Dreams Related To Driver

Riding in a car without the driver

Riding in a car that appears to have no driver sheds light on your current feeling about the state of affairs in your life, namely, that you have no control over anything whatsoever. The driver-less car alludes to an unclear path that you are being pushed down by seemingly invisible forces. You do not know where this path leads or who is even pulling the strings. The only way to find out is to let yourself be guided or take back control for yourself the hard way.

Being assaulted by a careless driver

Female. Children in front of school were hit by a slow-moving car. The driver doesn't care. I yell at her. She calmly walks over, hits me in the head with a big rock. I'm on the floor and can't move. I am aware that others want to take me to hospital. She won't let them. Worried about getting in trouble, I'm trying to get them to take me, getting weaker. The dream is so real that I can't move when I wake up, the head feels heavy, takes a minute to realize I'm OK.

Witnessing children getting hit by a car suggests a loss of playfulness or innocence. Someone in your waking life is trying to control you and force you to abandon your carefree ways. Personality traits that could be deemed child-like and immature may be ridiculed by your elders or other authority figures. They would even try to convince you to abandon your curiosity and sense of wonder in favor of more practical pursuits and a stable career. In this context, getting hit by a rock points to insult and criticism. The driver represents an authoritative and domineering personality who would try to knock some sense into you by belittling your achievements and criticizing your life choices. Your fear of disappointing a parent or a mentor would keep you trapped in this undesirable situation, as indicated by your inability to move in the dream. Ultimately, your subconscious is trying to rouse you from passivity and urge you to assert your rights so you can follow your heart's desire.

Driving a car for non-drivers

I am a female and this is my dream: I dreamt of driving my dad's car which I am not allowed to, moreover I don't even know how to drive. The car only moved forward. I tried to turn so as to not crash into something and after a bit of struggle I managed to find a spot where I sort of crashed the car. Though nothing was damaged. I was helped by a policeman and a doctor. I did not know who those men were. In the end I reached home and was worried about how I would explain this incident to my family.

Driving a car in the dream realm often alludes to our journey through life. Even though you may not be able to drive in reality, your time on the road in the dream could give some insight into what is going on in your life right now. For instance, only moving forward may be a sign that you feel things are happening too fast with little time to reflect before everything changes again. This is supported by your difficulty controlling the vehicle. Crashing the car could mean you would finally be forced to stop and take stock, possibly by telling those around you that you need more time to think things through or take care of what is already on your plate. Worrying about how you would explain things to your family directly reflects how you feel about talking to your family about this in reality. While it may cause you some discomfort now, being honest about what you can handle is likely better for your overall physical and mental health.