Dreams Related To Earthquake

Seeing or feeling an earthquake

Having a dream about seeing or feeling trembles of an earthquake signifies failures in business or romantic life (quarrels, divorce for example) you may soon experience. Wars, ethnic conflicts or natural disasters can become a source of your unhappiness or dissatisfaction with your life.

This dream can also be telling you about a possibility of immigrating to not previously visited or far-away country.

An earthquake on the beach

We lived in a house on the beach. One day, a series of earthquakes started. One after the other. The house began a slide into the ocean. I rescued my phone (cognizant that I didn't get the charger) and my kitten. The rest of my friends and family had escaped, and were on the beach, house still slowly sliding into the ocean. I should note. The earthquakes didn't damage the house, just caused the slide. It was a slower, rather than a rapid slide.

The multiple earthquakes suggest a barrage of changes that could potentially threaten the balance and stability of your life. They symbolize an upcoming rocky period in which you are likely going to adapt to a new environment or you would find yourself not fully prepared or equipped to handle the challenges because of the novelty of it all. The house may be a representation of your family or your own state of mind. Since your friends and family are safe on the beach, it is possible that what is happening to the house is a reference to your personal fears and insecurities during this period of transition. Maybe you are entering a new phase in your career or moving into a new neighborhood far from your friends and family. In addition, seeing the house sliding slowly into the ocean means you may not feel everything all at once and maybe the psychological or emotional impact of all the changes would start to affect you over time. The phone and the kitten are subtle references to being more open-minded and independent. Maybe both those attributes would become necessary as you go through this tumultuous time.

Finding a safe place during an earthquake

Being successful in finding a safe place or cover during an earthquake or managing to escape from it indicates that you will be able to come up with the right decisions and to settle your issues or problems currently affecting your life.

Cracks in the ground and rubble after an earthquake

Seeing cracked ground, destruction and rubble left after collapse of buildings as a result of, but not during the earthquake, indicates getting the news from somewhere far away from where you are now.

Ground shaking during earthquake

Experiencing a dream when you can feel the movement and shaking of the ground you are standing on during an earthquake indicates financial instability or insecurity. You need to immediately carefully revise your spending habits and, possibly, learn how to budget your expenses.

Rushing in search of a safe place during earthquake

Finding yourself rushing and looking for a safe place during an earthquake in your dream signifies that you are too spontaneous and unsettled in decision-making, which prevents you from careful planning and organizing things you need to do, that's why you often end up postponing or canceling your plans.

Feeling safe during an earthquake

Feeling safe and protected during an earthquake indicates that you will be successful in paying off all your debts very soon.

Rescuing another person during earthquake

Dreaming of yourself rescuing another person during an earthquake signifies that you will soon need to become a part in solving your friend's problems or to come to their help when they call for help.

Being a victim of an earthquake

Becoming affected by an earthquake in your dream indicates a possibility of becoming a victim of natural disasters in real life.

This dream may also indicate an urgency to help a person who is very close to you and in very dire situation at the moment.

Witnessing an earthquake

Witnessing an earthquake in your dream predicts being exposed to, tested by and endure some major cataclysms or catastrophes. Seeing or feeling an earthquake in progress cautions you to be courageous and prepared in the face of bad fate or misfortune.

An image of an earthquake is a symbol of worries, demonic forces, destruction or new ways to experience orgasm. It?s a symbol that may show your hidden aggression, hostility, guilt, hate, fear, fear of punishment for your actions, general feeling of hatred towards humanity. At the same time, this symbol may indicate desire of sexual pleasures with simultaneous fear of being caught.

An earthquake caused by a rocket

I have gone with my mother and my love partner to a party where I come to know that one of my friends has planted a rocket in space which will hit the Earth. The rocket was of yellow color and had a sharp and big needlepoint in it. I was scared and suddenly that rocket with the needle hit the Earth and the Earth shakes loudly. I, with two unknown people fall to the floor, the rocket again hit resulting in a major earthquake due to which I with the same people fly into the air and then I saw my love partner standing and I, with all my might, jump toward him and hugged him from the neck. The earthquake stopped.

The two prominent symbols which could provide you with a meaningful interpretation of this dream are the rocket and the earthquake. Overall, this dream is a reflection of your recent communication or interaction with the people from your social circle, people you know well. The image of the rocket threatening the safety of you and other people signifies some fast-developing circumstances around you lately which threaten to get out of hand. It could be related to anger, hostility and competition expressed towards you by someone or some individuals. Experiencing an earthquake as a result of the rocket launch and saving someone from its impact indicates that you would be able to come up with the right decisions and to settle your issues or problems, possibly with the help of others who would eventually take your side and become your allies.

Watching people escape an earthquake

Watching people who are trying to escape danger and destruction during an earthquake signifies that your relatives or close family members are in a dire need of immediate help from you.

An earthquake with ash and smoke

Being in the middle of an earthquake followed by a release of ash and smoke covering the sky and the sun is a sign of severe social conflicts, ethnic strife and wars that will take place close to you and affect your life.

Earthquake or eruption

Earthquakes are often a metaphor for rocky periods in relationships, especially romantic ones. If you are currently involved with someone, whether you are officially dating or just feeling things out, it is possible that you would hit a rough patch. If the shaking stopped soon and everything seemed fine after, it suggests you would be able to overcome the problem and continue perusing this individual. However, if some major eruption or destruction took place, it reveals that the whole thing would blow up in your face, leaving you disappointed and embarrassed.

Watching an earthquake from a safe place

Witnessing an earthquake in progress while being in a safe place or from a great distance in your dream indicates getting some news you want to receive not on time or delayed in time.

Hum and roar from an earthquake

Hearing hum and roar noises when an earthquake takes place indicates possible betrayal coming from your relatives relatives or close family members.

Your town unharmed while others destroyed by an earthquake

Having a dream about buildings destroyed and whole cities disappear as a result of an earthquake while your city remained unharmed indicates that your enemies or adversaries will not be able to negatively affect your family.

Being in your office during earthquake

Having a dream about being in your office while earthquake is happening indicates future events that may bring a lot of empty hassles or senseless things into your life.

News of an earthquake happened somewhere

Hearing the news about an earthquake that happened somewhere from people you know or your relatives in your dream indicates pleasant and enjoyable trip you are about to take soon.

Losing and finding family in an earthquake

Being in a house with my wife and daughter and we are separated when the earthquake happens, and I fall in the house thousands of feet into and ocean separating us. I get out of the house and make it to where that part of the house fell and there is only rubble and scorched earth and I was crying. Then they both came out with others saying "Relax, we are okay".

Dreaming of an earthquake typically suggests looming failures. Based on the scenario that played out in your dream, the problems may occur within the family. Arguments may ensue causing a rift in your relationships. The ocean represents this rift as this body of water symbolizes feelings and emotions. Perhaps due to hurt feelings and resentment, you may become emotionally distant from your loved ones. However, the final parts of the dream evoke a hopeful resolution to whatever conflict may occur. Managing to survive the earthquake and being reunited at the end suggests that you can come to the right decisions and settle the issues or problems currently affecting your life.

Worried in the aftermath of an earthquake

I was in the middle of what seemed the aftermath of an earthquake, I was holding my son as a newborn in white sheets and I stood there looking at everything broken and wondered how I could sleep in a house with my son, what if the house is caved in? What if my son was injured? I kept worrying about how I could do it to safely go to sleep with him without being afraid of the house collapsing or being buried. I wasn't afraid I was just worried and frustrated I couldn't just "fix it".

This dream of the earthquake aftermath reflects feelings of anxiety, helplessness and fear. Something may come up in your life which will leave you shaken up and devastated. You could be unsure about your capabilities to properly raise your child during uncertain times. Fearing that the house could fall and harm your child anytime indicates self-doubt and lack of control. Finding out the source of your anxiety is crucial to get your bearings back and take back some semblance of control. On the other hand, the destruction left from the aftermath also denotes receiving news from somewhere far away from where you are now. Events and occurrences from distant lands could end up having lasting effects on your life.