Dreams Related To Drum

Playing a drum

Dreams about playing a drum to create music, such as in a music group, band or large orchestra, are a positive sign. This kind of dream vision is often associated with receiving good news, whether it is sudden or long-expected. This information may be related to your career, such as receiving a promotion or being hired at a new job, or more personal, such as finding out about a safe birth or an engagement.

Muffled sounds of a drum

Dreaming of a muffled thumping sound produced by a drum, is an indication of being called for help. This type of dream refers to a close friend or family member, who may currently be far from you physically, being in dire need of your assistance or support. While you may receive news or updates from this person in the near future, it may also be wise to consider reaching out to those around you and offer your aid if necessary.

Hearing a drum beat

Dreaming about hearing the beat of a drum, either close at hand or from a distance, is a negative sign associated with sudden or unexpected loss. This could be the ending of a relationship or the loss of material assets like money and possessions. Hearing the beat of a drum in a dream vision could also indicate people talking behind your back and spreading nasty rumors or gossip. The purpose of these underhanded tactics may be unclear, but it is possibly done in order to lessen you in the eyes of others or to take unfair advantage of you.

A drum in general

Envisioning or observing a drum in general in a dream is often considered a positive omen about receiving kindness. This type of dream generally predicts that someone, either an acquaintance or a close friend, will offer you help in your time of need. This aid could take the form of physical help, financial assistance or emotional support. Dreams of drums, when experienced by farmers, merchants or sea travelers, are a particularly positive sign indicating success, wealth and good fortune related to their trades.

Seeing a drum in a dream, in terms of relationships, could indicate a tendency to look at your relationship with your lover or partner from a skewed, one-sided point of view. This distortion could go both ways. On one hand, you may see exaggerated faults or issues that are actually of little consequence. On the other hand, you may be overlooking obvious, important problems within the relationship that need to be promptly addressed in order to avoid possible distress for both parties in the future.

A drum roll

Dreams of hearing or creating a drum roll are an ill omen indicative of dishonest behavior. This dishonesty is most often associated with cheating or adultery by a lover or partner in a romantic relationship. However, this dream could be specifically warning to look at your own words and actions. Just as a drum roll often is used as a lead up to some event or reveal, it may be that your behavior is the cause of the troubles in the relationship. This dream could serve as a wakeup call to think more carefully about your actions should you wish for the relationship to continue to grow and thrive.

Dreams about the rolling of a drum could also indicate a major event happening in your community or near someone close to you, such as a good friend or family member. This major event may be related to riots for some social cause or come as the result of war or unrest. Hearing approaching sounds of a drum roll in a dream could additionally predict conflict or misunderstandings within your immediate family in the near future.

Beating a drum

Dreams involving beating a drum, either with your hands or with drum sticks, are representative of your need for attention. This drive to call attention to yourself and be the bigger personality in your relationships, in particular inside the relationship between you and your significant other, could cause you to not value the input and effort of your partner as much as you should. This could mean over-inflating the value of your contributions to the relationship while ignoring what your partner brings to the table. If you do not address your presumptions, it may lead to serious conflicts in the future.

A silenced drum

Dreaming of a still, silent drum, especially one that you expected to make sound, is an ill omen meaning that plans are being made against you. Seeing a drum that cannot be heard is most commonly associated with being unaware of rumors or gossip being spread by those who dislike you, particularly rivals or enemies. This type of dream could be a warning to tread carefully or be prepared for dealing with the repercussions of hearsay.

A drum upclose

Dreaming of examining a drum closely is usually a negative sign which can indicate important decisions being made. It can be taken to mean that events are taking place in your life which require you to make a decision or stand up for a particular cause against your own will, either because you are not ready or you do not fully support it. This type of dream could be concerning something career-related or may be in regards to important aspects of your personal life.

A drummer beating a drum

Having a dream vision of watching a drummer beating a drum, whether it is a solo or part of a larger piece of music, is symbolic of learning about a nasty rumor concerning yourself. Becoming aware of this gossip will not likely cause anger, but rather may trigger frustration or confusion due to the unfounded comments made. In addition, the same vision of a drummer playing the drums loudly could predict annoyance caused by a troublesome, inconsiderate neighbor or roommate in the near future.

A talking drum

Someone was about to beat a talking drum and as he was about to start, the head of the talking drum was changed to a new one before it was beaten on. Please what does it mean?

Envisioning or observing a drum in general in a dream is often considered a positive omen about receiving kindness. This type of dream generally predicts that someone, either an acquaintance or a close friend, would offer you help in your time of need. This aid could take the form of physical help, financial assistance, or emotional support. In addition, the head of the talking drum transforming itself reflects self-discovery and purpose. To find your true calling, you need to keep yourself open and alert to opportunities.