Dreams Related To Document

Seeing a document

Seeing a particular document or file in the dream world means that you are making progress at your job on in your career. You are going places, and it really shows to both your co-workers and your supervisors. You have good reason to expect a raise or promotion if you keep up the good work.

Signing documents

Writing your signature on various papers or documents during the course of a dream vision is akin to accepting or resigning yourself to a particular situation in wake life. In essence, putting your name on paper means that you coming to the realization that you need to do or accept something because no amount of complaining or procrastinating will change it. While this symbol may possibly be referring to the acceptance of a negative situation, you should focus your attention on the self-growth it also reveals.

Ex-wife refusing to sign a document

I dreamt my ex-wife wearing a grey suit. We had a bitter disagreement about her signing a document and I threaten to kill her if she refuse to sign it.

A dream wherein you see yourself arguing with your ex wife has ominous connotations. It could possibly be a manifestation of troubles in your current relationships with others. Normally, the image of your disagreement with your ex points towards shortcomings in your present life. The disagreement which you seem to be having with her is perhaps an indication of your struggles and clashes with your partner or people close to you in waking life. The best course of action would be to reevaluate your ways of interacting with people present in your life and make amends before things go awry.