Dreams Related To Elevator

An elevator in general

Seeing or noticing an elevator, in general, is neither a positive nor a negative sign, though it does warn to be watchful of your surroundings and events occurring in your life. In some situations, you may notice a great opportunity you could get involved in, with participation improving some aspect of your life. On the other hand, you may realize a storm is brewing and have the foresight to avoid the problem. If you see that the elevator was going up in your vision, it suggests improvements in your life through involvement in a cause. If you notice that the elevator was going down, however, you might experience an unavoidable set of negative circumstances which could make your life more difficult. In some other interpretations, elevators are associated with an unusual, persistent focus on sex and sexual imagery.

Elevators can also be interpreted more literally as representing how a situation you are currently in is likely to unfold. For example, if you saw or felt that the elevator was moving rather slowly, it suggests the situation develops at a smooth pace with unexpected plot twists. An elevator that moves quickly between floors could indicate obstacles caused by rash decisions, mistakes in calculations, or a lack of attention on emotional and psychological impact of a certain course of action.

Being an elevator attendant

Envisioning yourself as an elevator attendant in a dream vision, whether you are in a proper uniform or in plain clothes, usually means you are destined to be successful in monetary matters, such as financial planning, money management and investing. Just as you help others to reach a higher place in your vision, so does this sign suggest finding yourself in a better status due to your increasing wealth and prosperity.

A service elevator

Envisioning an elevator that is not primarily intended for transporting people, such as a cargo lift or mini elevator in a house, represents the possibility of being in an accident in the near future. You should exercise extreme caution and pay attention to what others are doing around you so that you can avoid any unnecessary accidents. Additionally, you should avoid taking risks that do not offer a strong chance of turning out successful.

An elevator moving horizontally

Having a dream in which you are standing in an elevator that moves horizontally, that is, from side to side, symbolizes a preoccupation with small details and mundane tasks which prevent you from seeing the big picture. This is often associated with matters of the the mind, heart and spirituality, rather than physical or career-related tasks. In essence, you can't see the forest for the trees, and this prevents you from achieving a higher level of being, whether it is spiritual growth or just improving yourself as a human being.

Objects inside an elevator

Envisioning yourself inside an elevator with other people or things is often interpreted as a sign that you are the type of person who can and should use the help and advice of others to improve yourself. While you may think it is better to do things completely on your own without the influence of others, this vision suggests other people may have the answers which you are seeking, particularly when it comes to improving yourself spiritually or in general. The close proximity to others inside the elevator also represents looking at the personality and qualities you admire in others so that you can replicate them in yourself.

A free-falling elevator

Finding yourself inside a free-falling elevator that is plummeting to the ground is a highly ominous sign associated with an overall decrease in the quality of your life and character. Specifically, this vision represents being in a situation where darker aspects of your personality begin to slip through without their proper checks and balances. Due to this lack of restraint, you may find other parts of your life degenerating as well, such as your relationships or your ability to make good, sensible decisions. You may want to be more careful with your words and actions after experiencing this dream.

A motionless elevator

Being inside a motionless elevator in a dream vision, such as one that was suddenly stopped working or got stuck, indicates you feel rather bored and uninspired by your current lifestyle. This is most likely because your day-to-day tasks have little to no meaning for you and do not encourage you to grow and develop as a human being. If you are currently inundated with a large to-do lists of mundane and repetitive tasks, you might want to take time to ask yourself if there is something you can do with your life that has deeper meaning and value and, if you find it, try to work toward that goal.

Stuck in an elevator

Finding yourself stuck in an unmoving, broken-down elevator is usually interpreted as a sign that you are about to get involved, either knowingly or on accident, in activities of a questionable or immoral nature. More specifically, being trapped in an elevator is associated with fraud, suggesting buying or selling fake brand name products or extorting money from others.

Going down fast in an elevator

Being in an elevator that descends rapidly from the top floors of a building portends meeting or being introduced to someone who has a great, positive impact on your life. This person may explain something which makes you see the world in an entirely different way or they may become a close, lifelong friend whose support and advice are invaluable to you. You are likely to be friends with this person for many, many years and find much comfort and happiness with their presence.

Going up fast in an elevator

Envisioning yourself in an elevator that ascends to the top floors of a building very quickly represents a secret that you are currently carrying in your heart for the benefit of a close friend or family member. Others may bully or taunt you for not sharing the information you have, making your life difficult and possibly unpleasant for awhile. However, the person whose secret you are protecting through keeping it undisclosed is likely to be extremely grateful for your tact and discretion, earning you their lifelong friendship.

An empty elevator

Dreaming about entering an unoccupied, empty elevator represents the normal ups and downs that characterize your life. This includes the monotony of daily work and chores, as well as the unusual bumps in the road that make life more interesting. The way in which the elevator moves (if it moves at all) can give clues for a more specific interpretation.

An elevator filled with people

Envisioning yourself in a crowded elevator that is crammed full of people is an ominous sign meaning a serious accident or other dangerous events may occur around you in the near future. You should take precautions and avoid questionable situations, sticking to bright, safe zones and away from dark alleys. It might also be a good idea to review basic first aid and safety measures to mitigate any damage should the unthinkable happen. It is easier to avoid problems than to clean up the mess afterwards, so try to keep yourself and your loved ones out of harm's way for the time being.

Being late for an elevator

Envisioning yourself trying the catch an elevator that is descending but being unable to get on because it was too full or the doors had already shut is actually a positive sign indicating being able to come up with an effective, novel solution to a problem. Being able to find such an answer is likely to prevent the feelings of disappointment or annoyances that often accompany challenging, impossible situations.

Feeling the force of an elevator

Dreaming about being in an elevator when you can clearly feel it is going up is an auspicious sign indicative of success in your career. More specifically, it points toward getting a promotion or pay raise you have been seeking or getting a new job in a completely different setting or field. However, with this rise in status comes an increase in work and responsibility. Your happiness and success could be affected by factors such as stress and fatigue from overworking if you do not take time to relax and take care of your mental and physical health.

An elevator door closing behind

Envisioning yourself reaching a desired floor by elevator and noticing the doors closing behind you is often interpreted and a positive sign associated with overcoming obstacles. This vision means that if you are facing some challenges or difficulties right now, you should be on the lookout because the answer to your troubles is likely nearby. Once you have found a solution, successfully completing your task is a piece of cake.

Elevators with opening and closing doors

Finding yourself standing in a hallway or corridor and watching the doors of the elevators open and close multiple times is usually interpreted as a sign you are about to embark on a series of pleasurable and satisfying sexual encounters with a new or unexpected partner. This person is likely interested in trying a wide variety of sexual activities, such as oral sex or sex in different roles, which you may not have tried or experienced before.

Unable to take an elevator or use stairs

I was in a busy area like mine, with my boss, we were in an elevated area, or upper floors, trying to take the elevator to the other upper floor. The elevator behaves strangely, so we cannot get in. While taking the steps to the lower floor, the steps lock up so we cannot move down.

To interpret this dream in a meaningful way, we should look at this vision in reverse. Being unable to move floors because the stairs are blocked and the elevator does not work suggests you are currently bored with the routines of your life. You may have a lot of tedious assignments that need to be done, but nothing that you feel is challenging or improving you. The image of being on a high-level floor indicates that where you are now in your life, be it at work or your general position in society, is as far as you can go with your current skills and attitude. The mines represent a subconscious, unrecognized desire to do anything it takes to get further, even if it is illegal. Therefore, this dream may be a warning to carefully consider your next actions and to check if there are other options for improvement that do not involve breaking the law.

Being in an elevator that is falling down

I got on the elevator with other people and the elevator felt as if it started to drop uncontrollably. I fell to the floor and stayed on the bottom of the elevator when no one else on the elevator was tripping, but me.

Seeing yourself trapped inside an elevator that is falling uncontrollably is a powerful sign that points to a decrease in the quality of your character and life. For reasons known only to you, troubles may start arising in the near future, and people close to you could start distancing themselves. You should try to be more careful with your words and the way you conduct yourself socially.

A lover stuck in an elevator

I pulled my lover out of an elevator. His arm was stuck while I was outside the elevator and he was inside. He pulled his arm back in and I got the elevator to open when it opened, he was hanging upside down with only his head sticking from the ceiling. I pulled him out and laid him down with his head on my lap playing with his hair until he felt better.

People who are stuck in elevators are normally thought to be on their way to participating in illegal or immoral activities. Because your lover's arm was still outside the elevator doors, it could suggest that you see the danger he is in and has some hope of saving him from his self-destructive behavior. This is supported by the image of you caring for him until he felt better at the end of the vision, a sign commonly associated with the idea of learning more about someone than you wanted. In this case, while you love him, your partner's susceptibility to bad or risky behavior may come as a shock.

Falling elevator

Seeing yourself in a falling elevator that crashes down on the floor in a dream symbolizes a sense of losing control in your waking life. The freefalling motion of the elevator represents a sudden shift or change that is occurring or about to occur. The dream also expresses a fear of losing control or being powerless in the face of change. The presence of other people in the elevator may indicate that you are not alone in this experience and that you have support from others. It would be helpful to seek counselling from a trusted friend about your fears that are keeping you short of achieving your objectives.

Broken elevator

Envisioning a broken elevator in a dream realm bears negative or bad feelings pertaining to a significant loss or huge disappointment in waking life. Elevators are often associated with movement and change, and a broken elevator represents a sense that your plans or expectations have been crashed. In essence, your subconscious mind is signaling a warning of an eminent threat while at the same time, encouraging you to find a different path or to explore new possibilities before you fall into the abyss of dangers.

Elevator going down fast

An elevator going down or descending rapidly is a powerful portent associated with a sudden shift or change in wake life. It often carries the interpretation of being thrown or confused by a distinct shift in the balance of power or control, especially with a person you have recently met. The good news is that there is a chance for recovery, as most visions that do not have a major crash at the end point toward a recovery of the senses and a pleasant outcome once the dust has settled.

Elevator not working

In a dream vision, when the elevator is not working it is usually a sign that your process for self-improvement is either broken or faulty. Even though you have confidence in the control you are able to exert over your life, you may not be moving in the direction you expect. While this vision may be a warning that your process is showing signs of going off course, if you are feeling discouraged, you should not be. You have the determination to make this work. Just take some time to explore different options and ask for advice.

Elevator going up

An elevator going up in the dream realm symbolizes progress and upward movement in the waking life of the dreamer. This represents achieving a desired goal or reaching a new level of success. The elevator shows your life journey, and the fact that it's going up suggests positive progress. In essence, it is a sign that you are on the right path and that your hard work and efforts are paying off.

Elevator going up fast

Dreaming about an elevator going up fast indicates that you are making really quick progress in achieving your goals and that your hard work and effort are paying off in a powerful way. In a nutshell, it indicates that the dreamer is very determined, focused, and ambitious in what they desire for a successful life and making it happen at a faster rate.

Being in an elevator going up

Being in an elevator which is going up in a dream can symbolize progress and positive movement in your life. The upward motion of the elevator is an omen that you are making progress toward your goals and desires and that you are moving in a positive direction. Moreover, according to the interpretations of evangelist Joshua, the dream can be seen as a symbol of hope and optimism for the future. Overall, this is a praising situation as the dream is a message for the dreamer to take advantage of opportunities that are being presented to them.

Glass elevator

Envisioning a glass elevator in the dream realm indicates your state of being or current situation. It is either moving upwards or not, demonstrating the dreamer's level of progress or lack thereof. You may feel that you are on an upward trajectory, experiencing growth and positive change, or you may feel stuck, and unable to move forward in life. Also, the shiny and transparent quality of the lift suggests that your current state is highly visible and exposed to the outside world. Overall, the dream is an omen to stay open to new opportunities and to trust in the transformative power of personal growth.