Dreams Related To Dinosaur

A dinosaur

Jungian dream theory associates dinosaurs with negative self-image or poor self-confidence. Analysis of this dream symbol suggests you may be struggling with how you present yourself to others, possibly due to comparisons drawn between yourself and your peers. For instance, young adults may notice that a lot of their old classmates or friends are settling down, getting married and having children. The fear of missing out or being left behind may contribute to these harsh or overly critical thoughts. But seeing this symbol also alludes to some amount of self-awareness in this process, suggesting that you already know these thoughts are not healthy. Perhaps you are already taking steps to improve your image of yourself by seeking out counseling, deleting social media and trying out meditation. Persistence in your efforts may even lead to some form of deep enlightenment, which would bring your happiness and peace of mind.

A pet dinosaur devouring people and horses

I had a dream I had a pet dinosaur which I forgot to feed and it ate a lot of people that I didn't know. Then it lured two horses, then it froze, then played.

This dream vision is a manifestation of your existing negative attitude and temper you might be nurturing inside toward someone or something. You are about to face some significant life changes which would be originating from your desire to calm these forces down or eliminate them completely. The magnitude of these changes will depend on your ability to manage and resolve your inner contradictions and move in the direction that is right for you. However, if you keep on harboring these feelings or ignoring them, they might snowball and backfire causing a lot of damage both to you and those who might be potentially affected.

Baby dinosaur

Perceiving a baby dinosaur is a highly negative symbol and should be considered an ill omen. It usually reveals that something hidden in the past is about to bring chaos and trouble to your reality. Avoiding this disaster would be all but impossible, so the best you can do is be conservative and careful in the different areas of your life, as it is impossible to know if your misfortune lies in your personal relationships, finances, health or something else completely.