Dreams Related To Eyebrow

Your eyebrows

Traditional sources attribute different predictions to the symbol of your own eyebrows depending on their state in the vision. Seeing your eyebrows as thicker or fuller than normal is often considered to have positive connotations, especially for business. You would probably find your recent endeavors to be successful, or you may go on a business trip that leads to profitable outcomes for you and your company. Envisioning your own eyebrows as thin or patchy, however, may reveal that someone is trying to trick or take advantage of you in reality. You should be especially on your guard against deals that appear to be too good to be true.

Someone's eyebrows

Envisioning someone's eyebrows as a memorable part of your dream can refer to some upcoming obstacles in plans you are currently undertaking or soon to be worked on. Dream analysis suggests that while they may cause you some difficulty and annoyance, they are unlikely to hinder you long. You would be able to overcome the challenge and make up for any lost time soon after.