Dreams Related To Ex

Ex getting married to someone else

Traditional dream interpretation sources in multiple cultures point toward the marriage of an ex-lover or partner as the manifestation of your kind and forgiving nature. This may be directly related to this individual you had a relationship with in the past, but more likely this is referring to a more general part of your personality. Perhaps you have recently demonstrated this willingness to forgive and move on, leading it to appear in this way in your vision.

Ex lover

Dreaming about your ex-lover usually means you are thinking about the past very often and you have unresolved issues. This symbol can be unsettling, however its more precise interpretation depends on other symbols that came up in your vision. Seeing your ex partner in your dream can imply that you are not quite over your former lover. If you are presently in a relationship, this symbol can reveal your fear of repeating a past event, like the possibility of losing your current companion. If your vision arises frequently, it can show that your ex is still thinking about you.

Your ex with someone else

Dreaming that your ex has moved on with someone else is a positive message. Whether it is an ex spouse or an ex boyfriend or girlfriend, this vision of seeing them already in a relationship with another individual means you are starting to accept the fact that you have decided to go your separate ways. Whatever lingering love you may still have for your ex, you may have already started the process of moving forward and opening a new chapter in your personal journey. However, if there is some resentment, anger or jealousy that you felt in this dream scenario, then perhaps you are feeling lonely and you miss the intimacy of having a romantic partner in reality.

Meeting an ex lover accidentally

I had a dream that I was going to some video game competition, but on the way I stop by this house. My ex lover comes out the front door. I started to apologize, and then she says she misses me. I tell her I miss her too and then leave. I don't remember whether I won the competition or not.

Participating in any competition in the dream world, such as a video game competition, means there is an urgent need for you to develop your skills and expand your horizons. You are standing still personally and professionally, so this is a wake up call for you to become driven and motivated again. The presence of your ex lover suggests this symbol has more to do with your personal relationships rather than your career. You and a romantic prospect or your current partner are going to experience a rough patch and this will trigger memories of your conflicts with your former flame. So, you need to be able to learn from your past mistakes in order to stop going back into old and self-destructive patterns.

Ex texting me

Texting with your ex-partner over the course of a dream may reveal a subconscious reflection on your past in general. Depending on the content of the conversation, more accurate interpretations can be deduced. For instance, a fight or disagreement may point toward current or future contentment in your relationships. Alternatively, a loving or happy conversation may allude to feelings of nostalgia or a desire to be intimate with someone.

An ex and their new partner

Seeing your ex-boyfriend with someone new may be a sign that problems are creeping into your current relationship or interpersonal relations. If you currently dating or seeing someone, the presence of your previous lover means you are probably about to go down the same road again unless you do something to change it. If you are single at present, it is possible you would have troubles with a friend or that your current crush would not develop into a healthy relationship.

Sex with ex-wife

Keep having dreams about ex-wife and I am having different types of sex with a lot of orgasm.

Dreaming about an ex usually reveals a tendency to repeat the same mistakes or patterns. The sex in your vision suggests that you may be prone to indulging in pleasure-seeking activities despite knowing the negative repercussions of careless decisions and behavior. Alternatively, your subconscious may be reminding you about the lessons you learned from past experiences which could be applicable to your present situation. Perhaps there is a need to learn and internalize those lessons in order to break the destructive cycle or unhealthy patterns of behavior.

Seeing your ex crying

Seeing your ex crying in a dream is a unique symbol often seen by those feeling a little bit of regret or unease about their recent behavior. This dream portent usually appears soon after you learn that you have made someone upset, uncomfortable or embarrassed. While this may not be directly related to your ex, your connection to this individual is likely around the same level of closeness. As such, your feelings would likely be in proportion to how friendly you are with your ex. If you are still good friends, you might feel quite upset by your own behavior. On the other hand, if you barely talk to your ex now, you may not lose much sleep over what has transpired.

Ex-boyfriend giving a t-shirt

Kindly interpret my dream. I dreamed my ex-boyfriend gave me a white t-shirt. There is a round smiley face sewn on it with sequins in silver color.

Dreaming about your ex-boyfriend offering you a gift of this kind could mean that there is something still unresolved between the two of you and you are attempting to make peace with it. Him giving you a t-shirt with a round smiley face could be a way for your subconscious to let you know that it is okay to let go of this past relationship and that you should not be concerned with what your ex-boyfriend thinks of you or the things that may have happened between you two and now are history.

An ex years later

Dreaming of your ex girlfriend or boyfriend years later means you are about to commit the same mistake. This does not necessarily have to be about relationships. It is possible that this symbol in your dreamscape is warning you about trusting a stranger or letting your emotions cloud your judgment. This threat of falling back into self-destructive patterns means your subconscious is telling you to be more self-aware so you can break a bad habit.

Unable to meet and see ex boyfriend

Female. Reoccurring dream: I visit a city I used to live in, for a holiday. I do the usual sightseeing, then at the end of my trip I realize I haven't met up with my ex boyfriend, who still lives there. I feel slightly panicked and disappointed because I wanted to see him, but have run out of time.

Both the image of a city you used to live in and the presence of your ex-boyfriend are indicators that something from your past is on your mind at this time in your life. However, it may not be directly related to either where you once lived or your past relationship with the person. Rather, these images may be a metaphor for the what ifs which could be bothering you. It is possible you are at a turning point in your life or are about to make some important decision which is making you reflect on past experiences. You may want to think about what you have learned from previous situations to help you make informed choices now and in the future.

Being in a car with ex

My ex dreamt that we were together in a car with someone he picked him up, I look uglier, and I refused to go with him to visit a church.

This dream experienced by your ex-boyfriend could be a projection of his fears or uncertainty related to coming to meet other of your potential dates or future partners, after separating from you. His subconscious visions of someone else he welcomes into his life (someone he picked up to give a ride in the car in this dream) were accompanied by unfavorable changes in your appearance. You became uglier, that is, worthier of his negative feelings. Alternatively, he could also feel ambivalent towards his own pursuit of a new relationship or of accepting separation from you. The notion of you refusing to join him to go to church (symbolic of your dominance or control over him) further accentuates the idea that the breakup with you might have left him feeling uneasy, rejected and perhaps even temporarily incapable of finding a new date or a life partner.

Trying to get back together with an ex

I'm at my firehouse and my ex (high school sweetheart) and I are talking and she is happy to see me, but sad and starts crying. Then I try to convince her to leave her husband and come back to me. All she could say was I wish I could. Then I fight her husband and woke up.

Dreaming of your ex often reveals lingering feelings for them. Perhaps you did not have proper closure in your past relationship, either with this particular person or someone else, which is why you still have not managed to move on. You may also be engaging in an unhealthy pattern of behavior associated with a previous romance, thus triggering the appearance of your ex in your vision. Try to reflect on your actions and emotions in the past, this could help you navigate and resolve existing predicaments.

Ex walking slowly

My ex walking to me very slowly.

Dreaming about your ex and yourself in the same vision could have multiple meanings depending on your situation and the other symbols in the vision. In this case, the slow walking style he exhibited may reveal that he is about to enter into a new relationship or has already made some progress with another woman. Subconsciously, then, you are probably wondering how you measure up and compare to the new woman in his life. Perhaps you need to find a hobby or new friend to focus your mind on more productive matters than what-ifs and what could have been.

Ex waiting for you

Envisioning that your ex-lover is waiting for you during a dream may reflect your tendency to dwell on the what-ifs in life. Perhaps you saw a picture they posted on Instagram or a comment they made on Facebook that brought up old memories of your time together. Bringing your old flame to the forefront of your mind once more also allows the mind to wonder about how things may have gone differently under alternative circumstances while you should probably focus more on taking care of issues and concerns relating to the present.

Back with an ex in a new city

I have been dreaming that me and an ex of mine are back together living together and are in a different city than either of us have ever lived in and we are both wearing wedding rings.

Having dream visions about relocating to a city where you or your ex-boyfriend have never lived portends that either you or him would soon have to completely change your lifestyle, place of work and, possibly, your current place of residence because of some unfortunate, but unavoidable developments or events. For a woman, same dream could mean receiving a proposition or offer which could completely turn her life upside down. The vision of the wedding rings in this dream speaks of either the long time before these issues are settled, or the fact that both of you would be equally involved in and impacted by them.

Ignoring your ex

Ignoring a past lover in the dream world often reflects moving on in reality. You may be ready to start a new relationship, be it serious or just a fling. For example, if you are single, it may now be a good time to download a dating app or visit a local bar on singles night. If you are in a relationship, you may find a new level of deepness with your partner that you did not share before.

An ex-boyfriend missing a hand

What does it mean when your ex-boyfriend appears in your dream missing a hand? He's my ex as of December 29 2016. He's also an untreated bipolar man. Most importantly the love of my life. I've known for 13 years and 7 months. I've let go and let God lead as his illness has taken him away from me again. I was shocked that I dreamt of him and in that condition. In the dream he tried to hide his hand from me. Then he showed me unwillingly. It was grotesque. It's still freaking me out.

A lost or amputated hand is often thought to be associated with arguments and fights. In particular, this image suggests the person you were in conflict with was someone close, like a lover or spouse. As a result of this problem, you may have become temporarily or permanently separated from this man. Therefore, this vision of your ex missing his hand seems very apt given your description of your relationship. Rather than providing you with peace of mind or advice about the future, this dream could be helping you consolidate your understanding of the situation. As your thoughts become clearer, you would probably find some comfort in knowing that you tried your hardest and did what was best for the both of you.

Marrying your ex

To marry an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend is an ill omen about unfavorable events. Plans will fall through and your relationships could take a hit because you will project your frustrations on them. This is also an allusion to old-fashioned beliefs that could hamper the way you relate to others. A lack of understanding about the zeitgeist will lead to confrontations and misunderstandings which could have been avoided if you keep an open mind.

Ex-boyfriend not happy about current boyfriend

I was in a class with my ex. He was in Florida but he moved back to Bartlett. We know we looked at each other a few times. We talked to our friends while we did. He talked about a girl he met in Florida in a obvious way. I talked about my boyfriend. He looked at me as I talked about my boyfriend. I could feel him looking mad for some reason.

This dream vision of your ex-boyfriend engaging in a conversation with you and discussing your current romantic life reflects the fact that you want him back in your life or it could be an indication of your dissatisfaction with the way things are developing between you and your new boyfriend. You are also comparing his new relationship with your own and perhaps even think that he is doing much better dating this new person as opposed to dating you. There are certain undertones of jealousy and envy which you express through your subconscious mind and you need to find a way to remain just friends with him because now you have other people involved on both sides and they could be hurt if you continue to focus excessively on your past relationship with this person.

Ex-boyfriend giving money

Ex-boyfriend walks into my bedroom, hands me a stack of hundreds, smiles and hugs me saying "You deserve this" while my current husband is watching looking at me crazy.

Receiving money from your ex is a validation of your choices. Your ex in the dream world alludes to your general past, not just your relationship with him. Money signifies success and confidence, which means that all your previous experiences have led you to this moment. Based on your dream scenario, it means you are content with your current existence and you owe this to the lessons you have learned over the years. Perhaps your ex-boyfriend also made you a better person equipped with wisdom about love and relationships that you can apply in your current marriage.

Ex unhappy about death

My ex was sitting after my death unhappy after my death.

Dreaming of your own death is actually a very positive dream symbol because it suggests a long and happy life ahead of you. You are going to enter a period of transition by closing a chapter and entering a new phase in your personal journey. So, what your ex was mourning in the dream is basically the end of this part of your life. This is you making peace with your past, tying loose ends and forging ahead into your future. This upcoming period will be your chance for personal growth and preparing yourself for what is ahead, whether that is starting your own family or moving to somewhere exciting.

Reconciling with an ex

I had a dream about a lover I had a falling out with. I dreamt I finally had the nerve to talk to her, and I messaged her on Facebook. Next thing I know we're talking to one another face to face. She tells me that she broke up with her bf over a podcast he listened to. I remember asking her if she was still mad at me, she looked at me and said no. It felt good, almost like we were finally coming back together.

Dreaming of a former lover signifies regret. Your desire to get back together or repair the relationship triggered this dream scenario as a wish fulfillment on your part. Your subconscious wants this to happen, but your real-world self is crippled by fear and apprehension. So, to resolve the conflict, your subconscious conjured this dream vision. Alternatively, being forgiven can also symbolize closure. This is what you need to move forward and pursue other romantic interests, hence your mind gave you this dream as an incentive for you to finally close this chapter of your life. A similar dream symbol, talking to an ex, alludes to mediocrity and a lack of drive. This usually means that while you have the potential to improve your situation, something is holding you back. Instead of rekindling the relationship, your subconscious mind is also urging you not to repeat the same mistakes.

Ex wanting to talk

My ex was yelling to someone that he wanted to talk to me.

Hearing your ex talking to someone else could mean that you are subconsciously missing the connection you once shared with him. This does not necessarily mean that you want him back. Instead, it could mean that you desire some aspect of your past relationship in your current or future ones. The idea that he wanted to talk to you also reveals that your unconscious mind is trying to make peace with your separation. Again, this may not be because you want to rekindle things, but rather because it would allow you to unburden yourself of unnecessary emotional baggage.

My girlfriend's ex

Seeing your girlfriend's ex in a dream vision, perhaps when you are arguing or fighting each other, means that you may be feeling threatened by her ex. At the back of your mind, you may think that she is not over her ex yet, so this fear which could be unfounded is manifesting in your subconscious. Although the ex can also represent her past. Maybe you are having trouble accepting or making peace with her upbringing or mistakes she committed before.

Ex killing current lover

Dreaming that your ex-lover has killed your current romantic interest or partner is not an indicator of such an incident occurring in wake life. Rather, this symbol represents some subconscious thoughts that may be floating around in the back of your mind. First, you may on some level still compare the two on occasion, perhaps in regards to their appearance, personality or interests. This comparison may or may not turn out in your current love's favor. Second, you could be very happy in your current relationship but miss some aspect from the first. For instance, you may have had a more exciting sex life before, or perhaps you had more similar tastes in music and movies.

Having a baby with your ex

Having a baby with your ex is a prediction about possible new venture or collaboration with someone from your past and not necessarily your ex. Reconnecting with an old friend over brunch can lead to a moment of enlightenment or a flash of inspiration which will push the both of you into forging a business partnership or forming a community of like-minded people. Perhaps you will start a wellness center or an organization for a hobby you both share.

Your ex sleeping with someone else

Envisioning your ex, especially your ex boyfriend, sleeping with someone else in the dream realm, whether you caught them in the act or heard about it from a third party, is often thought to allude to some negative energy affecting your interactions with others in reality. You may have a disagreement with someone you generally get along well with or even have a pretty major confrontation with someone who tends to give you all the reasons to be in your enemy camp. These conflicts would make it sure to drain you physically and mentally, perhaps very much so like any mention of your ex does in reality.

Your ex calling you

Envisioning that your ex-partner is calling you, whether it is on the phone or from across a crowded shopping center, is actually a reflection of your own good character and positive personality traits. Even though you are no longer with this individual, they recognize that you have strengths and good points that make you unique and special. Your own unconscious mind knows this as well, so seeing this symbol is also thought by modern dream interpreters to mean you should focus on developing those positive traits rather than potentially dwelling on things you lack. For instance, maybe you had to break up with your partner because you had different ideas about the future. That does not mean your future dream was wrong, it just means you need to work toward that future and find someone whose goals more closely align with your own.

Family breaking into ex's house

Recurring theme, but different settings. My family breaks into my ex's house and I go in to make them get out before he sees. One time he caught mum on her way out and she chatted to him and his girlfriend. Last night he saw me as we were all sneaking out, he was looking at me from the front door.

Having recurring dreams about your family trying to get into your ex's house and spying on him reveals your subconscious focus on either tensions between your ex and the rest of the family (existing or in the past) or your constant attempts to compare his current life and relationships with others to your relationship with him before you broke up. The notion of him noticing you prying into his private life and personal matters in this dream is a sign that he is probably aware and bothered by the constant interference and invasion of his privacy both from you and your family members. It is not a wise thing to do on your part, especially if he is currently seeing someone else, as you mentioned in your dream recollection. The fact that this is a recurring dream is even more concerning because it shows that you cannot get over your obsession of trying to find out what he is up to at any given moment.

Ex and childhood friend fooling around

I dreamed that my ex and my childhood friend had started messing around. This disturbs me? What does this mean? It seemed so real?

Dreaming about specific people, in this case your ex and your friend, suggests you have had a recent interaction with one of them or that they have been on your mind a lot recently. You may have ran into your ex at a social gathering or had a serious conversation with your friend. In either case, seeing them together predicts having to deal with people you do not like and who don't like you either. This experience is likely to leave you feeling frustrated and stressed and could lead to a major confrontation in the near future.

Comments about ex-lover

My ex-lover's friend spoke to someone else in front of me that my ex-lover told that she is a very good girl, so lets just leave her. And then that man while seeing my eyes said "Wow, what an eye".

This dream about envisioning yourself being a subject of talks which involved other people could represent subconscious fears. You may be afraid of starting, pursuing, or committing yourself to a more serious relationship with someone who has recently offered you such an opportunity. This could refer to the establishment of a new friendship or a romantic affair. Also, having to deal with people discussing your appearance or behavior could represent a warning to be cautious, maintain focus and be prepared to face some unpleasant developments with someone you could be involved with romantically at the moment, most likely triggered by external sources.

An ex appearing at workplace

There is a chance to advance as far as work is concerned. It is a business that I know very well (in the waking world) - the restaurant and hospitality business. A lot is involved in this dream, but the main thing is that one of my exes appears... Later I am barefoot in blood and meat wastewater. I never go barefoot.

Despite the gruesome imagery, this is dream is more positive than negative in nature. Being in a familiar work environment in a dream suggests you have made some important contributions recently to your workplace or that you are soon to do so. Maybe you have come up with a solution for a problem that has plagued your particular department or you prevented some major accident from occurring. In either case, the admiration of your co-workers has likely increased and you have gained respect and gratitude from those above you. In addition, standing in water that has blood in it further supports your ability to manage work well, meaning you are an efficient and hard-working employee. The only negative symbol in the dream is being barefoot, which is usually interpreted as a sign of experiencing some money problems. You may need to keep a tighter budget or, with your recent services to your company in mind, look for ways to get a raise.

An ex killing grandmother

I dreamed that my ex vandalized my car, and killed my grandmother in my car. I sat in my car and she wouldn't let me out. My brother came to my car, when I touched him she went through him and then I saw her as a ghost just walking away.

Dreaming about your car being vandalized or deliberately destroyed is often interpreted as a sign of facing disruptions in wake life. You could already be seeing these disturbances popping up in your schedule in the form of unnecessary meetings or unwanted responsibilities. The death of your grandmother and the subsequent apparition both appear as a manifestation of the stress and frustration you are likely to feel in such a situation. You may need to take a step back and take a deep breath before forming a plan to tackle the challenges from this point on.

Ex objecting during wedding ceremony

My dream was about getting married to my current boyfriend. My son from a previous marriage was there, he was about 3-5 years old. The pastor asked if anyone objects please say so now. My ex was there and stood up saying he was still in love with me. My son looked at him and said "No, my new daddy spends more time with me and my mommy actually loves me". My ex sat down and the ceremony continued.

Having a dream in you marry your current boyfriend in front of family members is an ill omen. It represents certain negative emotions you may be holding against someone close to you. This could eventually lead to a confrontation which would end badly for all parties involved. Seeing your ex-boyfriend objecting to the wedding and having your son defending your decision also carries negative connotations. It points to the possibility of you dwelling on the past far too much and tending to make unfair comparisons between current and ex-boyfriend. You should try to be more appreciative of the good things in your life and spend less time dwelling on things that have no bearing on the present.

Having a three way with an ex

I had recently had a dream about what seemed like a threesome with my ex and his girlfriend, but the girlfriend didn't participate in the actual act of sex. She just sat back and watched as we (my ex and I) ravished each other on the hotel room bed. After he and I finished she wasn't there. We showered and began to have sex again in the shower and that's when I woke up.

Dreaming about having sex with an ex-boyfriend is a highly ominous sign predicting the return of past problems. You probably thought you had resolved or eliminated this issue a long time ago, but it is about to rear its ugly head again, putting a damper on your current plans and mood. The setting of the hotel indicates this trouble is likely to be related to money or the law, meaning you may find that you struggle financially or that, if you have one, your criminal past is finally catching up with you.

An ex trying to help out

I had a dream last night that my ride broke down on the road (like a bicycle/bugging/moped thing), and the people behind me were getting aggravated with me, then from the opposite direction, my ex from a few years ago comes out of nowhere (in an SUV), pulls over to help me out. I refused his help and told him "I don't need nor want your help" and he kept pushing his help on me, then he finally got back in his vehicle and took off pissed.

Travelling on a bicycle or a scooter in a dream is symbolic of freedom, youth and a carefree attitude. That your ride broke down in your dream suggests a possible shift in the path you are taking. You could find yourself at a crossroads, trying to prioritize and balance your wants versus your needs. The presence of your ex in the dream points to previous experiences. Perhaps you are trying to let go and move on from your past, hence your refusal to accept his help. There is, however, some merit to looking back. Your subconscious may be telling you to look deeper into your former relationships and previous experiences to find the lessons that could help you out in your present predicament.

Arguing with ex-partner on the street

I dreamed about my ex-partner, we were standing outside and I was telling him that our son is asking me about you. I ask him if he is staying with someone already and he didn't reply, I ask for her name and he told me. I told to tell her to leave the house so that I can bring my son to visit for two days and he said OK. We were going to court he holds my hand and says "Let's cross by this house", the house roof structure was incomplete, so while passing I saw the baboon. I told him we must never pass people's houses.

Seeing your ex-partner in a dream vision is a fairly ominous symbol indicative of problems with a current romantic partner or a future connection you are attempting to make. The complicated conversation which ensues, especially if it reflects similar conversations in the waking world, could point toward your past rendezvouses being the source of these troubles. Your current or future lover may have some issues with things you have said or done in the past, leading to a serious debate or discussion about this topic, which can be seen in the image of the house without a complete roof. The outcome of this talk cannot be determined from this vision alone but may depend on your negotiation skills and sympathy for his feelings.

Interacting with an ex after body painting

I had a dream that I was talking to my ex's sister and we put some red stuff on our hands and then we peeled it off. After I peeled it off, I noticed two splinters on my right hand that had been there for a while... I pulled them out and after I did, my ex came back to me and apologized. He kissed and hugged me, but when he was hugging me, the was a curtain around us... What does it all mean?

Red as a colour appearing in dreams is closely linked with the emotions of passion, joy and even anger. Generally speaking, it can represent any number of strong emotions you are currently taken by in waking life. However, seeing it connected with the image of you reuniting with your ex-boyfriend does suggest that the emotions evoked are on the more positive side of this scale. Specifically, hugging and kissing your ex-boyfriend could predict something exciting and unexpected taking place shortly, bringing great joy and satisfaction both to you and the others involved.

An ex being killed in a busy market

I was walking through a busy Kenya market and suddenly my ex passed me in a crowd. I turned around as I was surprised he was there when suddenly there was a commotion. The crowd was being attacked by Mari warriors with spears. He reached out for me and when they got closer, he turned and ran leaving me in the scramble of running people. I started to run and looked behind me seeing the warriors stabbing people. They swarmed around my ex and stabbed him to the ground repeatedly. And then he was gone.

This vision is a highly ominous sign for your current or future relationship. Seeing a previous partner in a dream vision is usually a bad sign, pointing toward having problems with your current lover or romantic prospects you may be welcoming into your life. These are most likely disagreements over how tasks are accomplished or one party's reaction to something the other said. This is followed by the images of the attack and your previous partner being stabbed. This situation symbolically represents your current or future love interest blaming you for all the problems, possibly resulting in their breaking things off with you permanently.

Unable to communicate with an ex

I was lying on my couch watching TV. But my ex was there too, on the other side of the couch watching TV. And I tried to crawl over to him to cuddle, but I couldn't. It's like there was a wall between us or something. I tried to get his attention, but I couldn't. I tried to call out to him yelling for him, but he couldn't hear me.

The couch is a place for rest and relaxation. It is also associated with sex and intimacy. The scenario in your dream may point to the more romantic interpretation of this symbol. Perhaps you want to bridge the gap between you and your ex. Maybe the thought of getting back together crossed your mind. However, the invisible wall you could not breach between him and yourself in the vision points to irreparable damage in your bond, such as the reasons the two of you broke up. Becoming friends at this point may only be wishful thinking. More time and healing are needed to reconnect, let alone act civil towards each other.

Being mistreated by a mentally-abusive ex

I was in my room sitting on my bed when my mentally abusive ex-boyfriend came in and started to touch me sensually and I started to yell "Get out!" over and over till a door was slammed in my face. I am a girl by the way.

Receiving signs of affection from an ex-boyfriend whom you no longer get along with could predict some surprising events taking place in the future. The idea of a door slamming in your face could indicate that these surprises would be unpleasant in nature, as a closed door tends to represent obstacles or roadblocks on the path to success. You may need to have patience during this time or seek help from someone you trust in order to live through possible negative developments if they do occur.

Ex-girlfriend saving from drowning

Yesterday in real life I met my ex-girlfriend whom I still have feelings for at my work place, we met accidentally and she was with her new boyfriend. That night I dreamt of me and her swimming in the pool. When I dived deep I could not swim up and started drowning, when she grabbed me with her hands and made me breath again. What could this dream be telling me?

Dreaming that you are diving deep in a pool and struggling to come up for air refers to emotional turmoil. The fact that you are still hoping to get back together with her may have kept you from opening yourself up to other prospects. As such, after seeing her with her new boyfriend, it must have been a big reality check. So, her saving you from drowning in the dream means that this accidental encounter actually helped you move on. It may have been painful, however the incident forced you to accept the current state of things which is a firm step into closing that chapter and moving forward.

Flying over the ocean with an ex

My ex and I recently broke up, we were together for 4 years. It ended on good terms, the spark just wasn't there anymore, we argued and made up many times, but he got tired, so he ended it. But we still love each other a lot and remain somewhat close. I had a vivid dream that my ex and I were flying over the ocean in the sky smiling, holding hands. We were peaceful and happy being together and just staring at each other.

For those in love, the imagery of the ocean is usually a positive sign of harmonious relations. Despite the separation, your fondness and affection for each other remains untarnished. Likewise, flying denotes freedom and independence. It is likely that you are at peace with your decision to break up with each other. Perhaps you even feel a little relieved and thankful for the independence and freedom that you have now. At the same time, holding hands could also be interpreted as dependency and a longing to reconnect, revealing your subconscious thoughts about getting back together and giving it another try.

Ex-boyfriend appearing aggressive

Last night I had a dream that my ex-boyfriend was in my room and looked totally different, still him, but he had aggressive mannerisms and his face was aggressive. He had bruises and scratches all over him including his face, I remember pushing him away.

Dreaming about doppelgangers often reveals the dreamer's hidden fears and suppressed feelings. They are also associated with negative energy and the dark aspects of someone's personality. In your dream, your ex-boyfriend appears to look the same but behaves differently, hence there is a possibility that you would uncover secrets or new information that would shed some light on the negative aspects of your interactions with him, perhaps ultimately revealing what led to your separation. The scratches may represent a part of you that is entertaining thoughts of getting back together with him. However, this vision may be trying to remind you of the issues you had in the past as a way of closing that chapter of your life for good.

Ex-girlfriend and another girl fighting

I am a male, I had a dream that I was in the mall holding hands with my ex-girlfriend. She left me to go to a store, then this random overweight girl came up to me and grabbed my crotch. My ex saw it, and was furious and started to fight this girl, and beating her up badly. What does this all mean?

The presence of your ex-girlfriend in the dream means you may still be dwelling on the past. Perhaps you are questioning whether the break up was a good move or you are contemplating getting back together with her. In that sense, you are weighed down by your past choices and the decisions you have to make from this point forward. The fat or overweight girl symbolizes wealth and prosperity. Did you perhaps break up with your ex to have a better future? If so, there is a possibility that your inability to move on is keeping you from focusing on you goals and pursuing your aspirations.

Looking for an ex in a flooded street

In my dream people were driving their cars in water. The cars were floating and my ex-boyfriend was looking for me but didn't find me. Then I was looking for him and I had to hurry up because he was going to get married and my mom was in my dream.

Dreaming about your ex-boyfriend being involved with someone else could be a sign that you may end up having to work alongside or deal with people who do not like you or the ways you handle things in your everyday life, which could lead to a series of confrontations. Also, since you dreamed about looking for your boyfriend in a flooded street, this vision could actually have a more positive meaning, revealing the fact that you admire or envy your ex-boyfriend for something he was able to achieve recently, although you could be not as happy about your own talents and abilities.

An ex trying to throw out of a moving van

I was riding in a van with my ex and he tried to throw me out.

Riding in a vehicle is often thought to represent the dreamer's path in life. As such, riding in the car with your ex could reveal their ongoing influence in your life, either as a friend or a memory. Your ex's efforts to throw you out of the car has two potential interpretations, depending on their current role. If you ex is still present in your life, it is possible they are trying to use their past influence over you to their advantage. If your ex is simply a memory, it is likely this vision is the manifestation of your heart's desire to share a connection with this individual again.

Wanting to walk with an ex-lover

I dreamt I was with my ex-lover (14 years together) in the middle of an intersection. This intersection exists in reality and is right in the middle of the road between his apartment and mine (10 min away by foot). From what I remember there were no people or cars around us. We were holding hands and I looked into his eyes (he was next to me, my right side) and told him "Let me walk you home" (after I looked in the direction of where his house is). What I felt was very pleasant and I was smiling.

Dreaming of an ex lover usually points to leftover fond feelings you have for the person or a lack of proper closure in your relationship. The unanswered questions you may have about why you had to part ways and the many "what if" scenarios you have built up in your head may have been triggered by an event or moment in reality, hence this was projected into your subconscious. The intersection in your vision refers to a crossroad in you life. Should you close this chapter and move on to a new path or would you choose to dwell on the past and try to heal your broken relationship? Saying "let me walk you home" seems to illustrate your strong reluctance to let him go. Perhaps you feel like he is lost without you. Ultimately, you would have to make a choice about what is the best option to take not only for you, but also for the sake of your ex.

Ex joining the marines

Ex joining the marines.

Dreaming that your ex has joined the marines is a reflection of your personal transformation. You are done dwelling on past mistakes and bad experiences, instead you are set on fully committing yourself into developing your career and making a difference in your chosen field. This means becoming more disciplined, letting go of bad habits and focusing on things you can control. If you are able to set your sights on the future, then you can expect great rewards ahead.

Trying to follow ex's car

In my dream my ex was driving in front of me but I don't know if I was following him because we were going somewhere together or if he was trying to get away from me. So I would speed up to catch up to him and right when I thought I was getting closer, another car would get in the way and and I'd keep going to find him and it was the same thing, over and over.

Following your ex as he is driving in your dream reveals your inability to accept the fact that you have parted ways. As it is, you are living your life holding on to the hope of you and him getting back together. You could still be trying to please him or behave in ways which would make him notice you favorably. Unfortunately, all those other cars preventing you from catching up are all the reasons your subconscious is telling you to let him go. Let him live his life and follow your own path, instead of building your happiness on whether or not he wants you back.

An ex who changed completely

I ran into a recent ex (within 3 months) while working a job that I no longer work for. He had walked in behind some of his friends that I thought were bad influences. His personality was completely changed, he was really cold and had no faith in love. It was like he adopted the personalities of his friends. I didn't like this new person he had became in the dream.

Running into your ex at a former job means you are still not over this relationship. Perhaps your growing concern about his well-being has spilled into the dream world, hence your subconscious manifested him into this scenario. This incarnation of your ex is a projection of your fears and current mindset, not just in relation to him but the bigger world in general. It is also possible that you feel you are not in control. Your pessimism could be clouding your judgment and his presence is merely a symbol of the uncertain future.

An ex at the front door

My ex returned home and opened the front door. She called my name and appeared to be lifting packages, maybe groceries and the dream ended.

Seeing your ex returning to your home with groceries represents being rewarded for your hard work and dedication in some way. While you ex may just be a stand in for someone else you love or care about in reality, the admiration or financial benefits you get from those who value you could not be more real. Perhaps this is an unexpected situation, or maybe you have been expecting this for some time. In either case, finally getting what you deserve is sure to bring a smile to your face.

Being with an ex's child

I'm female and my dream is I'm in a hotel alone and suddenly someone knocked at my door, when I opened it it's my ex's kid, he immediately clings to my left leg. Then I go outside to return him to his dad, as soon as I turn my back and go back to my room, the kid will go to me and cling.

The setting of your dream, the hotel room, reveals that you currently have a lot on your mind. At present, there are probably multiple responsibilities and individuals who are eager for your attention, hence your subconscious desire to escape and get away from it all. Your ex's child in this vision represents one of the problems you are dealing with in reality. The kid clings and holds tight to you, acting as the manifestation of your fear that you would not be able to unburden yourself. This vision does not suggest that this is the case, but it may be nudging you to tackle this main problem first. Solving it would likely give you the confidence and peace of mind to tackle other important tasks on your to-do list.

An ex standing on a balcony

I am a girl. I had a dream that my ex was going to a gym but he was texting and ignoring me or didn't look up to see me. I was looking up at him standing on a semi-balcony while I was in a truck with strangers driving to an unknown place. My brother also embraced me in the dream before I saw my ex.

The gym symbolizes body image, so seeing your boyfriend about to go to a gym indicates possible narcissism or placing too much value on appearances. This fixation on outward appearances may have caused a rift in your relationship, plus the fact that he was ignoring you or not paying attention to you suggests depression or a sign of neglect. You are likely doing some Carl Jung shadow work in which you look inwards to understand the darker aspects of your personality and what are the triggers that can set off this negative energy. This journey to self-awareness and healing is further illustrated by the truck pointing to an enormous opportunity or responsibility. You are preparing yourself emotionally and mentally before embarking on this new chapter in your life. On the other hand, it could also mean substantial personal baggage that is weighing you down and feeding your depression.

Deceased ex becoming alive

Dreaming of your already deceased boyfriend or girlfriend manifests your feelings in real life. You might still be grieving and are having difficulty accepting the reality of his or her passing. Regarding this, you might be holding onto some past events and wish you could have done things that could make the situation different. On the other hand, this might also be your subconscious way of coping with your loss.

Ex who passed away

Dreaming of a dead ex, a boyfriend or girlfriend for example, means you may still be in the process of mourning. As such, you could be revisiting memories you shared together while you were still in a relationship. This person's visit, even in dreams, means you still feel connected to this person and perhaps you did not have time to say a proper goodbye. Hence, your mind is giving you this opportunity to celebrate their life as a precursor to moving on.

Abusive ex trying to kill me

Revisiting a traumatic period from a past relationship involving an abusive ex means there is likely a situation in the present which threatens your current relationship. Perhaps your ex boyfriend beat you before and the lingering psychological effects of this violence made you guarded. In order to keep a healthy mind, it might be in your best interest to seek out professional help or have an open communication with your partner.

Ex wanting me back

If you keep on dreaming of you and your ex-boyfriend or husband getting back together, then this is a sign that you might still have unresolved feelings toward your ex in your waking life. This relationship might be filled with passion, and the breakup has affected you tremendously. This dream could also suggest that you are still processing the separation and are still pondering the reasons why this relationship ended.

Ex coming back

Dreaming about your ex coming back is a reflection of your current thoughts and feelings about the past relationship. It's possible that you're processing unresolved issues and trying to find answers or reasons for why things ended. On the other hand, seeing your ex healthy and coming back exemplify your desire to keep a positive and healthy relationship with them, or that you're ready to move on and start anew. In any case, this dream validates that matters of love and relationships are still important to you and that it's possible to think about being loved again.