Dreams Related To Engagement

My engagement

Dreaming about your own engagement in the dream realm is often considered a reflection of your desire for intimacy, according to Freudian sources. Analysis of this symbol suggests you want both physical and emotional closeness with others in wake life. For single people, this may include wishing to find your other half and get married. For those who are already married or in committed relationships, this vision could refer toward a desire to deepen the bond with your partner or reconnect with someone you were once close to.

Someone getting engaged

The image of someone accepting a marriage proposal and becoming engaged is highly fortuitous to perceive in the dream realm, even if you did not recognize the happy couple. In general, this vividly happy occasion is a marker that you too would go through a period filled with joy and peace. In particular, your relationships with others, like your family, friends, or co-workers, would be especially satisfying and rewarding.

Engagement ring on right hand

Envisioning an engagement ring on your right hand can be considered a metaphor for finding a light at the end of a long, dark tunnel. This esoteric symbol is often associated with both overcoming major obstacles and earning some type of opportunity as a reward for your efforts. For instance, students who study hard might have the option to study abroad at some point in their academic career. Similarly, parents who treat their children with love and respect, even if it is strict sometimes, would be rewarded with offspring who succeed as humans and may even take care of them in their old age.

Someone else's engagement

To witness someone else getting engaged in your dream is an auspicious omen of good things happening in your future. Although the engagement does not directly involve yourself, in reality, you will be a beneficiary of positive developments in your community. This can also be a projection of your optimism. You are finally moving on from a slump and slowly finding your footing. You could be gearing up for a long-term commitment, such as a new job or moving in with a long-time partner.

Discussing engagement with the family

The living room in my old family home, my mother and I were putting her paintings up. She is not an artist but in the dream she was. I was very happy in the dream. There was a coffee table, sofas and my family were all sitting on the seats. A love interest of mine (who does not know I like him in real life) enters with a friend and they take a seat on chairs but behind the sofa. He then says, "See this is why I want to be engaged to her". At that point, my Jamaican grandma walks in and sits down on a seat in the circle where we all are. I saw stairs but the living room was the main room.

Although there are a lot of elements in this dream you are sharing here, we would like to point out the two most prominent and interconnected parts which could perhaps help you figure out the true meaning of this dream. The vision of paintings, no matter how artistic or beautiful they looked, in dream interpretation is traditionally associated with existing and persistent lies, deception and possible threats to your reputation. They could be aimed both at you and your family members based on the context of the dream story you are describing. It could also mean that someone you are interested in romantically is actually insincere and pretentious and probably not worth your time and efforts. You have also experienced an image when you "sorted" your family members by generations and that, according to our interpretation sources, indicates that you could be concerned or frustrated with how things are going ("lining up") for you at the moment. Overall, these aspects of your dream could serve as a hint to pay more attention to those you tend to associate with or trust without getting to know them better first.

Getting engaged to your boyfriend

Becoming engaged to your boyfriend in the dream realm carries special significance and symbolism, especially in Judeo-Christian dream traditions. It is usually a reflection of the dreamer's desire or intent to enter into marriage. While it is often seen as a precursor to a proposal with the man seen in the dream, this vision has also been seen by those who are ready to exit their current relationship and get together with someone who has the same plans or goals for the future.