Dreams Related To Dish

Washing dishes

Washing the dishes is a domestic task that takes on greater meaning in the realm of dreams. It contains an aspect of prophecy, suggesting that you would soon undertake some sort of improvement for your home. In some cases, this could be a major renovation, like adding a new room or remodeling a dated kitchen. However, it is also possible that this vision is alluding to more modest improvements, such as painting a room, cleaning up the garden or organizing a messy closet.

Being offered expensive dishes

Dreamed of a lady I once had met years ago was selling a beautiful box of dishes for $300. I couldn't afford them, but after awhile she offered them to me free. I told her I would have my husband pick up the box of dishes. It was a full set of older, but expensive dishes. The lady I haven't seen in over 45 years, was the mother of an old ex boyfriend.

Dishes or plates in dreams represent novel ideas and opportunities. In the case of your dream vision, being offered new dishes for free may be an indication of reconnecting with your general past, not necessarily specific to your ex boyfriend. Those expensive dishes may symbolize valuable lessons and insights you can uncover by reflecting on past experiences and relationships. It may be hard to come face-to-face with your past, especially when it comes to mistakes and failures, but if you approach it with an open heart and mind, you could avoid repeating the same mistakes or falling into old patterns.

Taking dishes to be washed and ex boyfriend

I am female and in my dream I was bringing this stack of plates to this place where you would set them and come back and they would be cleaned, but it was a scary place that you had to bring them. On the way I saw my ex-boyfriend and we instantly ran up and hugged each other and I told him he's mine now and I won't let him leave this time and he was happy. After that, I went back to get my plates and there was a crazy guy who was really tall and he was mad I didn't leave money for the cleaned plates.

The imagery of dishes that get mysteriously cleaned or washed means you have a secret admirer. Unbeknownst to you, a friend or acquaintance has been attracted, or even in love, with you for a long time. Despite your possible flaws, this person has placed you on a pedestal and only sees your good traits. However, you still harbor feelings for your ex, so you are blind to other people who may be dropping hints or showing interest. As indicated in this dream, you may soon find out the identity of your admirer, though in less than desirable circumstances. The angry guy suggests a rather awkward encounter with this person which could turn confrontational, especially if you are not too keen on reciprocating his feelings.

China dishes breaking and being scared

What does it mean when you are dreaming scared afraid and there are so many doors and cabinets with fine china and glass and you are locked in and can't get to your parents and can't scream even though you try? So you start throwing the china and glass breaking them hoping they will hear and come to you all the while it feels like you are being watched. I'm female.

The central point of your dream vision is the fear that you experience, which may come from an event from your past that you are not proud of. You may try to lock this memory inside yourself, but it still shows up subconsciously to remind you of those dark times. The other important symbol is being unable to scream for help. It is the manifestation of your perception that your family is incapable of comprehending your feelings, your lifestyle or your mindset. This lack of understanding makes you feel lonely and incapable of relating with those in your family on a deep level. You may wish to resolve your fear by creating deeper connections with others outside your family, however, they would never be able to replace your family in your heart. Perhaps you need to come clean about what you are hiding, if only to give yourself the relief of having a clean conscious.