Dreams Related To Elderly

Interacting with elderly people

Saw my fiancé climbing an old wrecked monument's remaining stairs and myself following him a few stairs back when a stout old man hurriedly climbs nearer him showing how well the boy standing at a distance did in math exam. When I look that way, I find an elderly lady nodding. Just then I take hands of my fiancé and take him downstairs. I feel that the old man gets bitter on such a gesture. And I force my eyes open.

The old, dilapidated monument that you and your fiancé climb is a positive sign associated with having found the person who loves you the most and understands you deeply. This happiness in your union is also seen in the image of the old man. Though he looks disgruntled, the old man represents the positive energy which surrounds you and helps keep both of you happy and satisfied. While everything seems to be going well, the old woman nodding "no" could be a sign of trouble ahead, perhaps something you have been ignoring in favor of looking on the brighter side.