Dreams Related To Drugs

Taking drugs and looking for protection

Myself and others living in storage units. Taking drugs, searching rainbows for protections. Out of time big dogs, scared.

When it is not a regular situation for you, taking drugs in a dream vision indicates that you possess the ability to influence the people around you in wake life. It may be that your bearing and force of character have a strong effect on others. Alternatively, it also can be due to your attractiveness, charm and charisma. In either case, it is clear that your presence can lead others to form certain ideas, or you can sway their attitude and beliefs on certain topics. The symbol of the rainbow in this dream foretells of an upcoming favorable event or beneficial changes that would occur, likely because you were able to bring someone over to your way of thinking.

Dealing drugs

Envisioning yourself as a drug dealer or as someone who profits from the distribution of drugs is a fairly neutral symbol in the dream world. It can predict someone you are close to, like a family member or close friend, going through some minor but worrying health conditions. This could be due to either an accident or a problem developing internally. Another possibility is that you would find yourself on an emotional rollercoaster during this same period of time.

Using drugs

Drug use in a dream vision, when you do not use recreational drugs in reality, reveals the influential power you hold over those around you. This could be due to your large physical size and muscular physique, or your influence may rely more on your charm, charisma and intellectual prowess. In either case, only your ability to shape the opinion and affect the behavior of others is clear from this symbol. Whether you use your abilities for good or for evil is up to you.

Your loved one on drugs

A dream in which you see a loved one fall victim to drug use or abuse of narcotics is a highly ominous sign. In general, it suggests some great hardship or sadness is about to befall you. In some cases, this refers to relationships, meaning you may lose or fall out with someone you once cared about deeply. It can, however, also mean you would find yourself in dire straights for a period of time. You would need to think carefully and make some sacrifices before you are capable of getting back on your feet.

Marijuana as drugs

Envisioning yourself trying marijuana in the dream world could predict ruin and disaster if you were to partake in the substance in reality. This vision suggests that trying marijuana in wake life could have terrible and long-lasting effects on multiple areas of your life. For example, you could face criticism and judgement from those you are close to, especially family members and long-term friends. Additionally, you could experience financial troubles if this type of recreational drug became a habit.

Tripping on drugs

Tripping or freaking out while taking drugs in a dream vision is often associated with a lack of control or security in wake life. You may be subconsciously feeling stress or pressure because you cannot predict what would happen on a day to day basis. For instance, not keeping a good schedule or daily routine may cause you to have trouble sleeping or leave you feeling bored at some times and overwhelmed at others.

Drugs and police

Images of drug use and the police in a dream often refer to struggle and control. In some cases, this symbol refers to rightfully resisting authority and rules, especially where human rights are concerned. On the other hand, it can allude to personal struggles with drug abuse, alcoholism or gambling. The exact situation in the dream, such as whether someone was arrested or killed, could shed more light on what you should do or what may happen in the future.

Preventing others from using drugs

Acting as a responsible mentor or concerned friend and convincing someone to not take drugs is a reflection of your kind, sympathetic and generous personality. Others probably appreciate that you always have a shoulder to cry on, an ear to lend and a supportive hand to give whenever they are in times of trouble or sorrow. You also probably give good advice that friends and family take seriously when offered.

Feeling like on drugs

Feeling like you have taken drugs in a dream, particularly if you have taken such a drug before or were addicted to it at some point, could reveal an overall decline in your physical strength and healthiness. If you were once suffering from an illness or injury, the symptoms from that time may have returned, causing you much pain and frustration. It is also possible that this would be a new condition related to past health problems or current lifestyle choices.

Heroin as drugs

Seeing heroin as a symbol in the dream world, whether you are using it or just buying it, is probably not as literal as it may seem. Conjuring the image of heroin is linked with your interactions with someone who struggles with addiction. However, this individual may not abuse heroin. Rather, it is possible they have serious issues with another drug even if it is legal, like smoking or drinking alcohol. Alternatively, this dream could mean that you have a tendency to tiptoe that fine line between right and wrong, leading you to engage in activities which may be morally and legally dubious, but accomplish your ends much faster and more efficiently than taking traditional routes.

Amphetamines as drugs

Envisioning yourself taking drugs like amphetamines or hallucinogens, whether or not you have tried such drugs in the past, is the manifestation of your subconscious desire to bring balance and stability to your life. You may find that some aspect of your daily existence is taking up too much of your time and energy or that some area of yourself that you want to explore is being crushed by the weight of other responsibilities and emotions. It is also likely that you do not consider yourself the cause of these problems. You probably blame your parents, lineage, culture or society for the situation you currently find yourself in.

States resembling previous drug use

Consistently dreaming of a time or a state of being from when you used narcotics and other drugs suggests some weakness in your physical self or character are responsible for your inability to fully recover and reintegrate with society. You may have difficulties interacting with those who are part of mainstream society or repeatedly compare yourself to the person you used to be a long time ago. Until you can accept yourself as you are now and make the effort to try something new, you would have difficulty becoming the person you want to be.

Waiting for drug test results

I'm at home and a parole officer shows up unexpectedly, I know who she is and she is requesting me to give a piss test. And talking dirty to me as I give up the sample. Then I start cleaning house as I await the result. I know I smoked weed. But it seems like a long time to wait, so I look for her and yes she is there, still no test result. Awake mad because I'm not on parole and don't smoke weed. 2-x reoccurring dream.

Dreaming about being on parole and having an officer come to your house can be interpreted as a sign that you are about to make a very important decision that could affect the rest or multiple aspects of your life. Given the rest of this dream, this decision is probably in regards to your work, meaning you may be near a promotion, transfer, or complete change of work. The next symbol, submitting a urine sample for analysis, specifically represents work-related anxiety and stress. Working hard for weeks and months on end is likely to cause high levels of stress, especially physical stress which could exhaust you over time if not addressed. Spending time cleaning things in your house, however, predicts improvements in your standard of living and a well-deserved break after all your hard work. Once everything is settled, taking some time for yourself to recuperate and create a clean slate may help in the transition to your next phase.

Finding drugs in an ice cream truck

In my dream, I went to an ice cream truck and was seeing what they had. In the back,, I saw that they had these color-coordinated packets and each held a different drug. So, I bought a lot of them, weed, heroin, and LSD. I went home and I hid them and I couldn't decide which to take, so I took them all. Then my mom found my stash and was getting suspicious, so I went and I threw them all up. The puking in the dream felt real and it was pretty vivid. I have no idea what this dream means if it means anything at all.

This dream vision of coming into possession and using drugs of various kinds could have several meanings. One of them pertains to your body and metabolism and could be indicative of excessive consumption of sugar, such as candy or sodas, most likely in the evening time, hence the images of an ice-cream truck and colored packets have certain prominence in this dream. The other interpretation related to the perceived use of drugs, and when you do not do this in waking life or never even come near narcotics, could reveal that you may be exerting a lot of influence on people, good or bad. Your physical appearance and ability to convince people could be playing a certain role, but not necessarily. The dream, therefore, advises analyzing your habits as well as personal qualities which make others be so taken by what you say or do.

Using cocaine

I was doing cocaine.

Drug use in a dream vision, whether you do this or not in waking life, represents your ability to influence others. If you felt good and powerful while on drugs in the dream, it could represent physical intimidation or charisma you emanate which affects how others choose to act. Feeling bad after drug use could indicate manipulating other people's feelings into getting them to do what you want. In either case, you may want to analyze what it is that makes you so irresistible to others.

Selling drugs and wanting to feed a baby

I and my husband were going to sell drugs to this woman we know in real life. She is my mother-in-law's friend. We went to this apartment that used to be her old apartment in the dream that she regretted moving from. There was an unknown man and woman there, but they were not a couple and apparently knew her. The woman had a baby and I was helping her take care of it. The baby was chunky and cute. We were feeding it formula and I said I wanted to go to the store to buy baby food to feed her.

Being a drug dealer, in the context of a dream vision, usually represents upcoming health problems. Because both you and your husband were selling drugs, it seems more likely that the cause of your poor physical condition is either environmental or due to lifestyle choices, like smoking, a bad diet or actual drug use. Furthermore, seeing strangers in your mother-in-law's old apartment could indicate that these issues are putting strain on your relationship, likely because one of you wants to change, but the other has no desire to do so. Feeding the baby formula and wanting to buy baby food could predict finding a way to compromise and solve this issue, but it may take some time and patience before succeeding.

A friend being a drug dealer

Dreamt my friend was a drug dealer and hadn't been paid, she was chasing the area to find those who had not paid her. Weird one?!?!

Seeing someone dealing drugs in a dream is actually associated with change and opportunities. Illegal drugs reveal a need to escape, especially when reality is currently difficult or stressful. In your case, your friend as a drug dealer signifies hope that things would become better for you. Or at the very least your friend could symbolize an ally who would help you chase your dreams or find a purpose in life. Unfortunately, if she is trying to collect debt from others, then this promise of change and opportunity may not be a good long-term plan. It may seem exciting and fun at first, but in the long run, it would not be satisfying or fulfilling. Ultimately, you would be tempted to engage in thrilling activities that would just give you more problems.

Being accused of dealing drugs

Being accused of drug dealing by my ex and him saying he has proof that he's going to give to the police to get me arrested! This is so not true about me. I'm shocked and angry.

Dealing drugs in dreams usually portends health issues for someone close to you. It could be something that has been getting worse over the years because of poor lifestyle choices or a contagious disease. However, in the context of your dream, being accused of drug dealing implies denial on your part. You refuse to see the weakness and ailing health of a loved one or you are oblivious about their suffering because you are too focused on your own issues. So, this is a wake up call for you to be more attentive and caring about the people who matter most.

Being drugged by someone and escaping

Meeting up with a new person, going to their house. That person drugging me, yet I get away.

Despite the somewhat scary imagery in this vision, it seems to be a reflection of your internal desire to increase the number of or improve your relationships in reality. Specifically, meeting up with someone new refers to a desire to make more friends or have children, thus growing your inner circle and providing more love and support to all included. However, you may have some second thoughts about doing so, especially if you are at a point in your life where you are considering procreating. In essence, your fears may stem from spreading yourself too thin or entering a relationship with someone without getting the same love and affection in return. While you may still decide to go through and add to your group, you might also consider bolstering the relationships you already have with some extra time and effort.

Friend doing drugs

Seeing your friend appear as a drug addict in your dream has a negative interpretation, it most certainly represents that your dear friend is about to experience a huge loss in their life if they continue treading the same path and stay involved with the same people. The dream merits that you immediately ask your friend to have a close watch on those he or she meets frequently and tends to trust.

Being drugged

Finding yourself being drugged by someone in a dream reveals that an unfortunate situation is about to befall you. You could benefit from this awareness and put your guard on. In another interpretation, if you are someone who has had difficulty fighting drug addiction in the recent past or if the magnitude of your addiction has spiked lately, it would be the nature's way of rejoicing with you in your struggle and allowing you to be more self-aware of the good things you can do to stay healthy and drug-free.

Dead husband who was addicted to drugs

Your dream about your deceased husband, who struggled with drug addiction, appears to reflect the complexities of your past relationship. It advises you to differentiate between reality and any embellishments your mind has added. In addition, it underscores the importance of self-care in your present life. The addiction-driven circumstances of your past marriage might have obscured trust, honesty, and genuine connection. However, the dream invites you to evaluate the nature of the relationship, your own wounds, and how they intertwined. It urges you to assess the impact this connection had on your sense of worth and any lingering shame. By acknowledging the reasons that kept you bound in a challenging dynamic, you can begin to heal. Your personal experience of enduring a similar situation underscores the urgency of introspection and self-healing before considering new relationships.