream, he is always almost going to die.

Having a recurring dream in which you see your deceased father as being alive or coming back to life predicts upcoming periods of positive energy and good luck. During this time you would be able to rest and relax, regaining your strength and rejuvenating your spirit. Upon seeing this vision, you should use your time wisely to push forward with your goals and improve your career skill set. Your concern about others learning he is still alive may reflect a lack of confidence, meaning that you perhaps see the opportunities available but wonder if you are truly able to succeed or worthy of moving up in the world. Seeing this dream multiple times, however, should alleviate your worries and inspire you with confidence in yourself.

Father dying

If you have a dream wherein you see your father dying, although he is currently alive, it amounts to a forewarning implying that there are going to be some negative developments like obstacles, setbacks or difficulties in your plans or regarding the actions you are contemplating, which make it imperative for you to be extra-cautious and careful.

Talking with father

If you dream about yourself having a conversation with your father; it suggests that very soon there would be some new developments taking place. They would be positive in nature. You would feel that they have brought cheer, happiness and joy into your life and this change has been for better.

Deceased father in general

If your deceased father appears in your dreams, it points to some matter not yet settled or an outstanding issue or an unfinished business. It relates to something which both of you were once aware of or involved in. Therefore, now it is solely upon you to settle this outstanding matter in a manner such that he would have been satisfied. It is only upon appropriate settlement of this matter that you would no longer see your departed father in your dreams.

My dead father

The presence of your dearly departed father in the dream realm suggests you need guidance and support in reality. You are likely in a challenging situation or about to make a change in your life. You subconsciously feel you would benefit from the counsel and support of someone older and wiser, like a father. You may need to seek the advice of another older family member or someone in your community, such as a mentor, priest or medical professional.

Father scolding you

Having a dream in which you find your father scolding you or criticizing your behavior, is a forewarning. It points to a possibility that with your behavior and attitude you may be upsetting or disappointing the people who are close to you. This is to alert you that your dear ones could begin ignoring, avoiding or even deserting you, owing to your misbehavior.

Drunk father

Dreaming about your father being drunk when you saw him or tried to talk to him, is indicative of possible cheating on the part of your spouse or lover. It suggests a possibility of setbacks coming your way in regards to business activities. It also points to possible threats to your health or personal integrity. The adverse effect of such forces may result in degradation of your life.

Father with mother

Having a dream in which you see your father and your mother together, irrespective of whether none, either or both of them have passed away, indicates that you are heading for a favorable period during which you would find yourself being fortunate and having luck on your side. This will be the feeling in every endeavor and every project that you are working on or are about to initiate.

Dead father alive

Freud interprets seeing your deceased father as living as a sign that you have unfinished business to attend to in reality. Perhaps your father is trying to nudge you in the right direction and remind you of what still needs to be done. While this symbol by itself does not provide any clarity on what your father is asking of you, other symbolic imagery in the dream could provide clues. For instance, if you saw him standing near a car, it could mean that you have put one of your goals on hold in order to do something else, like care for a child or aging loved one. Perhaps now is the time to pursue those old dreams.

Talking on the phone with father before he dies

In my dream I spoke on the phone with my father. I can't remember what we spoke about and shortly afterwards my mom called and told me he had killed himself. I cried so hard it woke me up.

Learning that your father has committed suicide in a dream often portends an upcoming period filled with instability and stress. You would have a difficult time making smart, rational decisions both because of a lack of information and an unsteady emotional state. In this particular vision, you talked with your father on the phone first, suggesting you already have some idea of where this trouble would stem from in reality. If you can make contingency plans to mitigate or avoid trouble, you would save yourself a lot of heartache in the long run.

Father in a good mood

Having a dream in which you see your father in a good mood augurs well for you as it suggests that you are going to receive a large amount of money or other financial incentives which would bring you happiness. It also implies that your relationship with other people is cordial but you need to keep an eye on things which could spoil this relationship because of some reckless, careless or thoughtless act or conduct.

Father healthy and young again

Envisioning your father healthy and young again represents personal growth and significant improvement to your skills. You may have reached a plateau and you believe you can no longer develop your capabilities, but you are in for a pleasant surprise. In fact, seeing your father in his prime suggests you are about to maximize your potential. You could even be endowed with a new set of skills and abilities, such as discovering you are actually good at video games and can compete in e-sports because of your aptitude. Opportunities you have never even imagined will become available to you just because you are open to trying out new things.

Arguing with father

Dreaming about having a disagreement or exchanging arguments with your father points to a possibility that your character is no longer impeccable, which could lead to a time of crisis when you would feel helpless, hopeless and might not be successful on your own without the help of others in some of your endeavors.

Father wearing strange clothes

Dreaming about your father wearing strange clothes suggests that you are on a wrong track as far as understanding someone close to you. You do not understand or fully embrace what this person is doing for you. You are not completely clear about or you are misinterpreting the actions of this person. This implies that although the person is trying to help and support you, you are treating him or her as a bad person due to your tendency to misjudge their good intentions.

Becoming a father

Dreaming about yourself becoming a father implies a happy marriage if you are already married. If you are not yet married, it signifies the possibilities for a happy marriage in the future. Either way, it is a positive sign pointing to a happy and stable married life.

Father frowning

Having a dream wherein you see your father upset, in a bad mood or frowning upon you implies that your conduct with some people is not in good taste. You must take care not to deceive others. You must guard against telling a lie or something intended to deceive, disguised as innocent. Such deceptions on your part could lead to bigger troubles and disastrous outcomes in the days to come and therefore you must be careful about your conduct.

Dead father missing performance

In my dream I was on a stage acting and afterwards my dead father comes to me wraps his arms around me crying saying he is sorry he missed it. He wished he could have been there. Then I wake up.

Acting on a stage suggests an internal desire to be recognized and admired. This may be through having a high-profile profession, like an actor, singer, or writer, or more local fame, like a community leader or a specialist in your school or company. In either case, the image of your father showing up suddenly and holding you close suggests he has a message for you from beyond the grave. If your interaction with him occurred on the stage in front of everyone, it may mean that he supports your moving into the spotlight and wishes he was there to see it. However, if this embrace took place somewhere off-stage, it more likely means he wishes to discourage you from getting too far ahead of yourself lest things turn out poorly.

Father giving things for protection

I saw myself, my deceased father, and my daughter I haven't had yet. And my father gave me a gun, knives and a baseball bat for protection. What symbolism does this dream have?

Receiving weapons from your dearly departed father is an ominous symbol to perceive in the dream realm. It often portends conflict or hostility in a close relationship, usually with a romantic partner. Some associate this symbol with cheating, such as a partner seeing someone else on the side, but it could also reflect emotional unavailability or a lack of support with household chores or child-rearing tasks. You may need to find more hands to help you out if you are expecting a child in the near future.

An advice from father

If your father appears in your dreams and offers a piece of advice to you, be sure that this advice merits a very serious consideration. This advice needs to be followed very seriously. It must be taken into account during decisions that you are making to untangle a complicated issue or to resolve difficulties you are currently facing so as to emerge out of it successfully.

Father praising you

If your father appears in your dreams and he has good words to say about something you have accomplished or praises you with no specific reference or subject, it indicates that you are likely to receive some gift or some encouragement or incentive in return for your efforts, which could be tangible or intangible. It would be a pleasant and delightful motivational boost for you.

Content and happy father

Having a dream in which you find your father to be happy and content suggests that the times augur well for you and some positive changes are likely to take place in your life. These favorable changes may be related with some fateful and meaningful new beginnings that you may initiate, improvements in your overall health and your peace of mind.

Being a godfather

Having a dream about being in a role of a godfather or playing the role of a godfather to someone symbolizes new duties and responsibilities coming your way. You could also be assuming more duties, more responsibilities or becoming a part of a new project or activity.

Seeing a godfather

Dreaming about meeting or reuniting with someone who is your godfather or is a godfather to someone you know implies that you are likely to receive some gift or you are likely to become a recipient of some surprising but delightful news concerning you.

Dead step father

Dreaming about your dead step-father in the dream realm can have two possible interpretations that depend on your relationship in reality. If you had a close or strong relationship with him, this vision can represent unfinished business that you need to carry on or start again, especially if your shared a special project when he was still in the land of the living. Alternatively, if your relationship with your step-father was tense or non-existent in reality, this symbol could be manifesting in response to being reminded of him in some way. For example, you may have recently interacted with someone who bothered you in the same way he did.

Father who passed away

The appearance of your dead father in a dream scenario is an allusion to an unresolved issue or unfinished business. This could be directly related to your deceased dad, like debts he left behind or an illegitimate child you do not know about. It is now your responsibility to resolve these issues, so that all parties involved are satisfied. Meanwhile, dream interpreter Miller states that the presence of your late father is a harbinger of a life-changing event or the arrival of something you have been waiting for a long time.

Deceased father inviting to follow into a house

In my dream I saw my father who had died eight years ago inviting me to his house.

Seeing one of your deceased parents trying to communicate with you, especially if it's a recurring dream, means that you are about to receive a news or announcement you will be bewildered by. To dream about being lured by a dead person somewhere and if you agreed to follow this person in the dream, it is a sign of imminent danger occurring, a sign of a serious sickness approaching, or it can even be a sign of your own demise according to some dream interpretation sources.

Father falling off the bridge

3 people including me and my father standing very high under some under-construction bridge. It was early morning within the dream. In getting to the top of the bridge his hand slips and father falls on the ground from where we were standing. Where we were standing was very high from the ground. After falling my father gets injured and is asking for help. Then I woke up. The time of the dream was 6.30-7.00AM.

This dream has some negative connotations. The symbol of a bridge is usually a representation of connection or relationship between two people, when you mention the bridge being under construction it symbolizes some difficulties or unsolved issues in your relationship with your father. Falling off the bridge is a sign of some unwanted or unfavorable (not necessarily negative) changes either in your or your father's life which may significantly affect your relationship. You may start experiencing adversity coming from other people while dealing with these upcoming changes or while rebuilding this relationship with your father.

Finding a sick father

My father 73yrs has left house in depression since 1 1/2 month ago and we could not find him, I had dream about my father who is suffering badly, the monkeys are troubling his sleep and he feels too sick and we find him and I scream to my mother that father is here.

Seeing one of your parents affected by some kind of illness is an indication that you will have a chance to come very close to something you have been trying to accomplish or fulfill, but will not be able to achieve it because of some extraneous circumstances or interference from others.

Father under a truck and catching fire

My dad was under a truck and I was screaming at him. Then, all of a sudden I could see through the hood and it was red. Then I backed away and it caught on fire with him under it. Please help me as I am scared and worried.

This dream vision of seeing your father under a truck which later caught on fire could be a reflection of your past experience when you witnessed an accident either live or read or watched about it in the media which had left a lasting imprint in your memory ever since. At the same time, the symbol of fire in dream interpretation relevant to this dream could also be associated with the power, ability and willingness to re-focus and strengthen your outlook on life which would result in more positive or rewarding life experiences for you. Think of the end of this dream about the fire engulfing the truck as your subconscious striving to transform memories of someone's misfortune and suffering into something more serene, sensible and balanced.

Father giving advice

My father told me I must go green.

If your father appears in your dreams and offers a piece of advice to you, be sure that this advice merits a very serious consideration. This advice needs to be accepted and followed to prevent undesirable things from happening. It must be taken into account while making everyday decisions. Based on the context of his advice, it could be related to your inefficient or wasteful ways of doing things which are obvious to him.

Scratch father's back

I see in my father asking me to scratch his back.

After experiencing a dream vision about your father asking you to scratch his back, try to postpone any major decisions, big projects or existing plans because there is a high likelihood that you have left something out or there is one more step before you can actually give it a green light. In other words, this dream suggests to give it some time if you want to succeed and prevent situations when you would feel regretful or disappointed because you rushed things or made them happen too quickly.

Deceased father at the unlocked house

I was surprised when I found the house that used to belong to my parents not locked and the key was hanging. When I locked it, my father who passed on in April 2015 jumped and asked what is wrong. I was so happy to see he is still alive. When I tried to hug him he disappeared.

Envisioning your recently deceased father in a dream predicts suddenly receiving unexpected news. This situation is made clearer by his confusion, which indicates that whatever you learn or hear is extremely unusual or coincidental. Seeing your father then vanish into thin air indicates forgetting to do something important, though it may or may not be related to the information you receive.

Father having more children

My aunt had a dream that her brother (my father) was introducing her to his three sons. The dream is particularly weird because my father only has two children, my sister and myself (his only son).

Envisioning unfamiliar male children is a negative sign associated with someone that you know and love acting unusually and disturbingly. Because the focus of your aunt's dream is your father, it is likely related to him. She may subconsciously be picking up some small changes in his personality that are growing day by day. This could be related to a mid-life crisis or some other major event that is taking place in his life and may uproot his usual routines. You should be on the lookout for more serious differences in his behavior and, if things start getting worse, try to help him get through this difficult time.

Father who does not want to talk

My father walked into the house to help with something, I can't remember what, and he wouldn't talk to me even though I wanted him to.

Entrance of your father, who is ignoring you, in the house signifies that a vestige of your arrogance in your youth still exists as a part of your personality. The absence of direct contact specifically points out that your perfectionism and drive towards independence could actually turn into obstacles in your life. You should pause to contemplate whether there is a discrepancy between your idealized self and your current situation. You may want to reinvent your ability to be a good speaker, but also a good listener as well, which will eliminate small grains of hypocrisy from your social relations.

Discovering dead father

I dreamt of my father has passed on. His naked body in a crouching child pose lay on the floor. His body had feathers growing and there were flies on the feathers. My mom was crying as we had missed seeing his final moment. My Dad passed away very peacefully with us by his side 3 months ago.

Dreaming about your departed father can be interpreted as a sign of unfinished business between the two of you. It may have been something that he stated that he intended you to finish, or it may have been something you worked on together that was cast aside around the time he left this world. The adornment of feathers on his body during the dream passing indicates your feelings toward him in wake life, namely that you loved him and enjoyed sharing in his happiness during better times. This is opposed to the image of the flies which represents the process he went through in his passing. This dream, then, is the manifestation of his passing and a possible message from your subconscious to go back and finish things that have already been started.

Father kidnapped during Halloween

In my dream it is Halloween and I am at a party in the basement with friends and family. We are trying on costumes, a bag with a cell phone appears, it rings, no one knows whose it is, so I answer it. It is my dad calling from someone's basement or something saying he is gonna die, that a guy kidnapped him and has been holding him hostage and torturing him. My sister and brother-in-law don't care, they start to party harder and talk about selling his things. I go looking for him. I never find him.

Halloween suggests voluntary or forced transformation. Trying on costumes points to a desire to shake off inhibitions and assume a new identity to fully express yourself. On the other hand, it could also refer to a tendency to hide who you truly are. This act of putting on the facades is likely causing a strain on the family. Perhaps there is a need to communicate more with each other, as represented by the phone. Your father being kidnapped in the dream alludes to a reluctance on your part to follow in his footsteps. He may have certain expectations from you that you do not necessarily agree with. However, it seems that you are concerned about your father's well-being. This means that although you may not see each other face to face sometimes, there is still an effort to reach out and hash out problems between the two of you.

Father playing with miscarried children

My dad was playing with three little kids, I couldn't see their faces. They were my husband's skin complexion. I couldn't tell the genders. My dad looked like he could see and smiled really big and went back to playing with the kids. The kids didn't see me. I've miscarried 3 kids.

Dreaming about your father playing with children, especially given the fact that you have miscarried the same amount of children in wake life, suggests you may still be carrying some of the grief or unanswered questions from these events in your heart. Your subconscious needs more closure, perhaps by talking to a trustworthy, fatherly figure, which is seen in the image of your dad. Seeing that these children are happy and playing indicates that, with time and patience, you can find the peace of mind you seek and be happy with your circumstances.

Dreadful scenes after father's surgery

Had a terrible dream, wherein my father got operated on. And later he was carried to a river along with the bed. He was drifting in the water. Fearful view of water filled with blood. Later immediately after he recovered, leaving the wheelchair, he started going down using staircase very fast. I was trying to chase and get a hold of him. I was chasing over the steps. Finally, I reached him, he held me and gave the blessing for me as final words from him.

Your father's operation in the dream alludes to letting go of unnecessary and undesirable aspects of himself. He may be on the cusp of a personal transformation. Drifting across the river which later on shifts to a view of bloody waters is a warning of a potential disaster. About leaving his wheelchair which means freedom and independence, the vision's message seems to refer to an upcoming death in the family. The rest of the symbols contain the same message of release, letting go and moving on. Running downstairs connotes a regression or going back to where your father came from. Your subconscious could be reassuring you and preparing you for eventually making peace with the imminent passing of your kin.

Unsure about who the father of the baby is

I dreamt I was pregnant with twins. I didn't know who the father was and had to figure it out. I had three guys it could be and I wanted to choose one for what he had to offer but wasn't the likely father. I'm not pregnant and not trying. I'm single.

Twins represent joyous occasions. Being pregnant with twins in a dream alludes to upcoming family gatherings or important events. On the other hand, the twins may also be symbolic of conflicting ideas and beliefs. The search for and selection of the father of these twins refers to your journey to come up with a decision about which path you want to take going forward. Do you want stability or adventure? Are you ready to settle down or do you want to explore other options? These are the things that you may currently be forced or challenged to contend with in the real world.

Father being arrested by police

I heard a knock on my door and it was the police calling for my dad. I watched out my window as they arrested him, but when I went downstairs he was there, smiling at me "Hi, honey".

Dreaming that the police arrest your father, but when you discover later that he seems to be fine, points to the possibility of you needing help, either now or in the future. The fact that it was your dad that you saw the police arresting could mean that he may be able to help with whatever it is that you would need help with. Do not be afraid of asking him for assistance if the situation calls for it.

Walking behind father

I saw a dream last month where I'm walking behind my dad. Since my dad is walking ahead, I see some policemen sitting at a check post. When my dad crosses them, they stand up and salute him. As I walk behind him, I'm essentially following him. My dad doesn't look back at me. He is holding a long stick in one of his hands. As I walk behind him, I see a few dead snakes. I ask my dad if they are snakes. And he replies yes. On this note, I woke up. Please send me an interpretation. Thanks.

This dream has ambiguous meanings. On the one hand, walking behind your father and witnessing policemen saluting him could reveal your admiration and respect for him. You may want to follow in his footsteps in reality. On the other hand, it could also be interpreted as fear towards him. The stick represents his brand of discipline and you may be scared of provoking him into anger. The dead snakes allude to neutralized threats. You could be dependent on your father to fight your battles for you. Perhaps you need to consider treading your own path and sticking up for yourself using your own resources and capacities.

A double-up version of the father

I went downstairs and saw my dad in the kitchen, but when I looked behind me he was there again, there were two of him.

Dreaming about kitchen or kitchen areas is closely related to worries and concerns you may have in regard to the current situation or developments in your household or inside a close family circle. Seeing your father's image doubled in this dream further supports this interpretation and could be indicating your exposure to or anticipation of conflicts, disagreements, or verbal confrontations taking place or about to occur among male figures present in your everyday life.

Building a house with father

After my dad had drawn the house pattern and laid an under the earth foundation for a new house, I found myself taking over from him by laying the first blocks on the earth. However, I found myself struggling as I have never built a house before and had no idea of how to lay the blocks. Nevertheless, I proceeded in a "trial by error approach". I also stopped a few times to ask questions not feeling sure of what I was doing. It was frustrating.

This dream shows the type of bond you have with your father. His pattern and initial efforts to build the foundation of the house alludes to your view of your father as the individual who provides support to the family, financial or otherwise. Consequently, taking over his work could reflect your sense of responsibility to take care of your family when he is not around or incapable of performing his fatherly duties. Perhaps there are circumstances that prevent or hinder your father from being fully functional and you have to assume the role of the guardian in those instances. Or it could be that you are trying to follow his footsteps because you have high regard for him. You look to him for guidance and respect his words of wisdom unconditionally.

Father in danger and being kidnapped

In the last couple of weeks, I've had two dreams about my father being in danger. In one, people were coming to kill him at our house, and in the other, he was kidnapped from his car on the street and disappeared. Does this mean anything? I can't find anything online about it! Thank you.

Both dreams about your father reveal a contrasting presence of a gap or distance between the two of you. In the first one, which involves someone trying to kill him, there is an allusion to perhaps your hidden desire to overpower your father. Maybe you feel he is very controlling and the killer in the dream represents your suppressed anger and animosity toward him. Similarly, the second dream of him getting kidnapped points to your reluctance to accept his views. It is also possible that you do not want to follow in his footsteps and want instead to forge your own path.

Believing father's death was a murder

My father was recently murdered and the police have deemed it an accident, but my heart isn't settling with that. I keep having dreams of my father dying over and over and over, and my stepmom just sitting there watching. Then I had another dream that my stepmom and my uncle had been sleeping together for years and plotted to kill my father. I'm not sure what these dreams mean, but they have to be a clue toward something.

You may still be reeling from the tragic circumstances in the waking world and your subconscious is trying to make sense of all the information you absorbed while awake. Both dreams reveal your lack of trust and negative attitude toward your stepmom and your uncle. The first dream of your father dying over and over, while your stepmom just stood by without helping, speaks of your impression that your stepmom did not care too much about your father. Meanwhile, the second dream about the murder plotted by your stepmom and uncle is basically your subconscious mind creating a full narrative of what you may have been assuming all the while, maybe in a growing progression. The scenarios do not necessarily mean that these suspicions are true. Those are your own hypotheses and biases coming into play. Whether or not your doubts are based on solid evidence depends on pieces of factual information you may have come across in the real world.

Having sex and a baby with biological father

I am female. I had a very detailed dream of having very passionate sex with my biological father whom I currently live with and get along with very well. In my dream we had sex many times and it was extremely passionate and resulted in a child. This to me the following morning seemed messed up as it was my biological father who was featured in my dream.

A dream that centers around the idea of having sexual intercourse with your father is not necessarily related to your relationship with him. Rather, this vision reflects your tendency to make generalizations or assumptions that do not really reflect the reality of the situation. By over-simplifying the situation, you do not allow yourself to grow as a person or be exposed to varying points of view. Alternatively, you may soon find yourself at the mercy of serious illness or the effects of black magic.

Discovering who the real father is

First, I was asleep in my dream in a restaurant and then my friend's crush was there and my mother and my father were also there. When I was sleeping they were talking how my friend's crush was my father. My friend's crush was sold to one of my mother's brothers then something happened so that is how I was born in my dream.

The notion of an alternative narrative about how you were born could mean you are feeling unhappy with your current situation and you wish for things to be different. Since you envisioned your friend's crush as your parent, it could mean you perhaps desire the kind of social life or prestige this person has and that is why you were replacing him with your real father. Perhaps your own family relations are imperfect according to you, making you dissatisfied with your domestic circle.

Father dying and resurrecting

Father died in my dream but came back alive in the same dream. In real life my parents are still alive.

Death and resurrection in dreams refer to second chances. The death part in your dream means you and your father are going to fight and damage your relationship permanently. Differences in opinions and pride would drive a wedge between the two of you. You may even stop speaking for a while. Fortunately, the resurrection part of your vision means you can still repair your relationship. It would take a lot of work and your love for each other to help you overcome your differences. The good thing is, once you patch things up, your bond would be much stronger and both of you would become wiser in the process.

Deceased father blessing

Had a dream of my deceased father approving of my boyfriend, reminding me how I knew him.

Approval from a deceased parent can oftentimes be wish fulfillment. As part of the process of moving forward and making peace with your past, your subconscious conjured your deceased father in your dream to reassure that you are making the right choices and following the right path. This could also reveal contentment overall, but specifically, you feel safe and secure in your current relationship.

Carrying father into a room

I was sitting under a tree in the dream, when I suddenly saw my father going to pray at the mosque, unfortunately he stopped and was looking at one place so I ran to help carry him to his room by lifting him up. When I approached his room I saw my sister. I asked her to open my father's room because I was carrying him and I could not open the door by myself. She was on something so I yelled at her that it's the time she opens the door.

Sitting under a tree means you are going to receive some unexpected but very positive news. You could be thriving in your workplace and be recognized for your performance. Unfortunately, while you are excelling at your job, seeing your father going to a mosque suggests your father is going to experience a personal crisis. This would test his beliefs and faith which would limit his ability to support your family. So, carrying your father symbolizes your need to step up and take care of your family while he is going through a lot of issues. The end of the dream where you asked your sister to open the door means you are going to need your family's support and for them to pitch in because you cannot handle all the responsibilities on your own.

Father with a chest pain

I dreamt that my dad was having pain in the right side of the chest. And I was chanting shiv ji's name.

Chest pain in dreams suggests diminished self-esteem or insecurity. This is a sign that you need to step up in taking care for your family, or at least take on more responsibility because the provider of your household will experience a setback that would negatively affect their capacity to perform their duties. Chanting Shiv ji's name symbolizes your internal struggle as you try to support your family, whether financially or emotionally, when one of your parents starts showing signs of aging or general weakness.

Father who is scratched and bruised

Father's skin with scratches and bruise.

After having a dream about discovering scratches and bruises on your father's body you may find yourself stuck between a rock and a hard place. You'll need solid advice from a trusted source to fix the problem.

Traveling with father abroad

Travel abroad with my father.

Dreaming about going on vacation or traveling abroad for other reasons with your father reflects your wanting to spend more time with your father or wishing you could have spent in the past.

Deceased father smiling

Seeing your deceased father smiling in a dream vision is often considered a happy sign from the beyond. Your father's spirit has likely finished healing and doing what he needs to do on this plane of existence. Because he has met this goal, he is now ready to move on and is waiting for other family members or a particular person to join him, such as his life partner. This answer does not suggest that this individual would be joining him soon. Spirits do not perceive time in the same way we do. As such, this symbol should be interpreted positively to mean that your father is in a good place spiritually.

Your father's clothes

Dreaming of handling or seeing your father's clothing, or either of your parents' garments, suggests you may soon find yourself wearing someone else's clothes. This may be in a literal sense, such as putting on costumes to embody a historical era for a presentation or portraying a famous dead person in a play. This could also indicate a love for fiction or romances. If you are washing the clothes in the dream, it could be a sign that you are letting go of any hang-ups you may have in relation to your father.

Dead father kissing me

The image of your dearly departed father kissing you on the forehead is a fortunate symbol that refers to benefits being received, at least according to Islamic tradition. It is a bestowing of gifts on the dreamer, an intimate passing on of something important or precious. This would usually occur after achieving something grand, like finishing a major project or passing a milestone in your life. However, this symbol also denotes a need to be careful, as someone may be manipulating you to take what is yours for themselves.

Dead father visiting

Seeing dead father appear in a dream can hold spiritual significance. It symbolizes the presence of your loved one's spirit or an ancestor trying to communicate with you. Emotions of love and longing may surface as memories of the person flood back. This solid and lifelike nature of the dream indicates the realness of their continued existence in the afterlife. In Hinduism, it is believed that when a deceased person talks to you in a dream, it could be a message or warning. In a nutshell, it reminds you that even though your father may no longer be physically alive, he is still with you in spirit.