Dreams Related To Drapes

Seeing drapes

Seeing drapes in your dreams, maybe as you are approaching your home or while walking in a long hallway with floor-to-ceiling windows, is a bad omen when it comes to your reputation. Your character could take a serious beating as rumormongers happily and maliciously gab about your personal affairs. They may exaggerate certain details or twist some information to put you in a bad light. They may stand to gain something from tarnishing your good name which is why the rumors would spread like wildfire.

Letting sunlight in by drawing drapes open

Opening or drawing drapes open to let sunlight into the room, such as to illuminate the bedroom or to air out the kitchen, suggests a bittersweet occurrence in the near future which would help you identify your true enemy. At the same time, this would also reveal who your real friends are. For instance, a tragedy could strike you and your loved ones. If you seek help from your friends, some of them may readily lend a hand while others could relish in your misfortune. Perhaps this is necessary to help you retain a more solid set of friends.

Green drapes

Green drapes in dream visions are inherently positive symbols. The green drapes may be part of a restaurant's interior in your dream or you may see the drapes hanging inside your own home. Those images symbolize wealth, fulfillment and happiness inside your household. You and your loved ones may finally reconcile your differences and begin a period of productivity for all. Since your support for each other would encourage you all to succeed in your respective fields, prosperity and happiness would inevitably follow.

Red drapes

Red drapes in dreams, regardless if they are made of cotton or silk fabric, portend a rather absurd period which would nevertheless be favorable to you. Events or encounters that may seem senseless or bizarre may actually work in your favor. For example, a friend who gets dragged into the spotlight may inadvertently make you become famous as well. Or getting randomly acquainted with a stranger may blossom into a relationship with great potential. Maybe the key is to just go with the flow and let life happen to you.

White drapes

White drapes in dreams symbolize immense success, specifically in creative pursuits. The white drapes made of lace, organza, silk or vinyl represent a prosperous and productive future because of your craft or chosen artistic outlet. Your artworks may start to sell because of effective marketing and promotion, or you could get noticed by art aficionados who would spread the word about your work. This would give you financial room to pursue more ambitious projects to elevate your body of work.

Torn drapes

Dreaming of torn and tattered drapes, perhaps because rats have chewed holes in the drapes or from wear and tear due to overuse, portends adultery. This could be committed by yourself or your partner. As such, the damage on the drapes illustrates the upcoming conflicts, arguments and fights in the wake of the affair. Just as the drapes get destroyed overtime, you and your significant other would face the greatest challenge in your life which would determine whether your relationship would endure or disintegrate.

Drapes in general

Drapes in dreams generally symbolize a subconscious desire to suppress traumatic incidents or shameful secrets. The thickness and opaque quality of most drapes represent how much you want to conceal past issues or concerns not just from others, but including yourself. Maybe you are dwelling too much in past mistakes and transgressions that you cannot imagine or even plan out your own future. While you may think that suppressing the issue would help you move forward, this may just be a temporary solution.