Dreams Related To Doe

Being chased and bitten by a doe

Just wanted to know what it means to dream of a doe with no eyes and a spotted blackish face that comes running at me an gets past my boyfriend whom I can't see saying "Oh no, here it comes there's no escape this time". And having the doe come crashing through a window at me and bites my arm with its teeth that are extended from its flesh, looking like just its skull and teeth from the mouth. I'm frozen in position but brace and fight the doe when it bites my arm. Then I wake up.

The symbol of a doe in your dream represents the start of a very productive period of your life. It can also indicate your mental and physical preparation for possible motherhood as this animal symbolizes a caring mother. The doe having no eyes indicates spiritual blindness or insensitivity, which can be interpreted as you being confused about making an important decision. The scene containing the image of your boyfriend means you feel that your boyfriend is not ready for taking part in this new path with you, or he is trying to escape from taking responsibility. Seeing the doe biting your arm depicts your fear of being forced to do something you are not sure about or obligating someone to take a burden on his or her shoulders. Being frozen shows your perplexity about the next step because you feel that this step will have a crucial effect on the rest of your life.