Dreams Related To Dream catcher

Dream catchers taken off the wall

I don't remember much other than in my dream I was in my house and I had noticed someone took my dream catchers off my wall. The people I was with prevented me from reacting with anger towards the person who took them down.

Dreamcatchers in dreams are symbols of hope and optimism. They are also instruments for warding off negative energies. As such, losing your dreamcatcher in this dream vision likely reveals your weakening resolve to stop dwelling in your negative emotions. You could face greater difficulties and more complicated problems that would slowly wear down your defenses. In addition, the reason for the breakdown of your walls and eroding optimism may be a particular personality who is playing psychological tricks on you. This individual may have discovered your weakness and is probably going to use this in order to get on your nerves. You may need to be more self-aware so you can put up proper guards on your blind spots.