Dreams Related To Dismemberment

Friend's body dismembered

I walked into a club where there were shady guys. I walked to the back and saw a male friend of mine lying on some bar stools. His legs had stumps where his ankles and feet are supposed to be. When I looked into another room through the door opening, I saw his feet and ankles standing stuck on the floor. I think something happened that caused them to be cut off. He looked dead and I was feeling shocked and mortified. I was panicking and thinking about what to do. I thought about calling 911, and then woke up.

The club scene of your vision relates to feelings of rejection or distance. You likely feel some sort of disconnect from a particular individual in reality. It may be the friend you saw in your dream, but it is equally possible that he is only a stand in for someone else you are trying to maintain a relationship with in wake life. The stumps where his feet should be further support this idea by predicting an event that would cause a great division or loss. However, being able to see the feet in another room nearby means that not all hope is lost. Being that the feet are stuck, it is perhaps up to you to take the first steps in bridging the chasm. Your thoughts about calling for help further support this view, suggesting that your subconscious wants you to reach out and either make amends or find common ground with this man or woman.