Dreams Related To Dumpster

Rescuing a dog from a dumpster

I dreamed my granddaughter found a dog in a trash bin and needed my help to get it out. I went to where it was. It was a white American dog, someone had thrown away. I got down in the bin and rescued the dog. It had a toilet paper roll stuffed in its mouth and taped. I had on a nice blouse, but I reached in and picked up the poor dirty dog, and got the toilet paper roll out its mouth. I gave the dog to my granddaughter as she rescues dogs.

Rescuing a dog suggests an opportunity to help others because the found dog symbolizes a person in need. Since you found the dog in the trash bin, it means this person likely suffers from mental and emotional issues. Perhaps what they need is emotional support more than material aid. Furthermore, the toilet paper in the dog's mouth indicated minor inconveniences. This person does not want to impose on you or your family, but any help will be appreciated. On your part, extending a helping hand will not be such a burden. Perhaps this will be a good opportunity to spread your blessings around.