Dreams Related To Dreaming

Dreaming in your dream

Dreams about I was in a dream dreaming.

Observing or finding yourself dreaming in a dream, paradoxical it may sound, could be a symbol of your inner capabilities. In particular, this could be telling you that you have a hidden ability to "request" dreams every time before you go to bed. That is, you could have the ability of dreaming about whatever you want to dream about. You simply have to focus before falling asleep. This is a rare talent. You could be capable of controlling your dreams, and the actions you perform in your dream. You would be in synchrony with your subconscious mind, working with it to master real life possible experiences and events. You could also try to pre-program your mind to provide pleasant or desirable dream experiences, and have an overall better awake daily life routine. Additionally, the dream could reveal that you are going through an introspective period. You might be concentrating your psychological resources inside your inner self. All of these aspects of your psyche are valuable traits which you might want to develop and enhance.

Having a dream about adventure in a dream

Adventure. I'm in an Uber on business. Out the back window a child wants an ice cream but driver makes me the priority. I want to help the child. 2 small dogs on leashes try to get away. I cut my left hand in 2 places trying to help. I pull 2 sharp piece of wood out of my hand. I awake in my new condo all the walls are wet - soaked - everything is wet. I realize I'm i a dream but can't wake up. I start screaming for my ex husband to wake me up but no one is there. I wake up screaming wake me up.

Usually, a dream within a dream is an indication that you have the capacity to control you dreams. This may be scary at first, but once you get the hang of it, you may be able to experience lucid dreams where you can explore possibilities without putting yourself in danger. This also means that you are in an introspective mood by trying to make sense of your psychological and spiritual side, perhaps because you are dealing with a lot of stressful issues and responsibilities in reality. Specifically, the child with ice cream represents your inner child or pleasure-seeking side. This is the part of you that has been suppressed because you need to focus on grown-up business and adult duties. The two dogs likely symbolize your friends or family who may also be looking for a way out of an a oppressive or miserable situation. Since you cut your hand with the pieces of wood, it seems like you are feeling helpless about the situation you are in. Maybe you are feeling insecure or feeling sorry for yourself. As a result, you may end up being overwhelmed by your emotions, so much so that this may render you incapacitated and unable to help your loved ones, let alone pick yourself up. This is illustrated by the soaked condo in the end. However, the fact that this is a dream within a dream means that you do have the capability to take control. Perhaps you just need to stop looking elsewhere for help and instead find the courage within yourself.

Black and white dream

Dreams that are seen in black and white are meant to symbolically represent objectivity. It means that instead of relying on your emotions or gut feeling, you need to look at the facts and data to come to an appropriate decision. For instance, instead of hemming and hawing about whether you should stay with your significant other, make a pros and cons list or talk to a third party to get more information. Instead of choosing a school or job because your friends would be near, look at the facts about that course of study or career path. Instead of picking a political candidate based on advertisements or party affiliation, look at their actual service record from unbiased sources.

Meeting someone from a dream in reality

So about a year ago I had a dream about this guy and in the dream he was the love of my life and In my dream I looked back at memories of us and how much I loved him. I remember what it was like hugging him in my dream. Then a couple days ago I had the same exact dream. Then the very next day I had met the guy in my dream and it was insane because the guy in my dream had a birthmark on his right cheek and the guy I met in real life also had the same one and it was bizarre. I am a female.

Usually, envisioning a stranger as the love of your life reveals dissatisfaction with your current state of existence. So, when you first dreamt of this man a year ago, you were probably looking for this type of guy as the ideal person to be in a relationship with. In other words, your subconscious was trying to attract this personality in order to start a romance. Often, strangers in dreams are not total strangers at all. Usually, these are people we encounter during the waking hours, in the streets as well as the different content we consume in different media or platforms. Such that when you dreamt of this guy again, there is a high chance that your subconscious clocked in his presence through a random encounter which imprinted his image in your head and manifested in the dream. In rare occasions, this can signal the meeting of like-minded souls being brought together by fate and circumstance. Even if this does not turn out to be romantic, this recurring dream about the same person encourages you to make a connection so you can figure out the reason why you are being brought together by fate.