Dreams Related To Drowning

Being saved from drowning

When you dream of being saved from drowning or being rescued by someone else while you are drowning, it refers to overcoming a problem in your life. You will be able to hurdle a possibly dangerous or threatening situation, perhaps a health issue that can be harmful to you if not taken care of. Or a person who is trying to meddle with your affairs and can cause you major issues if not addressed. Whatever the cause of such potental threat to you, this vision in your dream means that you will be able to rid yourself of it.

Yourself drowning

Having an image of yourself drowning in your dream symbolizes trials and difficulties. You might go through some roadbumps in life in the future, which can cause you undue stress and possibly sadness. How you will survive it will ultimately depend on your attitude and approach to the situation. However, if in your dream you died due to drowning, it means that you might not be able to hurdle these problems in your life.

Pigs which drowned

Mother pig and piglets that drowned.

A pig or piglets drowning in a dream vision suggests an overwhelming sense of shame. Some of your more unsavory traits threaten to send you spiraling down your own darkness. This is an ominous sign for you, especially since the pigs drowned in your dream. You are not strong enough to resist temptations and destructive vices from ruining you life. This is an appeal to what is left of your rational mind. You need to seek out a more balanced lifestyle before your bad decisions become irreversible to the point of self-destruction.

Drowning in the car with ex

This is a dream an ex came to me about yesterday. "Me and you fell off a building in my car into a lake and I get you and me out the seat belts, but I was getting dragged to the bottom and you started to get attacked by something and I kept fighting to come help you, but I then just saw you get separated and I woke up just messed up in the head all day".

Your ex's dream about drowning in a car together could mean that they experience a lot of frustration and sadness because you split up. Perhaps your ex is sensing that the break up was rushed in some way by you or that you two still have some feelings for each other or things that did not have a proper closure. The notion of your ex fighting to save you in the dream is perhaps an allusion to some unfinished business or people you both know and communicate with that are still present in both of your now separate lives. Being dragged to the bottom in this accident also points to your ex's strong emotional side, so perhaps your ex is trying to appeal to your feelings in order to either win you back or to move on with your lives.

Someone drowning

If you dream that you are seeing someone drowning and cannot save them because you feel helpless, it means that you could develop some kind of illness that involves difficulty in breathing. It can be asthma, lung infection or heart disease. If you had a vision like this in your dream, maybe it is time to consult a qualified medical specialist or counsellor to monitor your health and get the necessary answers before you get overwhelmed and unsettled.

Drowning in deep clear water

Having a vision that you are drowning in deep clear water is a symbol of hurdling some minor roadbumps. You will be able to solve some problems that will come your way and which could be only minor in their nature. You will do this in a short period of time and without any external help. It only shows that you are capable of winning some battles on your own and that you can be resourceful when needed.

A drowned person

Having a vision of a drowned person in your dream or someone else who has drowned recently is a dire warning about an ominous event that may transpire soon. You could soon be a witness to a crime or a fateful incident that will cause death to someone who is close to you. This can also serve as a warning to you about an accident that you may be involved in sometime in the future, that may not be necessarily related to water. Be cautious when you have this dream.

Helping someone who is drowning

Dreaming of helping someone who is drowning signifies your current state of being. It shows that you are in a good position right now and that you feel happy and content with what you have achieved in life. You have worked so hard all these years and is finally reaping the fruits of your labor. This vision can also mean being there for someone else. Somebody you know might need your advice and guidance right now, maybe in his or her personal life or career.

Drowning someone

If you had a dream when you were drowning someone else or that you were intentionally causing somebody else to drown, it means that you could be a source of problem or distress to another person. Something that you might do or say can make this person sad, or could put him or her in a negative situation. This vision in your dream can also refer to committing acts of cruelty or ruthlessness toward another person. Be warned when having this dream so that you are more careful about your actions and attitudes.

Drowning in water with rubbish

I see flowing water in my dreams most of the time, sometimes I saw blood evil spirits and rubbish things in my dreams. But I saw water most of the time that I am drowning in water. Can u tell me the reasons why I see these types of dreams? Everyone told me that watching flowing water is not a good sign.

Drowning in water is a symbol of refusing to accept everyday issues that you face. Instead of admitting there is a problem, you tend to deny its existence. This may be causing you much stress physically and endanger your emotional stability. Try to look at problems differently when you face them, so their effect is lessened. Seeing rubbish floating on the water surface in your dreams signifies problems and issues with your finances or shortages of money which will be haunting you for quite some time. You will need to apply a lot of effort and spend a lot of time while rectifying these problems. Slow moving water currents you see in your dreams can symbolize a concern you express toward your sexual partner who is very sluggish and cold in bed. Sexual activities with this person may bring you disappointment and desire to find someone else as a replacement.

Being saved by someone from drowning

I was sleeping on a boat, the boat wasn't moving and things were calm. I knew I was going to fall, and I let myself fall into the water. Like my mind was awake, but I couldn't wake my body. I was trying to swim up, but I was falling faster than I could swim like my body wasn't fully awake but my mind was aware of what was happening. Then somebody else saved me. Not exactly sure who it was, it was a guy friend, not my husband.

Being on a boat in a dream indicates going through a change in your life. The fact that you are sleeping at first suggests you were not previously ready for this journey. However, falling into the water, in this vision, predicts that you can handle the changes and solve any problems that come your way. This is also supported by the person who saved you in this dream, who represents struggles in your past, but great potential to succeed, especially with the help of other people.

Someone drowning a person

If you see an image of someone drowning another person in your dream, it refers to committing an act of disrespect or shame. You could be placed in a certain situation where you might be forced to act disrespectfully towards someone or something could cause you to behave shamelessly. Be warned about how you conduct yourself when you experience this vision in your dream, maybe it is a sign that you need to be more careful about how you behave, regardless of what the situation may be.

Swimming to safety while drowning

Having a dream that you are swimming to safety while drowning or being able to swim to safety to avoid drowning signifies something positive. It means that you might soon receive a promotion at work and in turn, gain more respect from your peers. It also symbolizes having good health. These will give you a strong boost in your self-esteem and confidence, possibly leading to even greater successes ahead.

Drowning in a swamp

Drowning in a swamp or having an image of yourself drowning in this kind of water refers to something unfortunate that might happen in your life. You are about to face misfortune, maybe in terms of material wealth, or possibly lose someone dear to you. It could be that the business decisions you have made might lead to disastrous outcomes. Whatever form the misfortune will take, try to face it squarely and with an open mind. The problem may be as murky as the swamp, but it is something that you can still rise out of.

Dead following drowning

If you dream of being dead following drowning or seeing yourself or another person passing away due to it, this is an indication of an impending stroke or heart-related ailment that you might experience in the near future. You could be affected by a mistake that you might make while handling a very serious issue. Maybe it is something that involves your family or a business decision that could go wrong. Such error in judgment could trouble you so much that it could lead to a stroke or heart attack. Try not to be too hard on yourself. We all make mistakes and the important thing is how we find our way out.

Someone drowning you

Having an image in your dream that someone is drowning you or trying to kill you by drowning is a dire warning about your enemies or rivals. You should be careful for these people will try to harm you and might do something that will cause you misery. If it is in your workplace, maybe they will try to sabotage a project that you are working on. If it is in your business, maybe these people will steal your ideas in order to compete with you. Whatever it is they are planning against you, you need to be more careful and watch your back.

A drowning woman

Dreaming of a drowning woman or seeing an incident where a woman is drowning refers to something favorable that could happen in your life in the near future. Your efforts would finally pay off and the project or venture that you have been working hard on for years or a considerable amount of time would find its fruition. You will gain success on this endeavor and this will bring you the sense of fulfillment.

Drowning in a car

Drowning in a car, such as going down an embankment and crashing into a lake, often alludes to difficulties with your social standing or position in reality. The car in this vision may be a metaphor for your position, so sinking directly refers to difficulty rising up or even maintaining your current stratum. Perhaps you have been angling for a promotion or were hoping to be selected for a special project only to be completely overlooked. Unless you can play by the rules of your group and find a way to stand out, you are likely to continue sinking lower and lower.

Saving someone from drowning

Saving someone from drowning symbolizes heroism and chivalry. You follow a strict code of morality and ethics which include helping the weak and disenfranchised. You will soon be channeling this personal code when a person in your community gets threatened or oppressed by powerful personalities. This injustice will rouse anger in you prompting you to step in and defend your neighbor from abusive people. On the other hand, a troubled person battling drugs or destructive habits will require your intervention so they can start their journey to recovery.

Saving a child from drowning

To save a child from going underwater and dying, whether or not this child is yours, suggests someone close to you is at risk of getting overwhelmed by emotions. This could be a young person or someone you feel protective of. An intervention by loved ones or a psychotherapist may help this person manage possible self-destructive tendencies. The child could also be a projection of your own youthful innocence and idealism. You feel like the world is stifling your curiosity and making you more cynical. Perhaps you need to find a balance to remain realistic, while not totally snuffing out your inner child.

A child drowning in the room filled with water

I saw a little child and my late aunt in a dream and at the same time the room was full of clear water and the child was drowning in the water.

Dreaming about watching a child drowning in clear water could mean that someone you care about deeply, not necessarily a child, could be or may soon start developing some kind of illness that involves difficulty in breathing or lung-related infection. The symbolic visions of clear water filling the room, however, points to your ability to take actions and measures necessary to prevent or mitigate these potential problems. The vision suggests paying close attention to ensure safety and well-being of those you care about or know might be at risk in order to prevent this from happening.

Saving son from drowning

I dreamt my son wandered outside the police station where I was waiting to file a report of my purse being stolen. I searched everywhere screaming his name and then found him face down in a pond. I pulled him out after him being in there 15 minutes and gave him CPR. He woke up and was fine just wet. I was terrified I lost my only child and then after saving him worried my mom was going to tell me what a horrible mother I was. I wouldn't let him go after he woke up and suddenly I woke up.

Although somewhat dark and disturbing, this dream about helping your son who was drowning signifies your protective and nurturing traits of character. It shows that you are in a good position right now and that you feel happy and content with what you have achieved in life, both for yourself and your family members. This vision can also indicate your capacity to be the first one to respond when someone is in need of help, advice or guidance. Based on the notion of guilty feelings you had expressed toward the end of this dream, this outstanding personal quality was passed down onto you from your parents.

A woman drowning but surviving

A lady drowned, looked dead, was revived by somebody, then I saw smoke rising to show she was breathing again.

Dreaming of a drowned person is an omen of a possible unpleasant event that is transpiring soon. You could bear witness to an accident or you could commit a grievous mistake that may affect someone negatively. An error in judgment, on your part or someone close to you, could get you in trouble. On a positive note, the mistake can be remedied and someone of authority or capability, possibly a friend, may help you out of your predicament.

Drowning because of a big person

I am in the deep greenish-looking water with a lot of big guys and one of them was drowning. I swim over to try and help but gasping for air, also trying to stay afloat. Then one pushes me under and never got enough air beforehand and went under to never make it back up, then I woke up to my chest pains and breathing really hard and fast. What does that mean? Thank you.

Watching someone drown in the dream world often portends becoming sick in reality. In many cases, this type of vision specifically points toward lung issues, for example, asthma, bronchitis or pneumonia. The idea that these were large men drowning could reveal your fear of becoming weak and frail either due to this illness or aging in general. You enjoy your health and the freedom it gives you. Being pushed under suggests you would face many trials and difficulties should you fall ill. You would need to rely on the help and goodwill of others to live a relatively normal existence. This could be very frustrating, so you would also need to be careful not to treat those who help you poorly out of spite or jealousy.

Significant one drowning

Dreaming of your significant one drowning or your partner or lover drowning symbolizes serious problems that he or she may experience in the near future. Your partner could soon be facing some tough times ahead, being in the midst of losses, severe difficulties and trials. If you see this image in your dream, take heart and be more supportive when the problems come. He or she may need you now more than ever.

A drowning husband

If you are a female and you had a dream of a drowning husband or experienced a vision of your husband drowning, be warned. This could mean that your husband is actually cheating on you or having an affair. If you had this dream, try to be more watchful of his movements and activities. Be more wary of the people he is with. Maybe it is time time to save him from his philandering ways before your marriage drowns as the image suggests.

Drowning as a result of someone's plot

Drowning as a result of someone's plot or design to kill you refers to experiencing serious losses. They are most likely financial in nature and can mean even bankruptcy or severe hardship due to money losses. Something external could happen that might cause this, maybe a calamity market crash, or someone in the family being extremely ill which could lead to unanticipated medical expenses.

Trying to drown something

Trying to drown something or dreaming that you are trying to eradicate something by drowning refers to having an extremely emotional experience that could happen in your life. You might undergo some kind of depression due to something unexpected that will transpire in your life in the near future. Maybe a loved one will be ill, your partner will leave you or a friend might betray you. Whatever the cause may be, try to be more positive when the going gets tough. Try to drown your sadness with more positive things like the image suggests.

Ex drowning

Seeing your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend drowning during a dream vision suggests that there is a lack of closure in the relationship. Perhaps you ended things by "going on a break" even though one or both of you knew that it was really the end. Alternatively, you may have some unanswered questions about why the relationship failed in the first place. If you are still on good terms with this individual, you may consider reaching out to them gently through a neutral party to gain some insight into the relationship. Otherwise, you may consider talking to someone else you trust who could help you move on.

Baby drowning

A drowning baby is an ill omen to perceive in a dream. It is often the result of an overwhelmed, overburdened mind or heart in reality. For instance, you may feel the stress of bills piling up or of children who do not listen. Furthermore, you may be dealing with more than one issue at the same time. If you see this image in your dream, consider reaching out for help. Find a babysitter, hire an accountant or consult a doctor to relieve some of the burden you are carrying.

Saving your child from drowning

Saving your child from drowning, whether in the pool or at sea, means there is a threat to your loved one's health and well-being. You feel responsible for this person, so it is likely your own child, an aging parent or any of your other dependents. This dreamscape scenario urges you to keep your loved ones away from risky situations that could lead to injury or illnesses. On the other hand, suggestive interpretation of this symbol likely reveals your anxious state. You constantly worry about the safety of your family, so you tend to become an alarmist which may cause more stress in your household.

Drowning in ocean

Drowning in the open ocean is often thought to be a sign of a guilty conscious according to traditional sources of interpretation. In a sense, you are feeling overwhelmed with guilt or regret to the point that you feel like you are under water. The only way to alleviate these feelings is to confess and make amends for what you have done or failed to do.

Children drowning without supervision

All the children were left at daycare, the workers walked out. When I went back, the children had drowned in a pool.

Seeing a daycare full of kids but under no supervision is an ominous sign representing the manifestation of fears or concerns from your wake life. This is also supported by the image of these same children drowning in a pool which symbolizes being overwhelmed by work and ongoing projects. In essence, you worry about the outcome of your multiple endeavors because there are so many of them and only one of you. It may be wise to focus your attention on a few tasks that are more likely to succeed than to try and do everything simultaneously.

Trying to survive while drowning

I was drowning in a pool and I realized I was, so I decided to swim to the other end of the pool and save myself, but I also remember carrying a medicine ball. Yet, when I got the other side, I saw a pair of legs, no longer had the ball and started to pull myself out. Then I woke up gasping for breath and saying "Help". Thank you for helping me understand my dream and I hope you have a good day!

To dream that you are drowning in a swimming pool alludes to possible obstacles coming your way. You could be struggling to finish a challenging project or a particularly difficult task. The medicine ball represents negative attitude and counterproductive habits dragging you down and preventing you from achieving your goals. Your character could be tested from the slew of problems you may encounter in the execution of your duty. Whether you could actually weather the storm depends on how much patience and perseverance you have. Once you let go of the things and people weighing you down, you are more likely to emerge victorious.

Scenes of drowning on a beach and on a ship

My son was on the waves' edge at sea and he was underwater but breathing first, but when I tried to save him, it was like he was stuck, so three attempts. Then I pulled him free, and he coughed up water, but he was OK. Then a new dream, I was in a pool on a ship under decks and I was with someone, do not know who. We heard it crash, then we were trapped inside the ship sinking. I knew I was going to drown, I could see the water rising up past windows, then I woke up. These dreams happened one after another, what do they mean?

The first vision, watching your son drown, can be given a fairly literal interpretation. It is likely that you, as his mother and caretaker, recognize, at least subconsciously, that something is not quite right with him. He may be developing some illness or having difficulty getting along with someone he knows. You were able to save him, so it is likely that you can set things straight and get him back to his normal self. The second vision is slightly more complicated. Being trapped in a sinking ship in the second vision represents your internal fears as a parent, the constant worrying about if you are making the right choices or if you are setting a good example. In truth, your lack of self-confidence is probably the main issue keeping you back from being the best parent you can be.

Drowning in the ocean as part of entertainment

There's a place where our college is taking us for a tour. Somewhere very far. There's a sea or ocean where there's a so-called "water ride" where they take us up to a place where the land below us disappears and we have to suddenly drown down and then swim back up. I was with two of my friends on the ride and it was little dark out. We entered and the land as per the ride disappeared and we three drowned. But I ingested water and was gasping. My friends helped me bring back to the shore. Same dream past two days.

This watery world that is the destination of your excursion in the dream represents an unexpected journey you are about to embark in reality. This journey may be metaphorical, such that you are exploring your inner workings or your emotional state. Drowning in the dream alludes to drowning in emotional turmoil. There could be trials and tribulations in the waking world, and the only way to overcome the emotional upheaval they could cause would be through the support of family and friends. If you are feeling overwhelmed, it would be in your best interest not to carry the burden alone lest you risk serious emotional damage.

Drowning with a spouse

I and my spouse were under water almost out of breath. Couple more minutes and we would have started drowning. But someone somehow opened a valve of some sort letting the water level lower, then he pulled us out.

Struggling in water and almost drowning refers to overwhelming emotions. You and your spouse may be under a lot of stress, which is creating substantial tension between the two of you and causing some strain in your bond as husband and wife. Letting emotions get the best of either one of you could cause irreparable damage. Sometimes petty stuff and small differences could pile up and make one or both of you lose your cool. This dream vision cautions you from losing sight of your love for one another during emotional and irrational moments.

Helpless while drowning on a water slide

At the water park with my sister and mother, there was a big new water slide, wanted to go on it but decided to eat first. In a restaurant and my chair went up through this tunnel and appeared out front of the slide and then back, then it went down into this underwater filter thing, before it sealed, I yelled "Press the button!", a little bit of air space. I banged on the top and yelled "Press the button!" continuously, no one was helping me, it kept filling, I knew I was going to drown and not be saved, and I felt anger and fear.

Being at a water park in a dream vision is the manifestation of your decision not to take a side when it comes to two people in your life arguing or disagreeing. This decision, as seen in this water park image, suggests you have made a good choice to let them figure out this issue by themselves. However, being moved throughout the park (through a tunnel and under a filter) represents the trouble they may give you for making such a decision, perhaps by ignoring you or making passive-aggressive comments about your neutrality. This is also supported by the knowledge that you were about to drown, a symbol that points to the difficult position you could place yourself in. You can rest assured though that in the end, your decision to not get involved is a wise one.

Drowning while on a platform in the ocean

I was on some kind of a metal platform or something that me and others were going to perform on and I was on it myself practicing, it was above water like a lake or the ocean. Some sort of fresh water then while practicing either the water got intense or the platform started rattling. Then I screamed for my dad or grandpa to save me because they were standing on the shore together. Then my grandpa jumped in, swam over and saved me because I really thought I'd drown even though I was above water.

Performances can often give anyone the jitters. The platform or stage in your dream could point to your desire or penchant for being the center of attention. This need to be in the spotlight may be a manifestation of your dependence on others for approval and self-esteem. The water represents your emotional stability. Perhaps whenever you find bumps in the road or things get too difficult, you tend to panic and look to others to bail you out. Your subconscious may be showing you that in order to achieve success, you need to be in control of your emotions and willing to stand on your own two feet.

Saving children from drowning in the pool

I have 5 kids, one threw 5-year old in my dream, I was trying to save my youngest daughter from the bottom of the pool. As I grab her and head back up I see my middle son fall to the bottom of the pool and I continue to try and save them. One of the five keeps falling back in.

Seeing your children falling into the pool over and over despite your best efforts to prevent this from happening has negative connotations. This vision portends the possibility that your children, or those belonging to close acquaintances or relatives, may be susceptible to certain health problems. This dream could also be an indication that they should be kept away from anything that looks like a source of disease or infections, at least for the near future.

Drowning in a lake with wrists tied together

In my dream, I am in a lake, my wrists are bound with zip-ties and I am trying to climb onto the boat ladder. The screws holding the ladder onto the boat all come off, and I sink into the lake. Just as I say "I guess I am going to die" my wrists become free and I start to reach for the top to freedom.

Large bodies of water, like the lake in your vision, are commonly associated with opportunity and unique experiences, meaning you could find yourself in a very interesting situation in the near future. However, your tied hands could predict that not all is rosy, as this symbol is often thought to represent chaos. This suggests that everything may be fun at first, but you may soon realize you are in over your head. Freeing yourself at the last minute predicts sorting everything out in the end, but you may have to go through some very rough patches in order to get there.

Saving someone's baby from drowning

I dreamt that after making friends with a family of three, we (my partner and new "friends") went on a boat ride on a canal or river. Their baby fell into the water, I alerted the baby's dad and we both dived head first into the deep water. I saved the baby and had to help the dad out too.

Sailing in a boat is symbolic of your tendency to get bored easily or make drama where none is needed. Instead of calmly letting things run their course, you tend to stick your nose into business that is not yours and stoke the fires, getting others riled up for your own entertainment. The baby falling into the water and your attempts to save the baby and its father are symbolic of your more mature, reasonable self that is attempting to literally pull you out of situations where your involvement could make everything become more complicated. In essence, this vision can be interpreted as a warning to keep your opinions and thoughts to yourself so that you do not get in over your head. If you continue to insert yourself into situations that do not require your input, you could end up in a real conflict of your own.

Advising a friend against drowning

I dreamed of advising my friend from not killing himself in water.

Your vision about advising your friend to not commit suicide alludes to a rough patch or difficult period of time you yourself would go through in the future. In essence, the image of you consulting your friend is the reflection of your subconscious talking to you, encouraging you to keep trying and doing your best even when the future looks bleak. Saving your friend from suicide by drowning further implies serious troubles and reinforces the images seen in the first symbol. It would be wise to seek the help and support from those you can trust soon before things get worse.

Brother drowning and resurrecting

I dreamt in the afternoon around 4: 20 pm that my brother gets drowned in the Ganga river while he was performing prayers and there was clear water rising to the top level. Then the water level goes down and he comes up smiling and I was crying before and shocked when I saw him alive walking up and happy.

Watching your brother drown signifies a loved one succumbing to health issues. It could be a flu, an infection or something more serious. Witnessing him drown while praying is also an important dream symbol suggesting your loved one will become ill due to exhaustion following some good news. For instance, a promotion could lead to more workload and overtime which will take a toll on their health. Fortunately, emerging from the clear water alive and well after an apparent drowning incident indicates recovery. They will get the help and adequate medical attention they need to make a full recovery from any ailment.

Drowning with students

Visualizing yourself doing a school activity and seeing a child who suddenly drowns is a connotation for a range of emotions that hold you back from making a sound judgment and affect how you build relationships. You are prone to show your vulnerable side to people, which can easily make you a target of deceit and disinformation. This issue needs to be addressed and resolved within yourself, for this can negatively affect your future.

Drowning in pink water

Dreaming of drowning in pink water symbolizes feeling overwhelmed by intense emotions, particularly those associated with love and affection. As the color pink is linked to the heart chakra and love, it implies being submerged in affectionate feelings to the point of losing perspective. This dream cautions you against becoming too idealistic or irrational due to the blinding nature of love. Moreover, the water element signifies emotions, hinting at the feeling of emotions becoming too overpowering. Overall, this dream reflects an environment where you are surrounded by overly sentimental people, potentially restricting your emotional range. It is a reminder to maintain balance and clarity amidst intense emotions.