Dreams Related To Exam

Getting the results of an exam

I dreamt I was going to read the result of an exam I took in my dream after seeing the result of a friend which was good.

Taking a test in the dream world is usually associated with stress and worry in wake life. Wanting to see the results may point toward a resolution appearing in the near future. It is possible that by following the example of a friend from wake life or some other respected individual, like a famous scientist, millionaire or business mogul, you could come up with a solution that would fix your problem and lift the burden from your shoulders.

Taking an exam in a specific field

Taking an exam for a specific subject or field is often interpreted as a sign of your lack of knowledge in this particular subject matter. In some cases, this could refer to a gross lack of knowledge in the maths or sciences that prevent you from understanding basic material that is presented to you. If you specialize in the field you are testing in, however, it may suggest that there is some aspect of the subject that you have not grasped. Upon understanding it, you may find yourself at the head of your field, an innovator or a pioneer. In both cases you should hit the books and devour as much information as you can.

Passing an exam

Dreaming about passing an exam with little worry, effort or studying predicts that you are about to enter into a period of leisure and relaxation. This means you can put off some of the more tedious daily tasks and chores that require your attention. This time is an excellent opportunity to recharge your batteries and spend some time in peace and quiet so that you can focus your energies when it is time to get back to work and down to business. Depending on the task or tasks you are undertaking after this length of time, it may be your last chance to rest for a long while.

A vision which centers around the idea of passing or successfully finishing a test is also thought to be the manifestation of the positive energy in your life, meaning you feel satisfied or fulfilled by the work you do, the people you associate with or the hobbies you enjoy. Others may find faults in your life because it does not suit their personal likes and dislikes, but you believe in diverse tastes and, additionally, understand the value in each person's particular quirks. Likely you identify yourself with and believe in the idea of different strokes for different folks.

Forgetting learnt material during an exam

Dreaming about being in the middle of a long exam and suddenly forgetting everything that you had learned or crammed the night before is indicative of issues with your self-confidence or self-esteem, particularly in regards to a particular area or skill that you use in the waking world. The source of your feelings of ineptitude could be the result of recent inadequacies in this area or a complete failure, whether you are at fault or not.

Cheating during an exam

Cheating during an exam, whether or not you have partaken in such an activity in wake life, is highly suggestive of doing much the same in the future, namely becoming involved in morally ambiguous or outright illegal pursuits. Success in cheating during such a vision reflects much the same in the waking world, meaning that you are unlikely to be detected or negatively affected by your course of action. However, if your teacher caught you during or after the fact, you may want to reevaluate the potential gains, weighing them against the cost of participation in this venture. You should do this before it is too late to back out without repercussions.

Anxiety before an exam

Serious anxiety or fear before taking an exam during a dream vision reflects an internal desire to do something amazing and unexpected with your life, something that others are afraid to talk about let alone try for themselves. Breaking the mold would give you a strong sense of satisfaction and end the monotony that threatens to take over your day to day existence. Additionally, you could be inspired from this vision to take on a new challenge which elevates your skills and experience to the next level.

Taking same exam repeatedly

Dreams which follow you through the cycle of test taking, failure, and test taking again often represent the futility of certain actions in your life, meaning you may be at present engaging in a task which is not destined to benefit you in any way, shape or form. You may want to consider more carefully the projects and goals you devote yourself to so that you do not waste time and energy on pointless endeavors.

Failing an exam

Failing a test or doing poorly on an exam that you studied for is often considered the manifestation of your concerns over sexual performance or your ability to satisfy and care for your partner. This may have been brought about by your own perceptions of yourself or because you are overly concerned about the opinions of others. More specifically, your current partner or an ex-lover may have (either accidentally or intentionally) suggested you were not as good in bed as your previously thought.

Taking an exam in general

Taking an exam during a dream vision, such as a school test, for a driving permit or a practitioner's license, is often thought to represent the presence of a person in your life who desperately needs your support or assistance. In some cases, you may already recognize the need this friend or companion has, but have yet to act on it for fear of overstepping your boundary or offending them. You may find, with tact and compassion, that they are willing to open up to you and accept your help.

High school exams

Taking an high school exit exam or any test which would give you the equivalent of a high school diploma is symbolic of a dichotomy between the face you present to society and how you truly feel about yourself. More simply, this vision suggests that while you may act like you have your life together in front of others, there is likely something in your personal life which prevents you from being the mature, responsible adult you are trying to be. You may need to spend some extra time and energy dealing with those issues before you can merge your two halves together. Additionally, reoccurring dreams about high school exams could predict the onset of anxiety or irrational fear. This may require professional help to treat if not dealt with in a timely manner.

Getting a good grade at exam

Taking an exam and receiving either a good or an impressive score is often associated with sexual desire and a need to impress the man or woman you are currently seeing. This Type-A attitude in regards to sexual prowess could persuade you to look for ways to improve your skills in this area so that you are not seen as a novice or beginner, as showing weakness could hurt your pride or put a damper on future intimate relations.

Getting a bad grade at exam

Receiving a bad grade for a test or getting a score that is less than you expected reflects a personal proclivity toward exaggeration or overemphasis, especially when it comes to your sexual encounters. You likely act as though you are knowledgeable about a variety of styles and forms in order to give off the impression that you are both worldly and experienced, especially in order to gain respect from those around you. However, the truth of the matter is probably not as exciting and, should you wish to maintain your cover, you may need to go to extraordinary efforts to hide the truth.

Taking an exam alone

Taking a test by yourself in the course of a dream vision, such as that there are no other students or teachers in the room, is usually considered the manifestation of your insecurities or meekness in wake life. Being alone while doing a complicated mental task reflects the difficulty you face when trying to communicate your feelings to those around you or showing how much you appreciate and care for those who support you most.

Administering an exam

Administering or proctoring a test in the context of a dream, such as that you are a teacher or certified examiner, is usually thought to reflect your dissatisfaction or dismay at the actions of others and your desire to rectify their behavior at once. While you have probably been contemplating the best way to curb their less desirable traits, you may want to also consider how to encourage their good characteristics that are already present.

Giving an exam, in the context of a dream, shows clearly how you see yourself in comparison to those around you, namely that you consider yourself more knowledgeable, experienced and cultured than your peers. This extends beyond books and job skills, carrying over to life and relationships as well. You may, then, have difficulty finding a partner or lover who you feel is on your level, particularly when it comes to sexuality and the act of intercourse. It is important to remember that each person has their own strengths and weaknesses and that everyone deserves respect and compassion.

Dressed inappropriately for the exam

Wearing the wrong type of clothes for an exam in a dream vision, such as forgetting your uniform and only realizing mid-way through the test, is often interpreted as a sign that you are starting to rebel against the preconceived notions and formalities that are part of your current existence. While shaking things up and going against the grain can have some positive benefits, it is important to think carefully about your actions, and the reasons behind them, lest you do something unintentional and hurtful to others.

An animal giving an exam

Dreaming about being given a test by an animal, such as that the animal is your teacher or headmaster, is often considered the manifestation of strong passion and zeal for living, including not only for your chosen path or field, but also for connecting with others and living life to the fullest. While you may have these strong feelings, you may also have trouble finding someone who understands these qualities or has enough energy to match them.

Unprepared for an exam

Feeling that you are unprepared for an upcoming test during a dream vision often has the exact opposite interpretation. Rather than meaning you are lazy and not ready to take a test, this symbol means you are well-organized and up-to-date on your current tasks and plans. In essence, worrying in your vision is proof of the care you are taking in wake life. Additionally, students who see this vision about a particular exam should rest assured that they are on their way to acing it.

Being disorganized during an exam

On two different occasions, I have had this dream that I was in an exam hall and I could not make head or tail of my exam sheet, like I was dyslexic. And time was going. The second time was a class test, I couldn't find the questions in my notebook, so I asked for someone else's book and I still couldn't make it out. And time was running out. Please, what does this mean!

Despite seeming to depict being unprepared or a lack of integrity, this dream actually has quite the opposite meaning in terms of your talents and preparedness. Being in either an exam hall or a classroom is often associated with being in a stressful situation, while the act of taking a test that you cannot understand or were not ready to take may represent being a high-achiever who is overly concerned with being on top or pushing yourself to your limit. This all comes down to indicating a tendency to put yourself in stressful situations and then push yourself to rise above such a difficulty. This dream vision may also be the result of a prior experience in which you were completely taken aback by another person, possibly a friend or colleague, who was unable to perform well because they did not arrange things properly or plan ahead of time.

Being accused of cheating during exam

I had a dream where by I wrote my final exam. I paid for a back door fee for good results. One morning I went to class and found all my papers under my desk. I asked one of my mates who linked me to the back why do I have my papers here. He couldn't answer and after a while I took the papers out and one teacher saw it and asked why do I have my papers with me, but I should return it. I didn't after a few minutes the teacher checked back and said why haven't I sent it back. It blew out of proportion and the teacher reported the case saying I have stolen the papers and trying to cheat.

This dream vision could reflect your fears or concerns about your performance at school or even a possibility that you could be earning good grades without applying too much effort or skipping through parts of the assignments you are given. Even though it is unclear from your message whether you have cheated in the past in your waking life or not, you seem to be overly concerned in relation to how your final results or progress are viewed by others, both teachers and peers. In general, having a dream about papers or notebooks is usually interpreted as having a strong, if not overwhelming, desire or need to share your nagging issues with someone or to resolve them by communicating them out.

Things happening while missing an exam

Finishing up my PhD, but my family needs me to come home to help with Thanksgiving. Need to leave 2 days early and miss exams. Get home and end up getting back with an ex, pregnant with his baby. Running around crazy trying to help, ignored by everyone. At night, a cat with glowing orange eyes sneaks into the house and tries to hurt the animals. Trying to fend off the cat and show everyone it exists, starts to miscarry and bleed. No one notices. Try to get a bag ready to take me to the hospital.

Missing exams that you intended to take could represent a subconscious fear that no one wants or needs you. Just as being present for an exam is a necessity for passing, not being present suggests feeling unimportant or optional in the lives of those around you. However, the image of you getting back together with your ex and then becoming pregnant with his child predicts this situation would not last much longer, as someone is about to enter your life and sweep you off your feet. This man is likely to be a vast improvement over past suitors and could make you feel like a princess. While others may not give you the time or attention you deserve, this man would make you his whole world.

Unable to finish an exam

I dream always of taking exams or tests. I am the last to finish these exams. The teachers are always willing to wait until I finish my exams. Often, I am left alone in the room to complete the test. The teachers are always very accommodating towards me.

Taking an exam often represents a challenge. Sometimes this challenge could happen to someone else who needs your help, but oftentimes this reveals your own struggle. The recurring aspect of your dream points to an unresolved issue. This could be a pattern of behavior you are trying to get rid of or a lesson you need to learn, but you often do not acknowledge the fact. You are always the last one to finish likely because you feel like you are being left behind by your contemporaries. For example, you friends or colleagues are getting promoted and achieving more than yourself. However, your lack of anxiety in the vision and the accommodating teachers is indicative of your cool attitude and overall composure about the whole thing. Rather than feeling defeated about your slow progress, you believe that you are just taking a longer path to achieving your dreams.

Someone passing an exam

Someone I know passing an exam.

This dream signifies a profound reflection on social comparison and the innate inclination to perceive oneself as lagging behind peers. It sheds light on the internalized pressure to measure up to others and the resulting feelings of being left behind or inadequate. By exploring this symbolism, one becomes aware of the significance of societal benchmarks and the impact they have on personal perceptions. This dream invites introspection into the complex dynamics of comparison, reminding us to focus on our unique journey and embrace individual growth at our own pace. It serves as a gentle reminder to cultivate self-compassion and celebrate our own accomplishments rather than constantly seeking external validation.

Getting good marks in exam

Getting good marks on an exam can have wildly different interpretations depending on whether or not you cheated to get those results. Cheating on a school test and being rewarded for it implies that until this point you have had few repercussions for your bad behavior in the past. This also suggests you are due for a rude awakening when someone finally calls you out for your misdeeds. Scoring well on a test through your own efforts, however, is a sign that you have good work ethic and would go far in life. Others appreciate your honesty and integrity, and they look up to you as a role model.

Writing exam and not finishing

Dreaming of a writing exam that you're unable to finish indicates a person feeling stressed and unprepared for a spiritual or biblical trial. The dreamer may feel unsure of their answers and lack confidence in their study abilities. Furthermore, it's important to remember that this dream is a reflection of your inner anxieties and not a prophecy of failure. Use this dream as a motivation to study and prepare more diligently for upcoming spiritual or personal challenges.