Dreams Related To Family

Death of a family member

Experiencing dreams or nightmares about someone who is one of the members of your immediate family suddenly dying or losing a loved one because of death is usually a negative symbol of altercation or unpleasant confrontations with a person within your family or with your significant one which could portend big change in your relationship with them and likely leave you worried and concerned.

Enjoying the company of your family

Seeing yourself enjoying the company of your family, for example sharing food or having fun together, is an indication of pleasant events which are about to happen in your personal life and which can take your life to a completely new level.

This dream can also be an indication of unanticipated and very lucrative offer, which will become possible because of a person or people you have known for a long time.

Family member separating

Dreaming about a family member separating from the rest of the family because of some unfortunate circumstances or inability to maintain a good relationship with other members of the family is a bad sign of misfortune which will affect you as well as other people within your close circle.

Naked body of your family member

Dreaming about naked body of your immediate family member is a good sign of happy coexistence and resolving issues together to your mutual advantage.

Harmony and well-being in the family

Rejoicing in and enjoying the harmony and well-being of your family is an indication of good health, prosperous existence and ability to overcome any difficulties or obstacles you may face in life.

Parting with your family members

Dreaming about parting with members of your family, such as your siblings, is a warning to be cautious in order to avoid possible conflicts or quarrels with this person or persons.

Bad relationship with your family

Having a dream about a bad relationship with your family, such as unhealthy environment or negativity between family members is a bad sign of being discouraged or disappointed by something that will enter your life.

Being around your family

Experiencing a dream about being among and happily coexisting with your family members can be a symbol of integrity and balance in your life, but it can also mean some instability because of your actions or behavior.

For a businessman this dream can reveal possible changes, either positive or negative, warning this person about some necessary changes or adjustments to be made.

Leaving the family

Dreaming about leaving your family, for example as a result of a conflict or misunderstanding is an indication of positive changes coming into your life.

Naked male body of your immediate family member

Seeing a naked male body of your immediate family member, such as your husband, predicts a lot of luck and fortune, it can also mean successful resolution of issues and problems you are facing at the moment.

Quarreling with family

Dreaming about having quarrels or disagreements with your family foretells troubles coming from dishonesty or unfaithfulness of your current partner. Most likely, this will cause a lot of pain and disappointment if you do not do something about it.

Greeting your immediate family member

Dreams about greeting your immediate family member, such as husband or wife, especially in some ritualistic way, such as bowing, signifies parting from that person.

Hugging younger family members

Seeing yourself giving a hug to the younger family members, such as your children or children of your relatives is a warning about possible conflicts or disagreements with any of your family members which may arise soon.

Starting your own family

Dreaming about starting your own family when you don't have one, signifies some important event that will greatly improve the life situation you are in right now.

Traveling with a family member

Dreaming about traveling with a member of your immediate family, for example your wife or husband portends losses in wealth or material possessions you are about to experience.

Family gathering

A family gathering in the dream realm often symbolically represents the energy surrounding us in reality. As such, a happy gathering where people are enjoying themselves and getting along may serve as an indication that your future prospects are bright. You may get some pleasant news or take part in an event that would be memorable in the best way possible. On the other hand, if your relatives were quarreling or did not seem to have fun at the party, it could portend upcoming setbacks in your life, such as a break-up, demotion or diminished standard of living.

Sharing a hairbrush with a member of your family

Having a dream about exchanging or sharing a hairbrush with a member of your immediate family, such as husband or wife, predicts a lot of happiness and satisfaction in relation to the way the relationship with this person is developing.

Fighting with immediate family members

Dreaming about having a physical confrontation with a member of your immediate family (such as your wife or husband) is a warning that your relationship with this person is about to end.

Someone trying to kill me and my family

Freudian dream interpretation theories suggest that envisioning someone who is trying to kill you and your family may reflect some desire to make changes within the family unit. Older sources may suggest that it is the idea of literally trying to kill a bad aspect of your family life, like a lack of communication or poor eating habits. However, more recent research suggests it can refer to positive changes as well, such as increasing the amount of time you spend with each other or seeking out family counseling for bigger issues.

Mistreated by own family

I was being mistreated by my family.

A dream about being mistreated or abused, whether physically or verbally, reveals feelings of inadequacy. Perhaps you feel powerless around your family. Maybe you feel that they do not listen to you or give you enough freedom you crave. Your mind could be encouraging you to be more assertive and more vocal in expressing your concerns, so your family would come to understand your personal needs, even though they might sometimes go against their beliefs or a set of norms.

Hugging your immediate family member

Dreaming about exchanging hugs or embracing your immediate family member, such as wife or husband, is a sign of a very joyful and enjoyable event you are about to become a part of.

Family member disappearing

The disappearance of a family member, especially when no reason is apparent, is an allusion to a growing disconnect with your loved ones. Recent encounters may have reminded you just how different your values and priorities are to someone you love, such as a family member or your significant other. If it is your significant other, then perhaps you no longer feel as connected to them and probably thinking about breaking up. On the other hand, this can also mean you are likely neglecting someone because your priorities are elsewhere. This may be the wake-up call you need to start rebuilding that relationship.

Insulting immediate family members

Dreaming about insulting your immediate family members, such as your wife or husband is a bad sign of disease or illness which is about to affect your health and well-being.

Being shunned by family

Was awaken by my dream in tears, was dreaming about my five brothers and one sister we are all in my mum's house who recently passed away in November. They were all having a laugh and discussion who was going where with who. All I said was where's my invite? Only to be told by them all that they didn't want to know me.

This dream most likely is an indication of your fear of losing connections with the family members, particularly the siblings (as experienced in this dream) after your mom had passed away. There could also be some tensions or disagreements which concern and worry you when you think that there is a possibility of family ties breaking apart or being unable to rely on and support each other like it used to be in the past.

Big scandal in the family

Dreaming about a big scandal developing within your family may signify your remorse toward something you have done to your family members or relatives. It can also mean good outcomes from an important meeting you are planning on having or meeting a very nice and pleasant person.

Sexual activities outside of your immediate family

Dreaming about having sexual intercourse with someone other than your significant one inside your immediate family predicts losses of wealth or material possessions due to some extraneous or forced circumstances.

Birth of a son or a daughter in your family

Witnessing a new addition to your family by birth of a son or a daughter in your immediate family is a good sign of happy life and prosperity you are bound to see happening in your life.

Family sitting at the table

Seeing all of your family members sitting at the table is a good sign of positive news about a distant relative, new additions to your family or fast recovery for a family member affected by illness or having health problems.

Having a feast with immediate family members

Dreaming about having a lush and extravagant feast with a close family member, such as your wife or husband, is a warning about your relationship with this person coming to an end.

Sitting down with an immediate family member

Dreaming about sitting down with an immediate family member, such as wife or husband, for example at the table or in front of a fireplace is a good sign of joy and happiness pertaining to the relationship with this person.

Saving family members from an intruder

It's happened multiple times where there's a "scary" or "dangerous" situation and I'm always putting others first and risking myself to make sure my loved ones or other people are safe. For example, there was an intruder in our home in my dream and he had a knife, I locked my family in a room while I tried to subdue the intruder by grabbing a hold of the knife by the blade and trying my best to lure him away from where my family was hidden at. Multiple dreams like this, but different situations.

Dreaming about constantly risking your life in order to protect your loved ones could mean you have some kind of buried sense of guilt relating to your actions towards them in the waking world and you try to make up for it by helping them in the dream world. You could be feeling like you are not doing enough for them or being faced with some kind of uncertainty, so you play out a fantasy to make sure you will feel better about yourself. Either your perception is wrong and there is no danger or, if your worries are justified, these dreams remind you to improve as a family member.

Close-knit and happy family of someone you know

Dreaming about being around or communicating with someone's close-knit and happy family is a sign of good health and acquiring wealth you always wanted.

Welcoming a new wife to your family

Dreaming about welcoming a new wife to your family is a sign of supernatural influence, charm or glamour negatively affecting your otherwise peaceful existence.

Family falling into holes with water

I was in a dark atrium with many waterfalls with narrow walkways leading to each one over deep holes filled with water. I called my family in to see. My 1-yr old came first running immediately over a narrow walkway and slipped. I called my husband to get her. He slipped and fell in. I made my way across to the baby and saved her. I woke up just as I was frantically trying to help my husband.

The dark atrium with narrow hallways represents the different paths you desire to take in life. Maybe you want to improve your social standing, increase your wealth or fame, or gain the admiration of those around you. No matter your desires, the water that surrounds you is the manifestation of the many pitfalls that could occur on your path to success. Seeing both your child and husband fall into these holes, however, suggests you would not suffer so greatly on the path to achieve your dreams. Rather, it would be your friends and loved ones who would feel the lack of your presence as you aim to achieve greatness.

Discovering a treasure in your family assets

Dreaming about finding a treasure while going through your family assets is a warning about underestimating resources and abilities of your family members which could be very helpful in achieving your personal goals.

In addition, this dream is telling you that you may be prone to unnecessary stress and worries, that spending money is not always the answer to your problems or concerns, and that something you are obsessed with in pursuing may harm not only you, but people who are close to you.

Hugging with a family member

Dreaming about hugging with a member of your immediate family, for example your wife or husband, is a good sign of joyful and happy periods you are about to experience in your own life.

Family being murdered

Seeing your entire family murdered before your very eyes in the dream realm is a highly ominous image to perceive. The suggestive interpretation of this symbol points toward a major falling out with a large portion of your family unit. In most cases, this refers to being cut off or ignored due to political beliefs, feelings on religion or lifestyle choices. While it is likely that your family would not understand and therefore shut you out of family functions, it is possible that a few members of your relations would try to maintain contact, although it is not likely.

Female genitalia of your family member

Seeing female genitalia of your immediate family member, such as your wife, is a bad sign of upcoming quarrels and disagreements with this person.

Family members in order of seniority

Seeing your family members in the order of their seniority, for example sitting at a table all together, is a symbol of your great concern or dissatisfaction with how things are going in your life.

Your immediate family member sharing clothes with you

Experiencing a dream when an immediate family member, such as your husband or wife, shares pieces of clothing or accessories with you is an indication of a looming breakup or separation in the nearest future.

Being humiliated by family

A sad dream that ended on such a beautiful note that I can't forget it. I was living in a house somewhere with a family that does not love me. I made a mistake and they punish me by stripping me naked and chaining me to the gate. People pass by and make fun of me laughing and ridiculing. And then he comes - his kind, gentle arms lift me up and cradle me with love. He touches his face to mine and understands instantly. He takes me away - away into our own dream world. It was just so beautiful and reassuring to be in his arms.

Perceiving yourself stripped naked as a way of being punished by your unloving family could be a subconscious reflection of your current state of mind when you are having a romantic affair with someone and try to keep a secret. It could also be that you are having a secret crush on someone, but afraid of making a first step to tell this person or feeling ashamed, for some reason, that people will find out about your involvement. Deep inside you want to find ways to resolve this situation, but being constrained by material dependence or family ties in waking life prevents you from doing so. Additionally, this dream could be related to simple fascination with some fictional character or someone else's ongoing love affair which has left a lasting imprint in your consciousness manifesting itself in your dream world.

A family member wearing a brocade gown

Having a dream about seeing your immediate family member, such as wife or husband, putting on or wearing a brocade gown is a good sign of new addition to the family with great talents or abilities this child will possess.

Your family being aware of pregnancy

Experiencing a dream about your family being aware about pregnancy your immediate family is expecting means that the wife can be having affairs or is cheating on you.

Family being against sleeping with someone

A dream of sleeping in bed with someone i know but not connected with personally. Then the family busts in the house angry with the man.

Sleeping with someone who is a relative stranger represents your rebellious streak. You are going to break your family's hearts with some of your bad choices in life. The man is a symbol of vices, unhealthy habits and questionable lifestyle which at first look appealing, but soon enough the consequences will catch up to you. Your family's anger in the dream will be the same outrage in reality. They will definitely be disappointed and you will need some time to heal. No matter how much you want to be the perfect daughter, some circumstances are just unavoidable.

Sick child born in family

Dreaming about a sick child being born in your family means that you may be easily overwhelmed and react in a wrong way to minor problems or issues you deem to be important while they have no major influence on your life.

This dream is a sign advising you to step back and take another look at your unfounded fears, live and enjoy your life. Try to pay more attention to your physical and mental well-being.

New family created following a wedding

Dreaming about a new family created as a result of a wedding you have attended signifies unfortunate negative circumstances which will affect your otherwise peaceful existence and good relationships inside your own family.

Family members behaving strangely

I dreamt my husband saying he is going to sleep by my mother (she has passed on) shortly after that I followed, when I got there, he was lying in bed, showing me his teeth. A while after that I heard my son crying as I wanted to call him, I heard child's footsteps entering my room, and then calling mommy. it was not my son's voice.

Dreaming about your husband wanting or intending to sleep near your now deceased mother suggests he may be hiding something from you in wake life. It may be something innocuous, but it could also be something more serious as well. The bed and his visible teeth both mean it is likely something to do with your relationship and that he has not had the chance or ability to express himself with words. Suddenly hearing your son's cries but not recognizing the voice which calls out for you represents some internal unrest over something in your family, which may or may not be connected to what your husband has to say. This dream as a whole seems to indicate a need to open up communication between you and your spouse about life at home.

Trying to reach family during the end of the world

I was running through the end of the world kinda scenario with a few snacks in a packet. I was running home and everything was in a dilapidated state. I reached home to hand over the food to my mother and brother. Everything seemed dark and gloomy. There was a snow globe amidst all this and suddenly the face of Santa Claus appeared on the snow globe.

Despite the intricate details of this vision, the interpretation is rather straightforward. Being in an apocalyptic situation in the dream world often portends similar developments in waking life. There could be a number of difficult changes on the horizon or a terrible catastrophe about to take place. Similarly, seeing your house in bad condition predicts some unfortunate circumstances coming about in the near future. However, none of these events are likely to affect you directly, as the image of the snow globe represents being an outside observer of the events taking place in the lives of others. Your friends or family may experience great challenges soon, but you would only need to sympathize with their pain, not share it.

Immediate family member giving you water

Having a dream when you are thirsty and receiving water from your immediate family member, such as your husband or wife is a sign of happy and carefree existence you will experience for long periods of time.

Some furniture at a family meeting

Me waiting in an upstairs lobby for my family to arrive for a play. The chairs are facing sideways and not the stage. Bed sheets are sloppily draped on the chairs. at the further end of this upstairs area, a friend is very busy serving food from his canteen though there are not many people. He lives on the ground floor with his family. People begin filling in the seats and there aren't enough left when my family gets there. The stage performance doesn't happen but I find myself walking outside in the heat and looking for a rubbish bin for wrappers from the food I have just eaten.

This vision is a bit complicated, but there are some important points that should be noted. The image of waiting alone usually represents feelings of being separated or different from others. This is further supported by your family not having seats when they arrive, indicating that they are possibly losing their place in your life due to differences in opinion or beliefs. The interior of this building is also very interesting. The image of the chairs facing each other and not the performance about to take place suggests waiting for someone you see eye to eye with or who shares a certain passion or hobby with you. This may be a want of romance but can represent friendship as well. Additionally, the messiness of the room reflects feelings of confusion or indecisiveness, possibly because you are unsure what to do or who to turn to.

Being treated nicely by family

I was dreaming about my sister or aunt and that in this dream she acts good to me and we played together a truck game and then my neighbors came over and we had a party.

Dreaming about being around or communicating with your close-knit family and being happy is a sign of good health and acquiring something special you always wanted to receive, either from the people you were interacting with within this dream or from other relatives. Similarly, being together with and happily coexisting with your family members is symbolic of peace and balance in your life, mainly due to the loving atmosphere and support you receive from them. Quite likely, these visions are evoked by your anticipation of the next family gathering or celebration, such as the Christmas holidays.

Having fun with the family

I and my family were going down this road with trees all around and then we come into this beautiful water park with people and children around, then over the waterfall, there was this beautiful city. What does this mean?

A water park is a positive sign indicating your positive disposition and optimism. Your dream shows that you are in a good place right now and the beautiful city that you see further validates your satisfaction. The city is indicative of the networks you have built and your social circle. However, your vision also bears a word of warning because beautiful landscapes can also be a symbol of the unravelling of secrets. All your hard work could be undone and your relationships tested if some confidential information gets in the wrong hands and becomes public knowledge. The beautiful is just that, a facade, should you become careless and complacent.

An imaginary family

I have a husband and a high school freshman child, but in reality I'm not even married. I am a female.

Dreaming that you have your own family despite being unmarried in real life connotes impending commitments or projects. Something may occur in which you would be required to give your best and stick it out for the long term. Alternatively, the vision of being married portends negative vibes about to enter your life. It is possible that you could face disillusionment and frustration in certain matters, either at work or at home.

A family member feeling unwell

Seeing my son-in-law on the floor wet, cold and shivering... And I went to make him hot tea, he was under a blanket when I returned.

Seeing a family member in a poor state is an ominous sign indicative of being the receiver of bad, unfortunate news. Your desire to help him in this vision suggests that someone in your life needs your help and, though they might not be able to say it themselves, you are the one they need. You may need to go through some trials on behalf of this person, but they are likely to greatly appreciate your assistance and return the favor in the future.

Unable to hear or speak with family members

My eyes were open, but I couldn't see anything and I couldn't hear anything. I didn't know if anyone was looking at me or talking to me. Eventually, my vision came back and I was somehow in my dining room with my mother, father and sister. I started speaking, but they ignored me, so then I started screaming saying "I can't hear anything" and they looked at me and I fell to the floor crying and then I woke up.

Given the introduction and ending of this vision, it seems there are aspects of both reality and symbolic imagery involved. For example, being unable to see or hear anything as though you were deaf and blind could indicate feeling alone in the depths of despair. Even your own family may be unable to understand or sympathize with your feelings, making you feel isolated and unable to connect deeply with others. However, the connection of two souls may be exactly what is needed to scare away the shadows and bring you back to a safe, happy place.

Imaginary family being killed

29, female. I dreamt of a family, not my own, being slaughtered by unknown people dressed as ghoulish characters with masks. The dream was from the perspective of the "mother" of the family with a husband and 2 young kids. I, however, have no kids and am engaged, but not married.

Dreaming about your "dream family" being attacked and killed by mysterious individuals is a highly ominous sign for your upcoming nuptials. It portends serious disagreements or discord between you, your future husband, and possibly your future children. The ghoulish nature of the attackers could suggest that the cause of your troubles is related to unclear, misinterpreted messages. The solution, then, is to encourage an atmosphere of open communication to avoid such a situation.

Family members possessed by demons

Demons were haunting me and it felt like I was possessed by one and my father-in-law was haunted by a demon, my father-in-law wanted to help me but he couldn't because he was haunted by them. I cried out to my mother-in-law who passed away a few years ago and she came and put her hand on my forehead and said everything will be ok. Don't know what it means.

Demons in a dream world represent negative energies and thoughts. They could come from inside of you, your dark side, of from external forces. In the context of your dream, being possessed by demons or the devil suggests that you could be your own worst enemy. Your personal demons may be dragging you down and forcing you to become a darker version of yourself. In your time of confusion and identity crisis, you can turn to the wisdom of your elders to help you find your way. Alternatively, this dream vision of being possessed could be symbolic of your need to turn to authorities or influential figures for help and support you may require at the moment.

Running away from family

I was moving out and I found out that when I was born I had four other twins and my mom had only wanted one. So she had my dad throw them into a giant fire, for some reason, it was only me who survived. I left as soon as I heard and many people tried to stop me, including my boyfriend. But he eventually decided to stay with me and leave with me. We took a train to the college I was going to and when we looked out everything was on fire. The whole town was bright-red and hot.

Being unharmed by the flames that consumed your imaginary siblings represents your ability to remain unscathed as your enemies pass along lies and vicious rumors about you. While others you are close to and consider your family may be hurt or even ruined by such gossip (as depicted by your twins perishing in the flames), you seem to rise even higher despite the attempts made against you. In fact, the end of the vision continues along this same theme, as watching a fire burn bright before you is a highly auspicious symbol associated with success and prosperity. Every evil act made against you seems to only bring you closer to achieving your goals.

Being welcomed by best friend's family and sister dying

I'm a female. I had two dreams, in the first one I was with my best friend's family whom I love very much. I also have feelings for her brother in real life, and in the dream their dad asked me when we were finally going to get together. He told me the whole family was asking and wanted us to be together. In my second dream, my older sister tragically died. I kept denying it and asking people if they "were sure" she was dead. I woke up crying because I thought she was actually gone.

Your best friend's family encouraging you to form a connection with your crush in the dream realm represents your subconscious mind's desire for such a relationship to form in reality. In a sense, you feel like your friend's family is your family, and there is no better way to solidify the connection than by becoming an actual member of the family. While this vision does reflect your own strong feelings towards this family and your crush in particular, it does not reveal anything about his feelings on the matter. The second vision may or may not be related to the first. Envisioning your living sister has passed away in a dream often means she would do something to disappoint or upset you in the near future. Perhaps she would break your trust or dump some of her responsibilities on you. In either case, it seems that there would be no recourse. You would simply have to grin and bear it.