Dreams Related To Door

Missing door and windows

Someone removed the door and windows of my apartment.

Doors and windows are associated with opportunities, receptiveness and social connections in the dream world. Hence, your dream vision suggests that someone could be making you feel alienated or like you do not belong, either through outright exclusion or offhand remarks that confirm your outsider status. Alternatively, it is also possible that you are isolating yourself from others. You could be closing yourself off or getting lost in your own thoughts, thereby alienating those around you who love and support you.

No one at the door

Late at night someone jiggled front door knob and it woke me up. I called out "Did you forget your key?". No answer. I got up, went to the front room, turned on a light and asked again "Did you forget your key?". No answer. I then turned off the light and looked through the window curtains. No one was in the driveway or at the front door?

Envisioning the front door knob being twisted and turned could reveal you are about to meet someone who would become a major romantic interest for you. They would give you butterflies in your stomach and make you feel warm and happy all over. However, seeing no one at the door and receiving no answer when you called out means that this individual is likely not who they are making themselves out to be. They are playing with your emotions in order to take advantage of you. If you fall victim to their schemes, it may take a long time to recover and get your life back on track.

Hearing knocking on a door

The sound of a knock at the door in a dream, whether it is a clear knock or ferocious pounding, is a highly negative symbol to behold. It predicts an upcoming situation where you would be at the mercy of burglars, a thief or a pickpocket. This is especially true if you did not recognize the individual who was requesting entry to your home. This robbery would not only result in a loss of possessions and monetary wealth but would also negatively affect your sense of security and safety.

An open door

An open door, in the context of a dream, is a symbol that represents the mutual love and respect between you and someone else in reality. In some cases, this can be the manifestation of romantic bliss between spouses, partners, lovers or friends. It can, however, also reveal the understanding and reciprocity that exists between you and a close friend or co-worker. Additionally, this same image of an open door can be taken as a good indication for women that they are about to embark on a new love affair or, for men, that they would become involved with a mistress.

Entering through a door

Entering somewhere by means of a door is often considered a neutral symbol in the dream world. It suggests that, at some point in the near future, it would be necessary for you to defend yourself against an individual or organization that seek to exert power over you or influence your behavior. While this seems bad, they probably would not have much success in their efforts. However, you also would be unable to avoid their presence in your daily existence for some time to come.

If two other conditions are met, this symbol takes on a much more positive interpretation. Noticing that this door is the only entrance to where you are going and recognizing the location as one where you passed time as a child or young person could predict that you would be able to reign supreme over the challenges and inconveniences that have blocked your progress up until this time. Furthermore, you would be able to accomplish this with the support and advice of those who love and care about you and your welfare the most in reality, such as family members and good friends.

A closed door

Standing in front of a closed, locked door is a neutral symbol in the dream world. It alludes to the challenges and obstacles that you face in wake life. If you have a certain goal you have been working towards, it is possible you would soon face an insurmountable problem that would prevent you from making any progress. This same symbol can also reveal that you could soon become involved with someone or a group of people who would cause you much trouble and constant headaches.

Someone breaking in through the door

Envisioning someone trying to break into your place of residence by smashing in a door is a highly ominous symbol to perceive when dreaming. It portends being betrayed or backstabbed by someone you once thought had your best interests at heart. It is possible you have even shared some deep, dark secrets with this individual, meaning you are at risk of being exposed. This same sign can generally refer to upcoming dangers or attacks as well.

Locking doors

Locking the doors before you go out or turn in for the night suggests that you are open to new opportunities, but only on your terms. Instead of waiting for "God to open a window," you open and close various doors when you want. While taking control of your own destiny is certainly admirable, leaving no room for chance or adventure may limit your experiences in the long run, leading to regret.

Seeing two doors

I saw in my dream two wooden doors, the front door that was meant to be an iron door was a beautiful wooden door. The second door was the back door. It was not as good as the front door. I was able to communicate with both workmen. I was asking the maker of the back door that I needed a wardrobe. Please what does this mean?

Dream interpreters often look at the image of a door and associate it with different paths. As you saw two doors, perhaps you have two paths open to you at this time. One may look more appealing than the other, especially given the marked difference in quality you assigned to the front and back doors in your vision. Needing a wardrobe, then, alludes to wanting security. Your unconscious mind desires a safe space both in the literal and figurative sense. You need more information about what is behind these doors, however, in order to make an informed decision. While one option may look more appealing on the surface, it would be wise to explore your options before committing.

Someone using a door

Envisioning someone else entering or exiting through a door can be interpreted as a sign that you could soon be met with a series of obstacles when trying to complete tasks that are a part of your everyday responsibilities. You may have difficulty making progress on even the most mundane aspects of your work. This vision should be especially heeded by those who engage in work as a farmer or in the field of politics.

A door in general

The image of a door in the dream world can have a number of interesting and ambiguous interpretations depending on the context. This is especially true if the symbol is recurring or is particularly unremarkable. In many cases, the door alludes to some uncertainty or a block that exists in your mind. You may be unable to come to a decision or understanding about something you have recently seen or experienced. The source of your confusion and frustration is likely affecting you greatly, making it difficult to not only move forward in this area but also in other aspects of your daily existence.

Looking at this symbol from another point of view, constantly trying to enter through a doorway in the dream universe may reveal an upcoming project or activity. This could be related to either your career or a personal matter. If there is a negative atmosphere, the doorway could reveal stress or anxiety that you wish to avoid, abandon or otherwise escape. Conversely, trying to desperately close or hold a door shut might reveal a desire to end a particular friendship or romantic connection. You may be over-relying on a certain individual or substance, which is distracting or taking away from your enjoyment of everyday life. In all of these potential situations, this symbol of the door suggests the dreamer is willing and able to choose such a long-term decision.

Locked door

Seeing a locked door in your dream symbolizes facing obstacles or a feeling of being unable to move forward. Alternatively, the locked door represents a need for change or a desire to move on to a new phase in your life. The dream is a prompt to identify any hurdles that are standing in your way and to consider how you can overcome them in order to progress in your waking life. It is suggested that regardless of all the harsh lessons you might learn along the way, being consistent in your approach towards your goals is the ultimate key.

Wide open doors

Envisioning a door that is wide open before you is often interpreted as a positive or auspicious symbol in the dream universe. It predicts you would soon be able to make all your dreams come true or make great progress towards whatever goal you have in mind. This would bring you great satisfaction and happiness, possibly earning the admiration of those around you as well.

Doors shut close

Seeing a door shut right before your very eyes or when you try to go through it is often interpreted as a negative sign in a vision. It alludes to the fact that you are in some way unprepared or unqualified for a task you are doing or a position you currently hold. This lack of skill, experience or knowledge could be contributing to the difficulties you are facing in this area of your personal or professional life. This is especially true for details connected to rules, laws, regulations, limitations or official policies.

A lavishly encrusted door

Envisioning a door that has been lavishly decorated or encrusted with minute details and designs represents a current dream you have that is destined to forever be beyond your reach. In this interpretation, the elegant door is your goal, but because it is closed, you would never be able to pass through and make it a reality. Another possible interpretation of this dream can be found if the door was open and you were able to pass through it. This dream suggests you would be able to enjoy a carefree, easy-going lifestyle, free from stress and worries about money or other troubles.

Your house with an open door

Walking through your house and discovering there is an open door is usually thought to be a positive sign related to the possibility of receiving gifts or presents. It suggests you would soon become the recipient of a financial incentive or some valuable item, most likely as a reward for something you have accomplished or achieved. This could also be a surprise which was simply meant to delight you.

Being outside your home and staring inside through the open door could predict an upcoming business venture or personal hobby. This little adventure may bring you happiness and purpose, but it would also eat up a lot of your free time. You may have to improve your time-management skills as well. On the other hand, if you were inside staring out through the door, it may represent involvement in some less than savory activity, such as something illegal or immoral. In many cases, this specifically refers to crimes like extortion, fraud, black-mail and pyramid schemes.

Wanting to get in the door

Specifically dreaming about wanting to enter through a doorway because your current location is dark, dreary or rainy could reveal an upcoming situation in which your words or actions would greatly shock and offend those who normally know what to expect from you. You could lose friendships or networking connections through your erratic behavior. Another interpretation of this same symbol suggests you could meet or become involved with someone whose benefit as a friend or partner would very quickly run its course. You would then find maintaining the connection tedious and invaluable.

Someone opening a door for you

Envisioning someone else opening the door for you as you are about to pass through reveals some internal confusion or worry about an upcoming challenge you are about to confront. In a sense, you feel you cannot face this situation alone and are calling upon assistance subconsciously. The other man or woman in this vision suggests you feel dependent on or require the assistance of someone else to face this problem. Common individuals to rely on include parents, a spouse or partner, co-workers and close relatives.

A closet door

Dreams centering on the symbol of closet doors, particularly those that are difficult or impossible to shut, have a couple of different interpretations in the dream world. One interpretation predicts an increase in wealth or valuable possessions. You would be able to comfortably make big-ticket purchases or put more money in your savings account for a rainy day. On the other hand, this same vision could mean your significant other is engaging in extramarital affairs or is seeing someone else on the side. If you have doubts or suspicions, this dream could be the manifestation of those feelings.

Finding an unnoticed door

Finding a door that you did not notice or know about before represents a new problem popping up in your path to success. You may suddenly discover opposition to your ideas and propositions, forcing you to take a more passive role in group discussions. Alternatively, you may find that some instrument or device important to your success, like a computer or a printer, breaks or falls apart, leaving you unable to finish your projects on time. You could become extremely irate or frustrated by this situation.

A door collapsing

Seeing a door that you were trying to pass through collapse before your very eyes is a highly troubling symbol to perceive in a dream vision, particularly if the destruction injures you or someone else in the process. This image could reveal that someone you care deeply about is in great danger. This could be due to a freak, unexplainable accident or the result of careful planning by an evil individual lurking in the shadows.

Doors in public transportation

Doors that are connected to some form of public transportation represent the possibility of upcoming nuptials. Whether you envision the door of a train, taxi or bus, this symbol suggests you would soon walk down the aisle and enter holy matrimony. In some cases, this same symbol reveals your participation in a wedding ceremony or receiving the news that someone you care about has just become engaged.

A peephole on the door

Being observed or observing someone else through the peephole of a door is a symbol of mistrust and suspicion in the dream universe. This is particularly true of the relationship between spouses, lovers or anyone with whom you are in a romantic relationship with. You may have some doubts about the connection and trust that lies between you and your partner. Conversely, they may have reasons to doubt your own fidelity or loyalty. The symbol of the peephole is also associated with being observed by those who dislike or are jealous of you. They may be searching for weak points or information that could be spread as gossip.

Someone standing at your door

The vivid image of someone standing before your door in the dream realm is generally considered a warning according to Miller's work on dream interpretation. It means that there is the potential for great trouble or inconvenience in the near future. For example, your car may break down suddenly or you may trip and fall, perhaps leaving you unable to move freely for a short time. If you opened the door in this vision, you should be very wary of the potential dangers. However, if you ignored this individual and they left, you may escape from this fate with only minor scratches or bruises.

White door

Dreaming of a white door can be interpreted in several ways. In general, white is often associated with innocence, purity, and power, so a white door in your dream symbolizes new beginnings and a clean slate in your life. In other words, it indicates that you are moving towards a more positive and fulfilling future, free from any negative or harmful feelings. At the same time, this memorable dream full of mysteries is making you energized and excited about the future and that you are ready to take on new challenges.

Broken doors

A broken door that cannot be closed or locked properly alludes to mysteries that you are aware of in wake life but may not be fully paying attention to in reality. For instance, you may be subconsciously aware that something is going on around you, but you lack some information or context to make sense of it exactly. If the door is fixed by the end of your vision, it reveals that you would probably find the missing piece you need to figure things out. If the door had been both fixed and fully opened, it means everything would become clear to you very soon.

A door on fire

The vision of a burning door is often interpreted as a sign that you are about to reunite with someone suddenly. This is likely a man or woman you once knew very well but have since lost contact with for many years. In many situations, this symbol suggests you were close to this individual and enjoyed their company immensely. However, it is also possible, although rare, that this individual would make you uncomfortable or bring up unpleasant memories or news. In this case, the visitor may be a member of the local police force or a civil servant.

A new door

For expecting parents or couples who are interested in starting or extending their family, buying or installing a new door could predict happiness for their endeavors. This means that they would be blessed with a bundle of joy in the near future. In many cases, this symbol is associated with male children. This is especially true if the door was being put in the dreamer's own dwelling, whether it is a house or an apartment.

Unable to locate a door

In a dream, wanting to get out of a certain room or space but being unable to find a door through which to leave could be interpreted as a highly ominous sign. It suggests you are currently working on a project or task that has thus far been rife with troubles and challenges. You would likely continue to be faced with multiple roadblocks as you try to resolve this situation.

A squeaky door

An annoyingly squeaky door in the realm of dreams could be a metaphor for being visited or intruded upon by an individual or group that you find troublesome, irksome or otherwise upsetting. You may have to pander to whoever has interrupted your personal space for almost longer than you can bear, which would cause you great stress and anxiety.

Picking a lock on the door

Attempting to pick the lock of a door or break through such a barrier by force is the manifestation of obstacles impeding your progress in reality. In some situations, this alludes to physical objects or individuals that obstruct or hinder your progress on a task or project. It can, however, refer to non-physical entities, particularly when dealing with communication or body language. Another interpretation of this same portent can reflect the wish of the dreamer to solve a mystery, gain some secret information or find out the truth about something important to them. In a sense, trying to get through a locked door represents the struggle to overcome internal turmoil or reach an understanding about something valuable in their existence.

A stove door

Visions that center around the image of a stove or oven door, such as forgetting to close the oven door when cooking something or closing a door to a wood-burning stove, are often interpreted as negative symbols in the dream universe. They reveal the possibility that there is a fire hazard lurking somewhere in your home, place or residence or other building that you frequent. The source of the problem is likely due to negligence on your part or someone else using the space. For example, it could be fire alarms with dead batteries, poorly maintained cords and outlets or hanging clothes too close to an open flame.

A door in the ground

A door leading into the ground, such as a door to a storm cellar or basement, is considered a neutral symbol in dreams. It reveals the dreamer's want and need to reflect on their beliefs, actions and behavior. This self-analysis could help determine why you act the way you do and possibly lead to the discovery of your purpose in life. You may also want to figure out how to achieve balance and serenity in your daily existence.

A door to the attic

Doors that lead upward, such as into an attic or a loft, could reveal your desire or current ambitions to improve your lifestyle and mental health through spirituality or religious means. You would likely rely on traditional methods to reflect on your beliefs and religious connections in order to improve your spiritual, psychological and mental well-being.

Breaking through a door

Trying to break down a door by force in a dream is often associated with sexual trauma or distress. Oftentimes this vision is seen after losing your virginity to someone else. In other cases, however, this symbol can reveal the dreamer's tendency to indulge in daydreams or sexual fantasies that include themes of rape, masochism or sexual deviance. This is actually true whether the dreamers see themselves as the ones inflicting the pain or the ones receiving it.

An enormous door

Standing before a big, tall door is a neutral symbol in the dream world. On the positive side, this sign is associated with great gains in wealth, fame and prestige, meaning you would likely find your social standing boosted. However, this comes at a price and perhaps a bit of notoriety. To become rich and famous, you would probably need to disregard some of your former moral standards and possibly hurt or betray those who have supported you thus far.

No one behind the door

Answering the door during a dream, after hearing a knock or a doorbell, is a negative symbol to behold, especially if there was no one outside when you checked. This vision predicts that you would have many difficulties in the future or that you would have to deal with many serious problems before you could get everything in your life back on track.

A door knob on the door

Becoming entranced or focused on the doorknob of a particular door could predict meeting someone who would light a fire within you romantically speaking. This individual would make you feel butterflies in your stomach and bring some much needed excitement to your life. However, the outcome of this rendezvous could be at either end of the spectrum. You would either feel very fulfilled and blessed by this connection or you would be utterly distraught by the outcome.

Trying to get through a narrow door

Envisioning yourself trying to squeeze yourself through the passage created by a narrow door could be an indication of a number of upcoming trials and tribulations you would have to endure. It is possible you would face setback upon setback in your quest to complete your most important goals. Your troubles may even set into motion a series of events that would derail your plans permanently if you are not careful and truly dedicated to your cause.

Opening a tiny door for men

For males, opening a door that is much too small compared to their stature suggests they would soon find their wildest and most unique sexual fantasies achieved. The individual who makes these desires a reality would do so completely willingly and wholeheartedly, making the experience even more enjoyable and pleasurable.

A stranger at the door

Dreaming of a stranger standing on your doorstep can have positive or negative connotations depending on what takes place in the vision. If you let the stranger pass the threshold into your abode, it represents inviting opportunity and possibly being involved in some interesting ventures in the near future. On the other hand, sending this stranger away means losing out on an opportunity, whether you knew about it or not. Finally, neither inviting nor turning away the stranger could mean you would need to take some major or uncharacteristic action in order to set things in motion.

Someone trying to open door

A door can be a metaphor for an opportunity, privacy, even safety. However, the mystery of the person attempting to open a door in your dream suggests an unexpected event. You may not be expecting an intrusion in your life. Perhaps your privacy could be compromised by a hacker or a criminal could enter your inner circle without you realizing it. The message from your subconscious is likely about being more vigilant and placing security measures in your life where you are most vulnerable.

Opening doors inside the house from the past

I saw my dead granny's house which was sold a few months back. I am in it and it's empty except for one old dressing table and another center table in another room. I opened the door to another room and my brother is sitting behind that table doing some work. I came in and opened the windows saying "Fresh wind will refresh you". While coming out of the room I saw rusty corners and windows, I felt pity. Then I am opening the door for my mother, and by the time I opened it, she went to the other door to get in.

There is a sense of nostalgia and deep grief in dreaming about your deceased grandmother's house. The emptiness of the place mirrors the cavernous hole inside you due to her passing and is possibly exacerbated by the recent sale of the house. Even if you are slowly moving on, you are still mourning and there are likely triggers in the waking world that sent memories of her flooding back into your consciousness. The wind, as referenced by you in regards to your brother in this dream, alludes to vitality and energy, perhaps as a way for you to cheer up and chase away the gloom. This vision is a reminder not to dwell on negative emotions and to turn to your family for strength and support.

Running through a loop of doors

I had a nightmare that involved someone trying to kill me. I kept going through doors, but none of them lead to where they should've gone. I couldn't see who was trying to kill, but I was very afraid. I was stuck in a continuous loop of going through doors.

Someone attempting to kill you during the course of a dream vision is an ominous sign predicting the rise of negative energy in your life, specifically in the form of a new acquaintance who tries to coerce you into doing things you normally would not. Going through door after door and being unable to find an escape route suggests finding your way out of this situation could prove to be very challenging. Because you were unable to solve the problem before the end of the dream, it could represent your inability to do so in wake life as well.

Dream workers and ocean dreams explain meaning

A door that leads to the ocean side

At first, I am in a building that seemed authoritative, like a police or government office, and I am looking around, trying to find my way out. I then come upon a door and go through it. The door brings me to a marina, I look around and find myself looking at the ocean floor and see an old wrecked ship. I dive in to go aboard the ship and extract something from a crate and then swim to shore, then I woke from the dream. Please interpret what this means.

Being inside an official public building, such as a police station or government office, is a highly ominous sign predicting loss and misfortune at your current place of work or at the task on which you are placing the most important at the moment. This means you may make some bad business decisions, ruin a project or lose an unprecedented amount of money in the near future. However, going through the door and exiting to a view of the ocean suggests that through this unfortunate situation you could find an extremely lucrative possibility. Shipwrecks often predict someone trying to fool you, such as with false promises or deals that seem too good to be true, but your ability to remove an item from the ship and return to land safely could be interpreted as a sign that your redemption and success lies on this new path.

A closed door with symbols on it

I had a dream about seeing a purple ankh outlined in gold and it was on a door. Then right above it was the word Raz. I dreamt the same dream at least two times. Both times the door never opened, it just slowly started from the top where the word Raz was and went down to the purple ankh outlined in gold.

Dreaming about an eye on a closed door must be considered a forewarning. Closed doors generally represent obstacles and roadblocks existing or soon appearing in your waking life. The notion that you saw an eye outlined in purple on a closed door denotes the presence of a person with a guardian angel's traits in your life who makes it a point to see that you do not indulge in any sort of misdoings. Perhaps the reasons why you face problems in your life are a manifestation of your own wrongdoings. The word Raz could actually mean an unresolved matter or a secret, thus its presence on the door could denote that you could only solve your problems if you try to reform your ways of doing things or attitude toward others.

Going through a door and falling into a hole

I am having a dream that I'm with my mom but she doesn't look like herself and she tells me not to go through a door and I go through it, get chased and try to see who's chasing me but no one is there and the I fall in a endless hole.

Doors in dreams represent fresh starts and new possibilities. Your mom in your dream may be reminding you to be extra cautious and circumspect before accepting opportunities or getting involved in deals which seem too good to be true. Being chased upon entering the door alludes to the strings attached to offers and proposals. If you do not keep your guard up and your wits about you, you could end up digging a bigger hole for yourself. Free falling towards the end of your dream refers to troubles ahead. You may end up in debt or having to deal with one problem after another if you make decisions on a whim or without careful consideration.

Opening a door for someone with a key

I dreamt that I was passing and I saw a man sitting and lamenting that he could not open the door to his room. Many people have tried to open the padlock, but they could not. But I collected the key, tried the first time, I could not open. When I tried it the second time it opened.

The man sitting in front of the closed, locked door likely represents a close friend or acquaintance who is embarking on a new path in life. They are trying something new, such as a hobby or career, but are not having much success with it, as is witnessed by the door that they cannot open. You, however, are able to find the key and open the door. This means that while your companion may not be suited to the position they are attempting, but you have the skills and talent to succeed. Not succeeding on the first try implies you would have some struggles on the way, but opening the door does predict eventually triumphing over those obstacles.

Door opening and closing by itself

A door that keeps opening and closing on its own is a powerful esoteric image. It is often seen by those approaching an important life stage, like a graduation or the birth of a child. While this symbol alludes to advancing forward in life and various opportunities, it also represents potential for spiritual growth and awakenings.

Someone at the door

Someone standing in the doorway is often considered an ambiguous symbol related to your health. If you consider your habits and behaviors, there is an opportunity to improve your health and take steps to a higher level of wellness. Paying attention to this aspect of your life would make you feel light and also improve other areas, like your work performance or interpersonal relations.

Someone banging on your door

Envisioning someone knocking roughly on your door in the dream realm is often interpreted as a sign that an opportunity is near at hand. However, you may have been slightly oblivious to the clues that have been shown to you up until this point. In essence, this vision is trying to draw your attention so that you can listen carefully and hear your calling.

Opening multiple doors

The act of opening multiple doors in a dream denotes various choices or opportunities that would be available to you in the near future. However, knowing which path to choose may have effects on your health and emotional well-being, which you may want to consider. For instance, depending on the stage you are at in your life and your feelings, taking on a big challenge may be a great chance to grow and gain experience, or it may be a recipe for stress and disaster.

Holding a door shut

Holding a door shut or trying to keep a door closed at some point during the course of a dream vision means someone or something is repeatedly trying to knock your life off track. The fact that you cannot lock the door for some reason implies that there was a phase in your life when this person or thing was welcome. Now, however, they are an unwelcome interruption starting to impede your progress. Try to remember that the power is in your hands, and you can rise up and overcome this challenge.

Closing a door

The act of closing a door in the dream realm often means the exact opposite of opening a door, that is, turning your back on changes, opportunities and new relationships. This portent signifies bringing your life to a standstill by choice, refusing to choose a path or make a decision. While taking some time to think before doing an action is usually a good idea, completely stopping forward progress is unlikely to yield good results either.

Door not locking

Envisioning a door not locking symbolizes a lack of security and control in the personal life of the dreamer. The inability to lock the door suggests that you are feeling exposed to something, and unable to protect yourself from potential threats. The dream also indicates that you are unable to keep others out or to keep your own secrets or desires private. Perhaps, there is a lack of privacy and personal space, so you must keep yourself focused on your goals and seek answers to the uncertainties happening to you. Overall, the dream is a warning to take action and make changes so more fortunate developments start occurring in your waking life.

Door falling off hinges

A door that appears to be falling off of its hinges in the dream realm has a special meaning according to traditional dream workers. The falling door carries a meaning related to the spiritual world and afterlife. Many consider this symbol to represent that death and danger are right on your doorstep. Sigmund Freud in particular thought this symbol may express a period of time characterized by many troubles, much like the phrases "walking through fire" or "being lost in the woods." Other psychoanalytical sources have also thought this symbol may represent losing a friend or something you enjoy.

Front door falling off

The dream of a front door falling off suggests that you are feeling locked out of your spiritual life and that something is preventing you from finding the answers you are looking for. It is also a sign that you have a tendency to close yourself off from the outside world and are losing your connection with others. Maybe you need to take a step back from your everyday life and read more into the spiritual realm. Whatever the dream is suggesting, it is likely a sign that you need to open yourself up and break down any barriers that are preventing you from attaining true spiritual fulfillment.