Dreams Related To Exposure

Deceased mother exposing herself

Hello. My dream was about a gathering and my dead mother an father where together. My mother then bends forward and lifts her dress and shows me her naked buttocks and I can see her naked front part too. Then my father takes her arm to straighten up. My father then looks at me. I was confused as to why she did this and I turned and let running.

A gathering, such as a reunion or a family-related business of some sort, means past issues will resurface. Meanwhile, a dead relative as a dream symbol means you should be more discerning and learn from your past experiences. For instance, if you have been avoiding your unresolved issues and it is causing problems in your present life, then perhaps it is time to face them head on. The different symbols in your dream allude to the eventual resolution of your current predicament if you stop running away from it. Despite the explicit image of your deceased mother, this actually indicates having congenial relationships. If you need advice or support, you are lucky to have friends and family willing to lend a hand.

Being exposed

A dream of being naked in public is a symbol of some sort of insecurity you hide. Having this kind of dream represents your fear of being exposed to your insecurities. It may also have something to do with an illicit relationship you try to keep hidden in fear of the embarrassment you will get upon its revelation.