Dreams Related To Escape

Escaping danger

Escaping from danger in the dream realm is often considered a prophetic sign of avoiding trouble in wake life. While some people may be caught in crossfire because they were "at the wrong place and the wrong time," you would, through intuition, stay away from places or people that are likely to cause mischief or danger.

Escaping a killer

Escaping a killer reveals your futile attempts at suppressing your inner demons. Your fears and insecurities are not meant to be ignored. The only way to overcome your personal issues is to face them and understand where they are coming from. On the other hand, this could also mean you are listening to too much true crime podcasts or watching too many serial killer documentaries on Netflix. Perhaps it is time to give your mind some rest from dark and violent content.

Trying to escape from being killed

I just had a dream I was at some kind of a hospital and they were trying to give me some tomicin to kill me within 15 to 45 min, but I broke away and a real close friend who is deceased already was with me driving me to the store to get milk so I didn't die. On the way there it was a narrow space between cars, my car and another car, and I couldn't fit through, so I moved my car over and got in. My kids appeared, I told them i will be back.

Envisioning yourself as a patient at a hospital is often the manifestation of such event occurring in the real world, namely that you may soon require medical care for a serious condition at a hospital or clinic. Getting medication which was intended to kill you there suggests that this disease or illness, while not life-threatening, could cause you to lose or overspend money, either through missing work or being unable to pay your bills. Your desire to leave the hospital and get milk could be interpreted as a sign that you value your independence and do not want to succumb to being incapacitated because of these upcoming circumstances.

Escaping a sinking car

Freeing yourself from a submerging car means your self-control is returning. You may have been experiencing volatile emotions recently and you are actively trying to manage your emotions to avoid causing more conflict or going down a self-destructive path. Fortunately, this dream scenario suggests you will successfully awaken from an emotional stupor before things become too unmanageable. Your road to enlightenment may occur from your own introspective methods or guided by a trusted dreamworker.

Being kidnapped and trying to escape

I had a dream that I was kidnapped and held in a white room. I was a male and would find pieces of newspaper articles of me being missing. I was famous for something. When I read a newspaper article, I would would think something like, "I wish my family would find me," and then I would find an article about my family putting more of an effort to find me. The dream goes on about me finding another guy. We met two other girls, and found a hole that led to a wall with a black pentagram on it.

To dream that you have been kidnapped denotes latent feelings of limitations, restrictions and being trapped. There may be parts of your reality, possibly your peers and family, trying to control your decisions or actions. Alternatively, you may be feeling alienated from your loved ones because of some existing disagreements. Perhaps they are trying to find the old you or are struggling to relate to who you have become. The pentagram suggests spirituality and wisdom. You may need to be more self-assured and evaluate your principles to help yourself and other lost souls out there.

A lucky escape

A lucky escape in the dream realm, such as from a dangerous situation or an awkward encounter, is often considered a highly auspicious symbol. It means you would have success in reality, although it would probably be due to outside influences rather than anything you did. For instance, school could be unexpectedly canceled due to bad weather on a day when you accidentally woke up late. Another example could be gaining access to an online service or cheaper product due to a malfunction or mistake on the company's part.

Unable to escape

Whether you are trying to get away from murderers or simply trying to avoid an annoying individual, being unable to escape in the dream world carries negative connotations. It means you would be quite literally stuck in an uncomfortable or unfortunate situation. The exact meaning of this vision depends highly on the other symbols present, but if you see this sign, you should be on your guard.

Escaping a collapsing house

Dreaming of escaping a collapsing house suggests that you are seeking answers or solutions to a problem or situation that is causing you to feel devastated. This falling house represents a large obstacle in your life that you need to overcome. Be careful with your actions as the results would affect you accordingly.

Finding an escape

Near escapes in the dream realm usually refer to avoiding trouble in wake life. Jungian sources suggest that if you are in some trouble while you are dreaming, finding an exit predicts overcoming the challenge or getting out of a dangerous situation in reality. In essence, finding a way to escape means that you would be in good shape no matter how dire your circumstances may seem.

Escaping from being swallowed whole

I had a choice of being eaten by a snake or be eaten by an Indian (the Cowboys type). I chose the Indian, then he told me to straighten my legs and was going to swallow me whole. His face went blue and I ran, then woke up.

Both being eaten by a snake and devoured by another human are negative signs associated with upcoming conflict. The first image suggests the presence of a rival who may or may not want to fight fairly while the latter indicates a person who wants to see you taken down at all costs for no reason other than their dislike of you. In either case, your vision seems to point toward a number of upcoming conflicts in which you may have to "pick and choose your battles," so to speak. This means thinking like a chess player and only pay close attention to those circumstances that you think are most likely to end in your favor.

Escaping from a building barefoot

I was moving up and down but stranded in a commercial building failing to get to an exit, but later, I saw an exit gate where a young girl opened it for me, while I reached out I realized I was walking barefooted, and rushed back to pick my shoes. I came back holding them in my hands.

To get an overall view of the meaning behind your dream, a breakdown of the symbols is necessary. First, trying to find an exit in a commercial building suggests a latent need to escape an undesirable situation in the real world. Second, the young girl represents your child-like nature. Third, being barefoot alludes to poverty. Finally, the shoes you pick up symbolize a new approach to life. Given the context of your dream, it seems as if you are trying to improve your living conditions. Perhaps you are having financial difficulties and you are looking for opportunities to get out of a bind. The way to overcome your plight is to leave behind your carefree ways and be more mature in dealing with your problems.

Escaping Satan

I was escaping Satan and a bunch of ghosts, there was lots of fire. When I finally got through the gates, I could see them behind me and I wasn't scared anymore.

Running away from Satan and his minions represents much the same in wake life, namely that you are trying to avoid the negative influence of someone above you. This individual may seem to make benign requests or suggestions, but you can tell (at least subconsciously) that there is more to this situation than meets the eye. Successfully leaving through the gates and being unafraid suggests you can escape and move on with your life and, additionally, are likely to prosper because of your ability to follow the truth in your heart.

Trying to escape through a chimney

It was a war zone. My husband and I were in a wasteland and running from attackers. We were allowed in this one house. The doors were all bolted up and not allowed to open them. No windows. I asked the man if there was a way out. He said the chimney, but first, you had to dump the bucket of water on your head. My husband had already gone for a match to his shoe. I didn't think he would make it back. I looked up the skinny chimney and empty bucket, but that's when my 14-month-old woke me up! Female.

Both the vision of a deserted area and trying to escape the house through a chimney indicate growing tensions and disagreements inside the relationship with your husband. The bolted-up doors and the absence of windows in the house could be pointing out the lack of communication and unwillingness to listen to what one or both of you have to say or share. Not surprisingly, your subconscious mind is suggesting to resolve this standoff in communication by conjuring up the symbol of a bucket of water you were told to dump on your head, meaning only straightforward and decisive actions can help you out of this situation. It is also quite possible that your husband is already thinking of or planning on having a conversation with you soon to sort things out.

Unable to escape a tall building

Envisioning yourself to be escaping a high-rise building or skyscraper is typically an allusion to reaching your ambition, but being unable to do so might signify the obstacles that you would face along the way. This dream also symbolizes some sort of change that would happen in your life, or that you are now at the height of your career and significant changes are soon to happen. This stage in your life will bring you the utmost happiness in the real world.