Dreams Related To Elephant

Running away from an elephant

Dreaming about running away or escaping from an elephant, especially if it is being aggressive towards you could be a symbol of resilience. There could be people who are trying or would soon try to restrain, limit or control you. They would do so by criticizing you, giving you orders and bossing you around. They would believe they were right about everything, and that you knew nothing at all. However, you would be able to resist their restrictive pressure and controlling behavior. You would successfully free yourself from their influence.

This dream could also reinforce your course of action. That is, it could suggest that you would benefit from actively and outwardly opposing and resisting their domination. This is the only possible reaction to such treatment. Otherwise, you could see your individuality, creativity and personal power be crushed in front of you. You could end up being or feeling that you were nothing and had no value. That is, the dream advises you to fight back.

An angry elephant killing people

An angry elephant running and chasing people, at times killing other people also. Once or twice in a month I get this dream. What does it actually mean?

Dreaming of an angry or aggressive elephant means a powerful or influential individual is giving you a lot of problems. It is a recurring symbol in your dreams because you do not know how to handle this person and manage the challenges brought upon you. You are afraid of confronting this person because you probably feel inadequate or powerless during your encounters. However, it looks like you are stressed out by all the hindrances, inconveniences and obstacles in your way because of this particular personality, so your subconscious is encouraging you to face your fears and become more assertive. This way, you can resolve the source of your anxieties once and for all.

An elephant getting inside the house

A calm elephant becomes aggressive suddenly and tries to enter and destroy things in the house near by my house, he also opened my door and entered into my hall but went back without hurting me or anything in my house.

This symbol of the calm, friendly elephant becoming enraged is a warning about encounters you would have in the near future. The initial calm, serene state of the elephant represents meeting someone new in reality. This individual may become an important part of your life, giving you advice or acting as a shoulder to cry on when times are tough. However, envisioning that the elephant has become enraged may reveal that this individual is only getting close to you in order to find out your weaknesses and hinder your progress. You should be wary of those who suddenly want to become your friend until you know their true intentions.

Elephants with and without trunks

In my dream I saw 5 elephants waking in the yard, two of them were walking in front without elephant trunks, while the three at the back had the trunk. I chased them away and they walked away nicely outside the yard. Outside the yard there was a big elephant crying by a tree.

Encountering a group of elephants in a dream conveys a very positive message. Elephants are often associated with wisdom, well-being and balance. Thus, the dream could foretell a period of wealth and prosperity in regards to your current interests, activities or business goals. Furthermore, the elephant's trunk, usually taken as a phallic symbol, refers to power and masculinity. Seeing some elephants with trunks and some without means that your good fortune may reveal some unsavory characteristics, like pride and greed. While the vision suggests you could expect many great things, it also cautions you about abusing your authority.

Surrounded by elephants on the beach

I'm standing on a big beach or near the sea with my daughter and 2 nieces and suddenly so many elephants and a few other two kinds of different animals came running towards the sea. Me and my daughter and nieces started running and got separated but the girls where safe somewhere and I ran towards an old temple nearby the sea, but in a few minutes I was surrounded by so many elephants from left and right, from front and back and up and downstairs from everywhere, but I saw a space in between 2 elephants and I just jumped outside.

A group of elephants is an auspicious symbol associated with wisdom, well-being and balance. This symbol alone means you can expect positive developments in financial aspects as well as progression in your goals. Finding elephants by the beach, on the other hand, refers to disrupted relaxation. Unfortunately, your upcoming prosperity and blessings mean less vacation time and quality time with your family. This could cause some friction between you and your loved ones as you argue about priorities. This brings us to the last part of the dream which combines elephants and a temple. Together, these symbols signify a spiritual journey. As your professional life flourishes and your personal one suffers, you will need to seek the wisdom of like-minded people to help you along this journey of finding balance.

An elephant giving birth to more elephants

I dream of an elephant giving birth to multiple elephants in a pool of water.

Elephants in water are often associated with negativity surrounding you in wake life. As difficulties arise throughout the day, you may become more irritable and ungracious. While this by itself is not uncommon, you may take it to an extreme, as seeing the elephant give birth in the water multiple times could point toward strained relations between you and those you must interact with on a daily basis. It seems that you could be taking your frustration out on others instead of positively channeling it into productive endeavors. This vision may be a warning to watch your words and actions with others, and to work on fixing problems versus just complaining about them.

An aggressive elephant attacking

Dreaming that an aggressive elephant is trying to attack you could be a warning. It is possible that some well-connected and powerful people will cause you some problems. They would actively create obstacles and actively hinder the achievement of your plans, projects and goals. It would be very hard for you to overcome these issues or succeed. Therefore, you should be careful and attentive. It would be better to try to deal with the menace sooner, rather than later.

A single elephant

Dreaming about seeing a single elephant is a sign of hope. This is because you might be about to start a new project or business. This would be a stable and financially rewarding venture. However, it would have a small size and not utterly ambitious nature. That is, it would secure you some regular but modest earnings.

Herding elephants

I dreamed having three elephants in front of me, it was like I was gathering them.

Elephants seen or encountered in a dream are symbolic of wisdom, well-being and balance. So, the notion that you were gathering them in your dream could mean you are about to experience some major improvements regarding your current projects, but you should remind yourself to be constantly focused and seek the advice of friends and family when necessary to make sure nothing gets out of hand. Overall, this vision could be a very positive omen for your future.

Feeding an elephant

Dreaming about feeding or giving water to an elephant or observing others doing so, is a very positive symbolic vision. After experiencing this dream, you could be about to be promoted, receive an upgrade or achieve a higher professional, intellectual or social level. This event would be a very auspicious and promising opportunity which might favorably affect your overall life.

A group of elephants

Dreaming about looking at or encountering a group of elephants is a very positive sign. Elephants often are a symbol of wisdom, well-being and balance. Thus, the dream could foretell a period of wealth and prosperity in regards to your current interests, activities or business goals. You would make wise and carefully planned decisions and have the support and help of your acquaintances and friends. Everything will thus be working out the way you expect it to.

An enraged wounded elephant

Having a dream about seeing an enraged wounded elephant could be a forewarning. Specifically, you could soon become a victim of dangerous, threatening and violent actions. However, such hostile attitude towards you would be brought about by your own responsibility. That is, you would be the one to blame for such negative outcome. Therefore, the dream advises you to pay attention to your own behavior. You should refrain from inappropriately and thoughtlessly offending other people’s feelings.

An elephant with a strange color

Dreaming about seeing or encountering an elephant with a strange or unusual color, such as pink or blue, is a positive symbol. It is possible that you might be introduced to or accidently meet very good-hearted, kind and friendly people. This person or these individuals could become, at least temporarily, very close to you. You would be fond of or enjoy each other’s company.

Interpret meaning of dream about elephants

An elephant with its offspring

Dreaming about seeing an elephant together with its offspring could be a cautionary advice. Namely, you should not forget, neglect or abandon your close friends and relatives. You would benefit from spending quality time with them and nurturing your friendship. Relationships, and especially close relations, require constant love, care, attention and dedication. There are no valid or justifiable excuses when it comes to neglect or mistreatment.

Being an elephant in different herds

I am a female and I dreamed I was a young male elephant. I left my herd and found another but every time I tried to stand in the middle of the new herd they, the older elephants, would move. So, another elephant the same age and same size as me gave me his trunk and led me to the middle and the older elephants stayed surrounding me.

Dreaming about animals represented by elephants, in general, could signify your loneliness and dissatisfaction when communicating with other people, either in person or distantly. At the same time, focusing on an elephant's trunk in the same dream for females could contain symbolism with sexual connotations. It is possible that you are experiencing some intense sexual desire towards the opposite sex. You may be attracted to a man and want to have an intimate relationship with him or express your affection sexually. Alternatively, you could be aspiring to possess the social power and influence of a man. That is, you might be wanting to have a more masculine social role and recognition in your social setting.

Riding on elephant's back

Dreaming about observing yourself ride on an elephant's back is a very positive symbol. Specifically, it reveals the stability and security of your financial affairs and material possessions. Moreover, everyone who knows you are going to respect and admire you. They would hang on to your every word or take your advice into consideration without any hesitation or doubts. That is, the positivity of the sign extends beyond your assets. It also refers to your social influence and power. Overall, the dream suggests that you are in control of your own life. You are also in the position of showing authority and control over your personal, social and professional dealings.

This dream could also suggest that you have an exceptionally strong willpower. You could be extremely self-driven and able to assume the command and leadership towards everyone around you. This could be a personality trait that might have remained hidden until the present moment. However, after discovering such personal attribute, you should not use it for misguided, unfair and abusive purposes. Rather, you should use it for the greater good. Only then would you realize that with great wisdom comes great power.

An elephant browsing or grazing

Dreaming about observing or encountering a browsing or grazing elephant is a favorable sign. It represents the way you treat everyone around you. Regardless of the existing degree of closeness between you and these people, you would outwardly and readily accept, respect, value and perhaps even admire them. That is, you would be sympathetic, kind and helpful towards people in general. As a consequence, they would like your company.

A white elephant

Dreaming about observing or encountering a white elephant could represent forthcoming acquisition. You could be about to come into the possession or buy some worthless asset. Alternatively, the dream could represent some future spiritual revelation or insight. That is, you could soon find some meaningful answer to a subconscious issue that is unrelated to material aspects.

Stumbling upon an elephant

Dreaming about stumbling upon an elephant or unexpectedly coming across an elephant could symbolize collective social support. That is, you might meet people who are similar to you, and share your beliefs and opinions with them. These people will stand behind you and support your current of forthcoming projects, plans and activities. Their sympathy and help would contribute to the success and faster progression of ventures and endeavors to be pursued.

Killing an elephant

Dreaming about yourself killing an elephant or just stumbling upon a dead elephant is a negative sign. Your life balance, security and harmony could be undermined and at risk of coming to an end. You might go through a difficult, disturbing, hazardous and unhappy period. This misfortune could affect your quality of life, your finances, your relationships or your personal well-being. You could even find yourself in a dangerous life-threatening situation. For married couples, the accent is on possibly forthcoming financial problems. These would destabilize your life as a couple and subsequently affect the quality of your relationship.

Hunting an elephant

Finding yourself hunting an elephant in a dream could be a reflection of your perhaps subconscious cruel nature. That is, you might have a mean and aggressive side to your personality which you do not yet recognize or accept. This unkind and hostile personality trait would not necessarily manifest itself outwardly, through the adoption of violent behavior and language. Rather, you could simply lack empathy or be too self-centered. In this case, you would neglect or be unsympathetic and insensitive to other people’s feelings and end up hurting them.

An elephant in a zoo

Dreaming about watching an elephant in a zoo could symbolize your timid nature. You could be an insecure person, with little self-confidence and low self-esteem. As a consequence, you might be afraid of expressing your views and showing your personality, opinions and preferences. That is, in a social environment, you would come forward as a shy and reserved person.

Elephant in dream meaning good or bad

A friendly elephant

Dreaming about encountering or being near a friendly elephant is a positive sign. Specifically, you could soon accidently meet or be introduced to someone new. This person could become a very important and significant part of your life. You could become close friends, and have a very pleasant, rewarding and lasting relationship.

An elephant in the water

Dreaming about observing an elephant standing or swimming in the water portends some negativity. This is because it could represent forthcoming problems and difficult situations. You might react to these circumstances by becoming preoccupied, anxious and perhaps even pessimistic. However, the troublesome situation would not last long as it would be temporary in its nature. Therefore, there really would not be any serious reason to be alarmed or worried.

An elephant for singles

If you are a single person and have no romantic or intimate attachments to anyone, dreaming about an elephant could reveal the existence of an admirer. That is, there may be someone who is fond of you and desires to establish a closer relationship with you. Although this person would outwardly express their interest, affection or attraction, you might be failing to notice these attempts. You could benefit from paying more attention to those around you, for there may be someone who likes you and whom you would like as well.

An elephant in your room

Dreaming about seeing an elephant present inside your room could be a somewhat negative symbol. It could translate some forthcoming discomfort and unease. Such emotional state could be associated with the existence of obstacles and impediments that might hinder achieving your goals or completing projects and activities. Nevertheless, you should not become overly concerned, for these hardships would be temporary and would not last long.

An elephant's trunk

Dreaming about an elephant’s trunk, either attached to the animal or by itself, could be a sign of existing or feared instability. That is, you could be or become concerned and anxious. This nervousness could originate from you current lack of personal, professional or social balance. You might be fearing that you would not achieve the state of well-being and certainty that you desire and need.

Being lifted by an elephant's trunk

Dreaming about seeing yourself being lifted by an elephant’s trunk is a positive sign. It portends success and victory. Such positive outcome could be associated with the visible expression of your natural gifts, skills and aptitudes. That is, you would be able to finally show how good you are at something. You would even possibly be better than most people around you at that particular activity or task. This means that your talents would soon be recognized by other people.

An elephant's trunk for females

For women, dreaming about looking at an elephant's trunk could be a symbol with sexual connotations. It is possible that you are experiencing some intense sexual desire towards the opposite sex. You may be attracted to a man and want to have sexual intercourse with him or express you affection sexually. Alternatively, you could be aspiring to possess the social power and influence of a man. That is, you might be wanting to have a more masculine social role and recognition in your community.

Being chased by a herd of wild elephants

Being chased by a group or herd of elephants is actually a very auspicious sign. It means blessings will come into your life which would overwhelm you. At first, your instinct would be to run away from a promotion or an opportunity thinking that you are not prepared for it. Despite your hesitations, these opportunities will continue knocking on your door so you might as well embrace this challenge which will propel you into new heights.

What if you dream of a baby elephant or many babies

Baby elephant

Baby elephants are often considered ill omens in dream interpretation. They are often a precursor of terrible events that are on the horizon. For instance, you may soon have to carry a heavy burden or carry out an obligation that makes you feel sick to your stomach. You may even know these things are coming, leaving you with a sense of dread or anxiety. However, there is no need to despair. Your suffering would be short-lived once you put your mind to it and get the ball rolling.

A flying baby elephant

A baby elephant flew down to my balcony. I had to cool him down with water, as it was a very hot day. I tipped water all over him and then he flew away.

This dream about encountering a baby elephant implies certain negativity, bad events which may unfold or problems which are likely to be nearing. A burden of some difficult task or responsibility could bring havoc in certain aspects of your life and daily activities. You could already be approaching these obligations with anxiety, dreading what the next challenge may be. But even though preoccupations and worries may seem overwhelming, it seems that this bleak period in your life is going to be a brief one. Once you manage to apply your efforts in the right places and at the right time, you would become capable of overcoming these negative situations, as the image of splashing water to help the animal suggests.

Trying to cook and eat baby elephants

My mother has seen this dream. She has seen 3 newly born baby elephants. She has fried three of them and she has eaten one of them and thrown away it because of feeling, an unpleasant feeling, and has poured water into the other two. Then they were alive again.

Elephants on their own represent dissatisfaction in your communication with others, so the birth of three elephants at one time suggests that not only is it a recent situation in her life, but it is not limited to one person. This is followed by her frying and trying to eat one of the elephants, which predicts a disruption to the balance and harmony in her life. This might mean that the communication issues she is having are not with strangers but with people she is quite familiar with. This situation may lead to some embarrassment, as pouring water on the elephants at the end of the vision suggests, as healing the breach in the relationship might reveal some aspect of your mother's character she may better keep undisclosed.

Trying to ride an elephant in the water

An elephant is submerged in water and I want to ride on it, but cannot mount it.

Seeing an elephant in the water points to upcoming problems and challenges in your everyday life. If you let these situations get out of control, they could end up making you more anxious and preoccupied as things escalate. On the bright side, it is unlikely that these issues will last too long. Just show perseverance and you might just come out on the other side stronger than when it all started.

An elephant in the shower

An elephant in a shower with running water, playing and painting a headboard that was against the wall.

Elephants represent your current dissatisfaction with the relationships in your life. You may have difficulty communicating your true feelings with those you once considered close to you and, therefore, feel lonely or isolated. The elephant's presence in the shower suggests that you are putting in a lot of effort to befriend people or stay on their good side to little effect, making this situation more and more frustrating for you. While this might be a difficult time for you, the painting of the headboard indicates an upcoming positive change brought on by your efforts and perseverance.

People slaughtering an elephant

Hi, please help me with this dream. I dreamt I witnessed a group of men tying an elephant with a rope and slaughtering its body, stripping it from all its flesh and only leaving bones behind. The head was not touched because they wanted to make it suffer longer and it was still alive fighting for its life. I was very upset with them and begged them to stop and shouted out they were merciless, they replied back and said the elephant deserved it because it did something terrible to them.

Seeing a dead elephant in your dream vision is a highly ominous warning and should be heeded with caution. The elephant's suffering and dying suggest that your internal balance has been suffering recently. For example, you may be focusing on your career at the expense of your familial relations or vice versa. This could lead to some serious outcomes creating a period of your life filled with unhappiness. The fact that it was not you but a group of strange men who committed this heinous act could reflect the lack of control you have over the situation, meaning another individual or group could be negatively affecting the balance you need. In order to rectify this situation, you need to either assert your will over your destiny or cut those who have power over you out of your life completely.

Snakes killing an elephant

An elephant grazing and a snake bites the trunk of the elephant, the elephant attempts to kill it by eating it and instead the elephant dies and the two snakes come for me and as attempting to kill them, baby snakes appear.

Elephants that are grazing tend to represent the relationships you have with others, meaning that you are kind and respectful to those who have the pleasure of your company. The snake that bites the elephant, and eventually kills it, suggests that a rival is planning to get ahead of you, using your good nature and lack of suspicion to take advantage of you and prevail. The baby snakes at the end of this dream vision further support this idea. Once one attack is successful, you may have difficulty avoiding what is to follow.

A ghost elephant killing people

24, Female. A detailed dream where I was an observer. A "ghost" elephant was stalking a woman who turned out to be the bride at a destination wedding at a manor house with a mountain, forest and plains. Another couple was killed by the elephant, the groom's neck was snapped by its trunk and the bride was trampled. The dream ended when the waiter called the first woman to tell her she wasn't crazy and she and her fiance are in a lot of danger. It wasn't scary to me, I was a silent observer.

This vision seems to be both predicting good fortune and warning you about the pitfalls that come from success. First, the setting of a destination wedding reveals two things. One is that you would achieve your goals and become successful, and the other is that your relationships with others, particularly romantic partners, would improve. The violent ghost elephant, however, suggests some well-connected and influential individuals in your sphere may not like your sudden rise to fame and fortune and may retaliate by creating obstacles or busywork for you. Your calm demeanor throughout the vision could reflect your ability to persevere in the face of these challenges and eventually overcome them through your shrewd acumen.