Dreams Related To Dinner

Being upset during church dinner

I dreamt I was at a church fellowship dinner. They had lots of food and extra pancakes and muffins leftover from breakfast. I went to sit and eat with my large family. I became angry that my mom ate my blueberry muffin because she "thought you didn't want it", but I hadn't even sat to eat it yet. I even went looking for another one but they were out. I was so pissed.

Although this is a somewhat complicated dream to interpret, we would like to offer the following pieces of information which you may want to try putting together by yourself. Finding yourself at a large gathering, like a dinner with members of your church congregation, often represents attending such an event in real life. You may have recently been to one or there might be one scheduled in the near future. Having a conflict with your mother in a dream may suggest rising tensions in your family situation. You may have recently noticed some minor conflicts taking place, or higher stress levels. Alternatively, this symbol could portend some unlucky, unfortunate event which could negatively affect the people who are close to you, particularly inside your own family.

Dinner with military personnel

I am a male, I had a dream of a lot of female soldiers, we were all sitting at a very long rectangle table, they all had on battle dress uniforms, and it seemed like we all ate dinner at the table outside. They were all interrogating me about my military background, but the interrogation was a good thing and everyone was still weary. I am an ex-soldier and I have been fighting for my career for almost 10 years.

Dreaming about sitting around a table with military personnel seems to be both a reflection of your past work situation as well as a sign that major changes are coming your way. This dual reality (recollections of the past combined with hopes for the future) is probably causing you some anxiety in wake life, as being interviewed in a dream vision could signify higher than normal levels of stress in the waking world. Until you let go of the past and completely embrace what is in store for you, you may not be able to fully enjoy or take advantage of the opportunities knocking on your door.

Dinner with the wife and some stranger

My wife and I are in a dimly-lit very large dining room. In the middle is a very long table. I have to sit on the other side of the table, so it takes a while to get around. When I get to where I need to be, there is a man sitting next to my wife, but I cannot see who he is due to to the poor lighting and a table decoration and he ignores any attempt at starting a conversation with me, though he'll happily talk with my wife. As the dinner winds down, the table gets smaller but I still can't see the other side.

The long dinning table you describe could be a metaphor for the growing distance you perceive in the relationship with your wife. The notion about taking a while to get around the table and go where you needed to be shows how much effort you could be putting into approaching your wife's needs in general. As for the man whose face you could not really see, it could be symbolic of your own presence in your wife's life, shared aspects of the relationship which you feel could be taking too much of your attention, making you feel increasingly estranged from her interests or needs. The man who would not talk to you is a reflection of yourself no longer feeling as an influential individual when confronted with your wife's behavior or attitude.