Dreams Related To Drainage

Drainage water

Dirty water that has accumulated due to a drainage issue can have two separate interpretations depending on the context. If the water was in the process of draining, it represents a release of emotions that have been pent up, leading to clarity of thought. If the water was stagnant, however, it means there is no outlet for your feelings and you would be stuck feeling tense and irritated for some time.

Cleaning drainage

Cleaning drainage, like working in a sewer or washing out the waste in pipes, suggests you are in the process of investigating various feelings related to your work. While you may feel fortunate to have work, you may also feel stressed or undervalued. These conflicting emotions would leave you feeling like you have been beaten up and left in the gutter. It may be necessary to do some self-care, like taking a vacation, sleeping in on the weekend or spending some extra time with the people you love.