Dreams Related To Disaster

Surviving a natural disaster

I'm a female. I was part of a mass exodus from a natural disaster. I ended up living as a refugee with my sister in the home of an older couple. We'd been separated from the rest of the people who'd fled, including my husband. For some reason, I'd forgotten my wallet and spent much time panicking over that.

Natural disasters in dreams often resemble the same kind of calamity or adversity you may be experiencing, or would experience, in reality. A storm could mean financial difficulties or an earthquake could mean the dissolution of a relationship. The magnitude of this natural calamity and the extent of its damage would indicate the seriousness of your actual problems and the subsequent suffering and pain you would experience. Perhaps the mass exodus represents your separation from your loved ones because of this crisis or setback and you would only have your sister to turn to for support. Being a refugee likewise refers to a sense of isolation and abandonment that you may have to confront because of this tragic turn of events.

Dreaming of disasters before they happen

Dreamt of the Italy earthquake the night before it happened. Dreamt that I was reaching out to help people get out of harm's way, but they did not want my help. They refused it, and they would not take my hand. I have dreamed of natural disasters that have all happened after I dream them. Like the Thailand Tsunami, etc.

Apart from the obvious, which could be your propensity to psychic powers or ability to sense and predict things happening in the future, these dreams could also be indicative of your great affinity for nature and simpler lifestyle. The anticipation of natural disasters about to occur while you are dreaming could also indicate that you find great joy and happiness having cats or dogs around, and if you do not have pets, it would be the most rewarding and gratifying experience for you to start taking care of one or even several of them.

Witnessing a disaster from inside the house

The dream was that my sisters and I were in our childhood home, my daughter, grandson and brother-in-law were there as well. My sister which I have a very close relationship with, my daughter and grandson were in the room where I slept as a child. All of a sudden I look out the window and see lights, the sky is different colors and I'm telling my sister "What is that?", we come out of the room and look out the window. There seems to be disaster everywhere.

This vision has a number of conflicting images which should be interpreted carefully. The first is the idea of being in your childhood home surrounded by your family. This sign indicates feeling safe or searching for a safe place in the midst of chaos. If your wake life has been a bit tumultuous as of late, your subconscious may be searching for a place among your memories to rest and restore itself. This is followed by two conflicting symbols. The lights of multiple colors suggest your life may improve to some degree, such as a reduction in stress levels or an increase in income. However, this small episode of happiness is unlikely to make up for what occurs later, as witnessing mass destruction caused by a disaster predicts serious misfortune and losses both for you and those around you.

With people after a disaster near a river

Feels like after a disaster happened. I am with a group of people under a bridge by a river. The people are asleep. Feels like early morning. I'm walking towards the river by it. Next, I'm walking away from the bridge. The people are behind me. From a distance, I see an old building with a lot of stairs going down the side of the building. I remember switching my eyes. Then I look again. I see weird people coming down, creeping. I turn around and I feel like I yelled at the people to alarm them.

Bridges in dreams represent periods of adjustment. Perhaps you are in the phase of transitioning to a new chapter in your existence, a new job, or a big change. It may seem grim due to the relatively gloomy atmosphere which could reflect your pessimism and doubts in reality. This could be due to the novelty of the situation and the uncharted waters you could be entering. Furthermore, the old building with people coming down similarly illustrates your negative view of the future as well as a general suspicion and distrust in regard to the personalities surrounding you in this new phase of your existence.