Dreams Related To Disabled

A disabled person walking

To witness the miracle of a disabled person getting up and walking is a prophetic dream vision. It predicts recovery and triumph in your life. Perhaps someone you know will overcome an illness or get rehabilitated. The effect of this positive development will give you so much joy and relief. The elimination of this problem will allow you to focus on other areas of your life and forge ahead with optimism and determination.

Being kidnapped by disabled people

I have a reoccurring nightmare that people who are disabled or mentally incapacitated (have either down syndrome or severe autism), and they have giantism, because they are taller than 6ft, are kidnapping me. It most commonly happens in grocery stores. I can't communicate with them successfully. What can this obscure dream possibly mean?

Dreaming about a group of menacing giants coming after you predicts having a number of menial tasks that need to be completed. This busywork may include filling out forms, doing chores, or generally running around in a flurry of activity. While this image by itself has no negative connotations, being kidnapped suggests that putting off these tasks or not completing them in a timely manner could quickly leave you feeling overwhelmed, causing extra stress and anxiety in your life. The supermarket by itself points to upcoming changes, but does not give any indication whether such changes would positively or negatively affect you.