Dreams Related To Eaten

Being eaten by people and animals

My 9-year old granddaughter has been dreaming about being eaten by her step mother, eaten by a bear, eaten by a wolf, eaten by a zombie. She also sees an unknown man who opens the door to the back house and lets out a wolf. She climbs out the window, falls into the air-filled bounce house, the wolf is clawing to get in. The wolf gets in and eats her, but does not kill her.

The idea of being eaten but not necessarily being killed could indicate the accumulation of high levels of stress in your daughter's life. Being eaten in a dream is often associated with the feeling of being powerless in the face of trouble. In a sense, she does not have the confidence, knowledge or experience to handle the situations she is dealing with. In order to help her, you would have to serve both as counselor and teacher, giving her time and space to express her emotions and providing her with healthy ways of dealing with these situations on her own.

People eaten by wild animals

Repeated dreams of people being mauled to death or eaten alive by wild animals. Extremely vivid and realistic and disturbing, causing me dreading going to sleep. My gender is male.

This vision seems to indicate a consistently high level of stress in your wake life, possibly to the point of causing you physical harm. Being attacked by a wild animal is often a symbol of imminent danger, such as getting into a car accident on your commute or breaking a bone while practicing sports. Basically, this is related to daily or regular activities that carry risk. The reason that they have become especially dangerous during this time is the stress and anxiety you feel from other areas of your life, which is tied more to the image of watching others being eaten alive by wild animals. In essence, your subconscious focus on other worries is putting you in danger. For example, you may be worrying about work and forget to look both ways before crossing the street. This vision is a warning, then, to pay more attention to what is around you and not get so caught up in your thoughts that you lose focus of where you are.