Dreams Related To Diving

Diving into the ocean with someone special

I dove into the ocean with a boy holding hands (romantically involved at one time). The blue water looked 2 meters deep and not turbulent. I could see some rocks at the bottom and was concerned to not dive into them. He initiated the dive and I jumped just before him and once in the water it wasn't scary and was actually deep. I swam further underwater while also expecting him to catch up then we climbed out the water together. This process repeated a few times with other people in the dream also waiting their turns. The feeling was "I can't believe this is happening and semi shy" - thanks!

This is a fairly straightforward and positive dream to experience. Oceans are most commonly associated with upcoming opportunities for growth and self-improvement. Seeing yourself dive into this water, despite hesitations, represents your grit and determination in getting things done. This means you are likely to make full use of the opportunities presented to you. Going deep into the water further symbolizes protection for you, and you family by extension, from difficulties and problems as you follow your dreams and pursue the options available.