Dreams Related To Eyes

Eye color changing

My eye color had changed from brown to a medium blue and then back again. In the dream I was surprised and intently looked again and watched them quickly change to blue and back again.

Brown eyes denote deceit, while blue eyes refer to possible roadblocks. As such, dreaming of your changing eye color, from brown to blue and back again, could represent confusion and hesitation. You may have the opportunity to pursue a long-time passion, but it would require you to do some uncharacteristic tasks. Perhaps your refusal to succumb to the pressures of society is making you miss out on a lot of opportunities.

Eyes falling out

I keep having dreams where my eyes fall out, or I rip them out. Either way, my eyes come out of my head in some way. Most of the time, they come out into my hands, and usually only one at a time. Last night was the first time they both came out at the same time.

Dreaming about injuring your eyes or having them fall out could mean that you are in contact with a specific person or group who intends to interfere with or create havoc in your life. You probably have some inkling in the back of your mind that you are about to be betrayed, but you may not be sure how to stop it from happening or who exactly you need to confront. You may also feel that your blindness in this situation is your own fault, which is why you rip your eyes out yourself in some visions. The dreams seem to be escalating in violence, so your discomfort in wake life may also be intensifying.

An empty eye socket

The image of an empty eye socket in a dream, whether it is your eye or someone else's eye that is missing, can allude to the upcoming passing of one of your parents. In some cases, it can also refer to other older individuals who you look up to or are close to in some way. This passing may be related to long standing health issues, or it may be a sudden, accidental death. This vision can also point toward others becoming suspicious of your work or behavior, meaning you may be under more scrutiny than normal.

Grey eyes

Staring into the grey eyes of someone during the course of a dream vision represents an upcoming meeting with someone who intends to take advantage of you. They could either accomplish this because you are easily persuaded to believe things or you dislike believing the worst in people. In either case, this individual or group are willing to use whatever tricks and lies necessary to get their way. It would be best to use extreme caution for the time being.

Bright eyes

Eyes which seem bright or are illuminated by the light, especially when they seem to stand out in comparison to the other features of the face, suggests that someone special is looking out for you. This usually means a higher power has taken you under their wing, such as a guardian angel or friendly spirit, although sometimes they can be living beings who possess especially generous and kind hearts as well. The same vision of beautifully-lit eyes can also be a reminder from your subconscious to listen carefully to the advice and life lessons told to you by those more experienced in life.

Strange-looking eyes

Dreaming about eyes that are strangely-shaped or are of an interesting color is a highly fortuitous symbol to see in a dream vision, particularly if they are not attached to a face. Free-floating eyes or the image of orbs during a dream vision represent beneficial circumstances arising in your life. In particular, profitable business opportunities and interesting proposals may soon come your way. You should pay attention to these offers, as they could pan out very well for you.

Blue eyes

Envisioning blue eyes in a dream predicts having bad luck or meeting with many roadblocks when trying to finish some project or task that is important to you. Blue eyes further suggest that the source of your troubles has its origin in your own low self-esteem. This prevents you from giving your full effort to something important because you are afraid of the results if you were truly to give it your all. Additionally, blue eyes that are deep and dark, like the color of the ocean during a storm, could portend falling in love some time in the near future.

A stranger making an eye contact

Trying to make or maintain eye contact with a complete stranger is many times thought to predict a chance romantic rendezvous. In some cases, this is with an individual whom you do have some prior knowledge of, such as a summer fling, but more often it is associated with someone new entering your life for a short time. Additionally, this symbol could mean becoming privy to some information that is not yet well-known. Having to keep this secret may be challenging, putting a strain on your relationship with anyone who must be kept in the dark.

Bloodshot eyes

Dreaming that your own eyes have become red and bloodshot is an ominous sign to see in a vision. It is often interpreted as a sign that your life is about to turn in a direction you had not expected, leading you to be filled with much worry and concern over how the situation may develop further. Similarly, losing one eye or both eyes can mean the same thing, suggesting traversing a unique, uncharted path which could lead to some feelings of self-doubt.

Brown eyes

Brown eyes in the context of a dream vision represent soon coming into contact with someone who intends to deceive or trick you. The may succeed in this endeavor either because you are too gullible and believe their tales which are too good to be true, or you may be naive and unwilling to believe that anyone would be so sinister. In either case, their trickery could spell your ruin if you are not careful. Additionally, this interpretation can also be used for other dark-colored eyes, particularly black ones.

Injuring your eyes

Injuring your own eyes in a vision, such as after rubbing them too hard or poking them with a sharp object, could predict coming into direct contact with an individual or group who are destined to wreak havoc on your tasks or schedule. Their interference is likely to delay you to the extent that you would have to completely halt or abandon your project. If you seemed to be permanently blind after injuring your eyes in the dream, it could further represent being in dire straights after being betrayed or duped.

Eyes with tears

Eyes filled to the brim with tears in a dream vision may be the manifestation of feeling of guilt and remorse for something you have done either very recently or in the recent past. You could be thinking about how your deeds have affected your relationship with that individual and wonder if it would be possible to earn their forgiveness with time and proof of remorse.

Crossed eyes

Seeing crossed eyes in a dream vision, whether they are your own or someone else's eyes, can be interpreted as a positive sign. It is usually associated with having good luck in all things related to money and finances, such as wealth management, business contracts and investments. If you see this sign, you should pay close attention to your monetary situation and look for opportunities to increase your wealth.

Beautiful eyes

Dreaming about eyes that are particularly beautiful in either shape or color could be the manifestation of your deep feelings for a lover, partner or spouse. This symbol can work on its own to reveal feelings that you may have been denying until now or work with already admitted feelings to increase their intensity or clarity.

Eyes with poor vision

Dreaming about your eyes having poor visual capacity or some type of degenerative issue could be an indicator of financial struggles or a lack of readily available money in reality. Beyond finances, this symbol is also associated with loss in other areas, particularly material items which hold great value to you, both sentimentally and monetarily. Some texts may tie partial to complete blindness to the idea of becoming ill in future months or a general decrease in well-being over a period of time. This could greatly affect your ability to enjoy and get the most out of life.

For those already experiencing money issues, such as difficulty paying bills on time or keeping food on the table, becoming blind actually has a positive meaning. It suggests improvement to all areas of finances, especially when it comes to making ends meet. Additionally, for soon-to-be travelers, this is an ominous symbol. It should be considered a warning to postpone the adventure or cancel it completely, as continuing may have dire consequences.

An animal eye

Envisioning the eye of an animal or beast, in the context of a dream, is often interpreted as the manifestation of your selfish or narcissistic tendencies. You may be lifting yourself up at the detriment of others, making this vision a warning that karma may soon rear its ugly head. In addition to personality, this same symbol can predict falling under the influence of black magic, suggesting you could be in danger of attack by someone dabbling in the dark arts.

Eyes covered with a blindfold

Being blindfolded in the context of a dream vision is often interpreted as a sign that you should be on your guard and wary of the things going on around you. Just as a blindfold could limit your ability to understand what is happening around you, so does this symbol suggest that something disorderly is developing which could cause you major inconveniences in the future.

Circling motion of an eye

Eyes which move in a circular fashion are often interpreted negatively in dream visions, as they tend to portend upcoming circumstances which disturb the peaceful, orderly nature of your daily existence. You may soon find yourself in a tailspin of trouble or even be the victim of some accident which prevents you from living a comfortable life. It would be wise to exercise extreme caution after experiencing a vision of this nature.

An eye spying on you

Eyes which seem to stare at or spy on you from a distance without any other distinctive facial features apparent to you could predict that you are about to get yourself into trouble through some illegal or immoral actions. This image is especially associated with breaking a law tied to fraudulent activities or acts which purposely hurt someone else. You are likely to regret your actions greatly once the deed is done.

Having a third eye

Dreams in which you perceive yourself to have a third eye, whether it is physically visible or only an addition to your sense, reflect your efforts and ability to explore your spirituality as well as show your intuitive nature. You may even have the gift of foresight. Additionally, this same image of a third eye is associated with pregnancy and birth, perhaps predicting an upcoming pregnancy within your family unit.

Many human eyes

Envisioning multiple human eyes around you, whether they vary in color and size or not, is a highly auspicious symbol associated with an increase in wealth. In the case of business, it could represent great profits on behalf of your company (and possibly a raise for you), while in the personal sphere it could mean receiving gemstones in the form of jewelry or decorative items.

An eye on your hand

Holding an eyeball in the palm of your hand is a highly auspicious symbol indicative of receiving a boost to your financial situation. In some cases it predicts receiving a monetary incentive to continue or start some venture, while in other situations it represents other monetary benefits or gifts which ease your financial burden. This is likely to lift a little weight off your shoulders and ease your mind.

Eyes turning black

A dream about eyes turning black indicates a growing animosity between yourself and someone close to you. Perhaps you are growing distant from your significant other or someone you know is succumbing to depression. Your subconscious is likely encouraging you to be more self-aware while also being observant about dark energy around your life. Someone who is mentally struggling may need psychotherapy to help them overcome the darkness.

Eyes with symbols inside

A man I know passionately kissed me and then when he stepped back I looked into his eyes and they were red with an x in the center and writing in a circle in the colored part of the eye. Then the dream ended. I'm a female.

Red is the color of passion which can be interpreted positively or negatively. In your case, the passionate kiss could mean that the red eyes represent love and overwhelming emotion. Maybe an ex-boyfriend or someone in your past still has romantic feelings for you, as suggested by the letter X. Meanwhile, the writing inside the eye could be a reference to the eyes as "windows to the soul." If you want to know who loves you in reality, you only need to look at their eyes to see how lovingly or affectionately they are looking at you whenever you are talking to them or even when they do not know that you are looking. Maybe you can try catching the guy in the dream off guard to get a sense of his real motivations.

One-eyed man

Envisioning a man with only a single eye is often considered an ominous portent. It predicts going though an extremely challenging period of time which tests your resolve and requires a lot of time and energy to sort out. You are likely to feel drained and exhausted if and when you are able to get through this trial.

Someone hiding their eyes

Trying to talk with someone who is covering or otherwise averting their eyes, so that it is impossible to make direct eye contact, is often interpreted as a sign that you are about to find yourself in a rather tricky or difficult situation. However, this vision also suggests that it would be wise to wait and feel out the situation instead of jumping in to solve it immediately. This is because the true source of your issues has likely not been seen or fully revealed yet. Taking your time to choose the simplest and most effective course of action is far better than jumping in with both feet and finding out you were chasing a red herring.

Healthy eyes

Envisioning eyes which you perceive as particularly healthy or attractive often predicts having good luck in future endeavors. You are likely to have much success in any tasks you want to perform or responsibilities you are given. This would lead to happiness and a sense of accomplishment that cannot be rivaled.

Your eyes shut

Seeing yourself in a dream and noticing your eyes are shut tight suggests you have or are about to have a stable, reciprocal romantic relationship. This person would make you feel important and keep you in balance, giving you room to grow but also a safe place to return to when you need it. You would also be able to help them fulfill this role for themselves, creating a good atmosphere and a loving environment.

Eyes of a shifty look

Shifty, suspicious eyes are often thought of as positive images in the context of dreams. They often portend a great increase in wealth or salary, making it possible to both satisfy the material needs of your family as well as the little extras they desire. This event could bring you much happiness as well as peace of mind.

Eyes in the darkness

Eyes which glow in the darkness and stare at you during a dream vision often represent the rise of a powerful, dangerous enemy or rival who has yet to make their presence known in wake life. In this way, the eyes signify this individual spying on you or making plans against you while you are blissfully unaware. If the eyes seemed to get progressively closer during the course of the vision, it could predict falling victim to their attacks. If the eyes moved away or disappeared, however, you are likely to avoid or overcome any issues that arise due to their interference with your personal affairs.

Someone's eyes

Dreaming about staring into the eyes of a particular person represents the rivalry that exists between you and someone else. It may be that you are only subconsciously realizing that this individual is, in fact, your equal and a worthy opponent at that. This vision of them staring into your eyes further signifies their knowledge of issues that are between you, suggesting they have been watching you and are looking for any weak point which would give them the advantage in a direct conflict or competition with you. If you have recently entered into a new romantic relationship with someone, this same sign could predict a rival for your new partner's affections.

Enormous eyes

Eyes that are particularly large, looking either larger than normal or unnaturally big in size, often predict a sudden increase in your wealth or material worth. The cause of your improved financial status is most likely an inheritance left to you in the will of someone who has recently passed. In this case, your recent acquisition could be bittersweet or be accompanied by some sadness for awhile. Another interpretation of this sign suggests that eyes that are unusually round and large could represent upcoming conflicts in your family, especially ones caused by you. There is a chance you could do something that your family greatly disapproves on, leading to some tense, awkward situations in the near future.

Unattractive eyes

Looking into eyes which you perceive as dull or unattractive is often thought to predict a series of unfortunate events occurring in your day to day life. This tends to have a very general meaning, ranging from negative social interactions, like back-stabbing friends and new enemies, to personal problems, such as poor health, job loss or poverty. This vision should serve as a warning to monitor your words and behavior, as it is likely you are the author of your own misfortune. If you find yourself acting badly, remember that it could cause even greater trouble for you down the line unless you maintain civility and composure.

Eyes in general

Eyes, in general, are a neutral symbol in visions often associated both with the rise of someone with power and influence over your life and with your attempts to rationalize their ability to do so or your willingness to allow it to happen. This influence could be positive or negative depending on the circumstances both in waking life and within the context of the dream. For example, if you had intense contact with the eyes, it may take on a more negative interpretation meaning the influence may lead you down a bad path.

Losing both eyes

Losing both eyes in a dream, such as from an accident or disease, is actually a highly positive symbol to envision. It portends financial security and success, usually pointing toward a sudden increase in wealth from an unexpected or surprising source. This event could bring you much happiness as well as peace of mind.

Your eyes in the mirror

Staring into your own eyes, such as through a mirror or other reflective surface, is a neutral symbol in dream visions. The interpretation depends highly on what you perceive about your eyes while looking at them. For example, believing that your eyes are particularly big and shining could predict familial happiness, especially between you and your children. On the other hand, dull, yellow or tired eyes may point toward worries or concerns about your child's health and happiness.

Piercing someone's eye

Envisioning yourself piercing someone else's eyes with a sharp object, such as a knife or a pair of scissors, could predict that your present behavior is having a negative effect on the way people see you in wake life. Your words and actions may be pushing others away from you either on purpose or by accident, leading to a life of loneliness and resentment.

Strangers with teary eyes

Envisioning teary-eyed strangers in a dream vision is symbolically associated with your own tendency to be hard on yourself and criticize yourself harshly, particularly when others would give you a free pass. Over the years, this is likely to have caused low self-esteem or a distorted perception of self-value. Instead of focusing on negative aspects of both your life and personality, it would be better to look for the good things and grow those rather than wallowing in pessimism.

Unsure if eyes can see

In a vision where you are unsure whether you have lost your eyesight or if you are just in a pitch-black room, the meaning suggests you are either confused or undecided about a situation in reality which could have major implications for your future. Specifically, you may be pressured to make a decision quickly with little time to think or few facts upon which to base your choice. It would be wise to resist the urge to give in to the pressure. Be suspicious of what you think you know and practice logical thinking before fully committing yourself to a certain decision.

In particular, noticing that only one eye is working, no matter whether it is the right or the left, could predict being faced with an important decision in the near future. Of the two options presented to you, you are more likely to choose the *tried and true* method which, unfortunately, could spell your doom. You may be seriously let down or face failure on a scale yet unknown to you. This could lead to either loss of money and property or a loss of face and esteem among your co-workers, friends or even family.

Trying to protect your eyes

Using eyewear for protection, whether it is something mechanical or as simple as sunglasses, is often interpreted as a sign of receiving an extremely important, rare or valuable object. This is often something you would receive as a possible gift or inheritance, as it is likely to be made with special attention to material quality and craftsmanship. This item, then, would hold both material value, but also occupy a special place in your heart due to its uniqueness.

Blinking eyes

Eyes which you perceive to be blinking are often associated with a lack of concern or difficulty in the real world. You either are or may soon become financially secure. Additionally, you could experience great peace and contentment among the members of your family.

An extra eye

An extra eye somewhere on your face or body is often interpreted as a negative symbol. It represents becoming lost or incapacitated, particularly when on vacation or traveling. This means that if you do have a trip planned in the near future, it would be wise to take extra precautions when choosing routes or following maps. Additionally, those who are stationed somewhere specific or must travel for business, should keep an eye on their possessions, especially those of value, as unscrupulous individuals may take advantage of the lack of attention and steal them.

Having more than the usual amount of eyes on your face may predict upcoming complications with your monetary situation or financial health. In some cases, this could point toward issues with borrowed money, such as loans or grants, but in other situations it can portend losing either money or property to thieves and thugs. It would be wise to take account of your assets and make special provisions for their protection and safety.

Rubbing your eyes

Rubbing your eyes due to irritation or the presence of some foreign matter could be the manifestation of your desire to have a better spiritual identity or a better relationship with God. It can also represent your efforts to cultivate such a faith. However, whether your motives are purely for the salvation of your immortal soul or just to enhance your image in the eyes of those who are religious is not readily apparent in this symbol.

Bleeding eyes

The imagery of eyes that are bleeding, whether your own or another person's eyes, alludes to low self-esteem. You tend to shy away from the spotlight for fear of messing up or failing to perform. On the other hand, this can also be a strong omen for a big challenge ahead of you. Bleeding eyes dream meaning can depict an enormous sacrifice or soul-crushing event that will take years of recovery. You may need to prepare yourself mentally to overcome this tremendous trial.

Seeing someone with white eyes

Seeing someone with white eyes in a dream can have different meaning depending on the healthiness of the eyes. If the eyes simply seemed to lack pigment but otherwise appeared normal, it suggests you would meet someone who could have a significant impact on your life, usually in a positive sense. Alternatively, someone whose eyes are clouded due to cataracts may reveal meeting someone who, either purposely or accidently, causes you to have a bad luck. Maybe this individual would give you bad advice or get in the way of what you want to achieve.

Can't open your eyes

Dreams where you can't open your eyes allude to living in darkness according to traditional Christian dream interpretation sources. In a sense, being unable to open your eyes suggests that someone is preventing you from seeing the truth of your situation. In some cases this is an individual who is attempting to swindle or use you for their own gain. In other situation, however, it may be the evil one himself who is trying to tempt you to sin by blinding you to the damage your decisions may be causing yourself and others. It would be a good idea to evaluate your actions and see if you are living your life in the most moral or ethical way possible.

Unable to open eyes

A dream about my eyes being closed shut and unable to open eyes in my dream. Still sense of hearing, but no matter how much I rub them I can't see.

Being unable to see despite rubbing your eyes represents feelings of frustration or distress, particularly related to relationships. It is possible that you have recently received some unwelcome advances from a member of the opposite gender or that a friend or family member is trying to involve themselves in your personal matters without your consent. In either case, the fact that your eyes did not clear up before the end of the vision could suggest this behavior continuing unless you stand up for yourself and state your feelings plainly.

Eyes appearing on a female's chest

I saw my family member female's upper body with eyes of other female person I know on the chest.

This vision of a female family member's upper body with the eyes of another female figure on her breast reveals vulnerability and revelation. You may soon find out about a sensitive family secret that has been weighing down the keeper of this piece of information. This disclosure may come from outside of your kin who is privy to important matters within your clan. Even if some members of the family may not be what they seem, no matter what happens, you would still end up supporting each other through thick and thin.

Covering friend's eyes

My friend dreamt twice that I was standing behind her covering her eyes and putting something in her mouth while her father was pointing at us.

Your friend's vision suggests there is something she needs to learn, either because she is currently making a mistake or she is being deceived by someone in reality. Your presence in your friend's dream does not mean you are the one deceiving her, rather, it suggests you are trying to alert her to the presence of a certain individual or group who is trying to take advantage of her. The idea that you were sticking something into her mouth could mean she does not feel confident speaking up for herself, suggesting she needs your help to assert herself under these circumstances. Furthermore, the presence of your friend's father in this vision is meant to assure her that you are on her side, a true friend in her time of need. While this vision may be scary or confusing for her, your friend is in need of your help and guidance at this time.

Gouging someone's eyes out

Dreaming of gouging someone's eyes out is a disturbing and violent image that reflects deep-seated fears and anxieties. It symbolizes your feelings of frustration and anger towards someone or something in your subconscious. Moreover, the dreamer may feel that this person or situation is preventing them from finding the answers or solutions to their problems, and they feel bouts of rage and express anger toward them as a result. In some cases, the dreamer may be gouging somebody's eyes out as a form of self-defense. The dreamer may feel that this person or situation is a threat to their comfort and peace, and they may feel that they need to take drastic action to protect themselves from such mysteries. The dream is a warning to pay attention to your aspects of life and avoid getting in trouble.

Being able to see with closed eyes

Dreams of being able to see with closed eyes can be enigmatic and thought-provoking. This unique experience often signifies heightened intuition, inner perception or a desire for deeper insight. It may also suggest that you possess a unique perspective or an ability to perceive hidden truths in waking life. Alternatively, it could reflect a need to trust your instincts and inner wisdom more. Such dreams encourage you to explore your inner world, sharpen your intuition through practice and pay closer attention to your inner voice.