Dreams Related To Dock

Meeting a friend on the dock

I was walking down a dock and I found my guy friend that I had just met sitting there. I ran to him when I noticed that it was him and hugged him while asking "Where have you been?" He doesn't respond but just holds me.

Walking on a dock is often seen as a sign that a project or relationship is coming to its end. Just as a dock extends out only a certain length into the waters, so does this symbol mean that you are at a stepping off point. Hugging your male friend could be your subconscious picking up on the source of your troubles, that is, a particularly difficult relationship in your life. While you may have tried to maintain or repair this connection in the past, it seems that it has run its course. You would be better off letting go and focusing your energies on the people who add the most value to your life.

Pregnant and naked on the dock

Dream I was pregnant and naked in a loading dock where husband and I were working. He was covering me up. I felt love, free and happy.

Dreaming about being pregnant signifies becoming unhappy in your real life. The notion that you were with your husband can mean that he may soon cause you sorrow. The other symbol of being naked infers that your husband may not be your true soulmate or he is behaving selfish and tends to be possessive toward you. The central symbol in your dream of being naked and your husband covering your body could indicate a battle that has been taking place in your husband's mind about choosing the right direction in life. So, feeling loved, among other positive emotions, signifies a time of individual awareness. You may be getting more knowledgeable of some existing issues with your spouse.