Dreams Related To Dimension

Traveling to different dimensions

According to modern vision interpreters, traveling to different dimensions in dreams represents being open to opportunities. You may be envisioning different versions of yourself or your friends as you process what you could do with your life. You may be seeing this symbol in response to an offer you have already received in wake life or as a general message that you are ready for whatever is coming your way.

Being stuck in another dimension

I was trying to open the door of a house where my friend was stuck, but she was yelling "Don't open or you'll get stuck". I was along with my friends who are actually not my friends in real, but were in my dream. I forcefully open the door and then some strong energy sucks us inside. We were 4-5 people. The world was something like you got stuck inside a mirror, but everything turned black and white. Then it started like game, everyone finding clues to get out and they succeed, but I got stuck inside the mirror.

Doors represent opportunities. The part where you open the door despite the admonitions reflect your hard-headed nature and refusal to listen to the advice of others. This part of yourself may end up getting you into a bad situation, even dragging other people into your troubles. The impression of a mirror thus points to your need for some self-reflection and self-awareness in order to get you out of making poor decisions. In relation to that symbol, the black and white nature of the latter part of your dream conveys the need to be more circumspect with your decisions. Black and white reveals a one-sided point of view, thus you could benefit from being more open to other people's opinions to get a more holistic view of the problem and thereby make sound judgments.