Dreams Related To Disease

Getting a disease from someone

Dreaming that you are getting a disease from someone, for example when you are suddenly feeling and showing the symptoms of an illness acquired from someone you know, could serve as a hint to discontinue your self-destructive lifestyle or habits which could be negatively affecting your health and putting a strain on your relationships. This vision may also indicate an unwanted presence from someone who pressures you into these kinds of situations which promote unhealthy habits. Take some time to review what activities could be contributing to the best version of you and those that should be completely eradicated for self-improvement.

A disease you are afraid to get

To dream of a disease that you are afraid to get in real life, for example the dreaded, contagious and infectious AIDS or syphilis which when contracted causes stigma and ostracization from society, could be a reflection of your moral or ethical aspects of existence on a subconscious level. It may be an indication of some irrational or justified fears regarding certain decisions you could be dealing with in real life. It would be better to closely examine these fears which you could be feeling to counter or override them successfully.

In addition, try and recall what kind of disease it was and what you were feeling while having it. Whether you were ashamed of it in front of others or, conversely, you wanted to share the story with them in order to gain their sympathy, compassion or help, could shed light on your overall emotional state or foundation. You should tap into and leverage these hidden feelings or emotions to better deal with others and situations in real life.

Skin disease

To dream that you have a skin disease, such that you cringe when you suddenly acquired a discolored and uneven skin tone which looks ugly to look at, could be a reflection of narcissistic tendencies that you tend to suppress. This dream imagery may be telling you about your constant desire to show off or expose your qualities, good or bad, to others to the point of getting annoying. You could try to stay humble and acknowledge others from time to time to make them feel included and so as not to appear too self-absorbed in the process.

Describing your disease to a doctor

If you see yourself describing your disease to a doctor in a dream, for example when you are gesturing at which part or side of your body hurts along with the other symptoms which randomly appeared, it could mean that troubles at workplace or inside your household may be manifesting in your waking life. This may cause severe disruption and aggravation to your usually smooth sailing and harmonious life. Be on your toes and watch out for any signs of trouble so you could avert them even before they start.

A certain type of disease

To dream of a certain type of disease, for instance when you just recently watched a documentary regarding Ebola virus and you had a dream of getting this disease while on an African safari vacation, could mean upcoming period of time filled with responsibilities, preoccupation with trying to provide for yourself and family members. Knowing the type of a disease you have in the dream could allude to your patriarchal role within your family and may be hinting that you should not neglect such important responsibilities given to you.

Having an incurable disease

Having an incurable disease in the dream realm, like cancer or HIV, may point to upcoming health problems in the future. In many cases, this illness or infirmity would be brought on by stress or worry. It may be that you have a legitimate worry for your health, such as after having unprotected sex or being exposed to someone with a virus. However, it is equally likely that your worries are completely unfounded because you are looking up your own symptoms online or getting superficial information from unreliable, unscientific sources.

Warning of sickness and getting money

I have dreams of my uncle's wife on my father's side. She warns me that there is sickness spreading around and then she gave me money. Then I just woke up because I am surprised. I am a female.

To understand this dream, we should look at the symbols in reverse. Receiving money represents having a kind, generous nature. This means you are very happy to help others whenever you can, even at the expense of your well-being at times. However, imaging the spread of some sickness through the warning of your aunt, a family member whom you love and trust, is a warning of being overwhelmed or facing difficulties, likely because you put others before yourself. You may need to create a safety net to protect yourself before spending time, effort, and resources on others, lest you find yourself reliant on the generosity of others when times are hard.