Dreams Related To Doppelganger

A doppelganger of opposite sex

I step into a garden and there is a boy who looks exactly like me but in a boy form. We are then dancing to the beat of my mothers heart beat until a dark shadow from the tree pulls him away from me. I am then alone and the rows cold and the garden starts to die around me. Then a black figure walks into the gate and tries to hit me. As it strikes my face I wake up.

Seeing the mirror image of yourself in a dream is usually representative of a relationship, which is further illustrated through dancing together with it, that is holding you down or not necessarily beneficial to you. This relationship may be with someone who is unable to do much on their own or relies heavily on you, as this person is depicted as very similar to you, in looks and superficially, but who cannot actually be you, due to their lack of abilities or resources. The connection between you could be familial, professional, platonic or romantic in nature, though it is unlikely to be either someone very close to you or a mere acquaintance. Because your doppelganger is suddenly pulled away and everything becomes cold and begins to die, it likely indicates your hesitation to end your association with this person, either because you do not like to change or because you fear repercussions. This is also shown in the dark figure which comes forth to assault you, symbolizing a lack of confidence or low self-esteem in your decision-making abilities.