Dreams Related To Eggplant

Cooking a dish with eggplant

If you see yourself cooking a dish made from eggplants in a dream, its a warning for you to be more patient in all your endeavours. You have to become determined and more goal-oriented in order to achieve the good things in life.

Buying eggplants

A dream in which you see yourself buying eggplants from a market or a farm signifies that to achieve the best in life and to succeed you need to work quite hard and to direct your energies toward achieving your goals. This is the only way you can get ahead in life.

A single eggplant

If you dream of a single eggplant either growing or resting on a table, it is symbolic of important events, like finding an important goal. A goal which will have such an impact on your life that you will devote all your time and energy to accomplish it.

Several eggplants

If you dream of several eggplants either growing or resting on the table, it depicts your confusion and indecisiveness at selecting your priorities in life. It shows that you are unaware of what is best for you and emphasizes the fact that you are troubled and unhappy because you are unable to set your priorities in the right order.

Unripe eggplant

If you dream of gathering unripe eggplants, it could be symbolic of your current relationship. One which is immature and will only bring you heartbreak and unhappiness because of a possibility of breaking up with this person.

Overripe eggplant

If you see yourself collecting overripe and mellow eggplants in a dream, it symbolizes that your relationship with your current lover has reached a dead end. It means that both of you have developed seperate interests and its time for each of you to go your own way.

Growing eggplants

If you dream of growing eggplants in a garden or a farm, it is symbolic of the arrival of good tidings. You will achieve success in your endeavours and all the hardwork you have done will be rewarded by positive outcomes.

Watering eggplants

If you dream about watering eggplants in a garden or a farm, it means that there is going to be a major change in you life. Something exciting and adventurous is going to take place. It could also signify the quality time you will spend with a loved one which will bring you immense pleasure.

This dream could be symbolic of a long and relaxing vacation which you might take alone or with your family. It will mean that you are going to expirience a period of great fun and exciting activities. It could also signify that you are about to visit relatives whom you haven't seen in a long time.

Storing eggplants in jars or containers

If you dream about preserving eggplants or stuffing them in jars or containers, this is a sign of changes which are soon to occur in your life. Changes which may affect how you perceive things and also your attitude towards life.

Eggplant growing in size

If you dream of an eggplant growing in size in front of your eyes, it means that you are about to witness a miracle or an extraordinary event which will leave you in wonder. Something which might have a profound impact on your life and will affect all your future decisions.

Salad with eggplants

If you dream about eating a salad containing eggplants, it signifies that you can rely easily on your friends and family to help you out of any sort of problems. If you are in trouble or facing difficulties, then you can be assured of the help you'll recieve from your relatives.

Eggplants falling from the sky

An eggplant coming towards me from the sky and me trying to catch it, but I missed the catch. After some time, another eggplant came from the sky and I miss again.

A dream where you find yourself looking at the sky is symbolic of how you perceive things in wake life. The notion of an eggplant falling from the sky could signify an opportunity coming your way. However, dropping the eggplant has certain negative connotations. It portends being unable to improve your prospects despite repeated chances. Perhaps you should focus on improving your ability to discern between what is right and wrong. Try and be more open minded and avoid falling into a rut by focusing on the positive aspects of your life.