Dreams Related To Evacuation

Evacuating during a tornado

I am a female. I dreamt of a tornado of light blue color which changed into a smoky figure of maroon color of a running man. Meanwhile I was calm and just starting packing bags to leave the area with my family.

This vision contains some very ominous symbolism, but the ultimate outcome is subject to change based on your own actions. The first part of your dream, the light blue tornado, represents some project or goal you have been working hard towards, like a college degree or a promotion at work. This is destined to blow up in your face, however, as the smokey maroon image of a running man reveals sudden illness, separation or financial circumstances may put these dreams on hold. Packing your bags, in this case, takes on a fairly literal interpretation. It means you need to be prepared for the hard times ahead. If you prepare well enough, you may be able to ride out the storm and could even find yourself in a better situation than you initially were expecting, but this is not guaranteed.