Dreams Related To Diamond

Breaking a diamond ring while running a race

I'm a girl, age 20. I dreamed about running a race. At first I was at first position, then suddenly my diamond ring which I wear got broken. The diamond is broken into pieces and I'm trying to fix it.

Your dream indicates that at one time you had great hope for your future and may have been close to achieving all of your goals. For some reason, however, you may now be stagnating and frustrated with your lack of progress. Diamond rings usually refer to wealth and blessings, but yours was broken, and you were trying to fix it in the dream. Symbolically, this could mean you are taking the necessary steps to get back on track, but you may not have found the right way to fix things yet.

Trying to hide a diamond

If you see yourself trying to hide a diamond from someone else in your dream, then this is a sign of an unexpected winning or becoming richer either the lottery, the help of randomly occurring life events, or the results of a good turnout of things you've been working on for some time now.

Diamond stone

Discovering a diamond stone or having a diamond stone fitted for a piece of jewelry is a sign of troubles coming your way and may also mean your personal goals will be difficult to achieve.

Finding a diamond

To have a dream in which you find a diamond accidentally can be a sign of long-lasting and mutual love developing between you and that special someone you may refer to as a lover or romantic partner.

Wrist or neck diamond jewelry

To see a display of diamond jewelry on your wrist or neck in a dream could be a sign that you will encounter a great increase in romantic adventures or affairs which will make your love life spontaneous and more exciting.

A cluster of diamonds

Viewing a cluster of diamonds is an indication that you are accomplishing things that reveal you are striving for wealth, but it can also mean that you are experiencing denial about the possibility of becoming rich.

It may be a good suggestion to go back and re-live your feelings towards rich people in order to successfully analyze this dream. Do you find yourself experiencing fear and animosity towards them, or do you experience a desire to become similar to one of them while having that sense of self-fulfillment that rich people often have?

Fake diamond

Dreaming of a fake diamond is a warning of an unproductive period entering your life. This means that every effort your make to achieve something will not bring any substantial results and you will find yourself in a vicious pattern of trying to achieve something at a very great expense that will yield insignificant results.

Being presented with a diamond

To be presented with a diamond as a gift from a known person or from someone you don't know could mean that you may be having an extravagant wedding or you may become the center of attention at someone else's wedding.

Diamond jewelry

To see someone or yourself wearing noticeable diamond jewelry is a very unfavorable sign and suggests that you will experience being insulted by someone, or could be facing losing a very close friend due to misunderstandings in communication. It can also mean losing an item you once held dear to you.

Owning a diamond

To dream of owning a diamond stone is a promising sign that you will experience an occasion where you are being admired, honored, and respected by people around you whether it is small social circles or on a larger scale.

Losing a diamond

If you dream of losing a diamond, then this could be a sign of a very unhappy event that will bring with it times of social stigma or disgrace experienced in front of other people with a possible hardship following this unfortunate circumstance.

Wearing a diamond

To dream of wearing a diamond on any part of your body is an omen of an upcoming separation from a lover or romantic partner, or it could mean a wedge has been driven in the friendship between you and a very close friend of yours.

Purchasing diamonds

Purchasing diamonds at a diamond auction or jewelry store is a sign that your persistence in accomplishing goals and all your hard work will be noted and rewarded by your boss or supervisor.

Trying on diamond jewelry

Trying on diamond jewelry is a warning that you will experience an absence of things that promote good health and may be subjected to a decline in personal wellness.

Giving a diamond away

To witness giving a diamond away in your dreams as a gift is a sign you are about to carry out some actions that will produce a costly mistake, and you will not be forgiven even though you had no intentions of causing the mistake.

A diamond ring and a French kiss

I've dreamed the my male guy friend gave me a diamond ring but I'm married to his friend. But before that he gave me a French kiss. Please interpret my dream. Thanks!

Dreaming of receiving a French kiss in a dream is a warning of being engaged in unacceptable or questionable activities or behaving this way. You may be inclined to commit some immoral acts at some point in time. Be aware that these actions could have long-term effects on your life and which you might regret later on. Being given a diamond ring can be treated as a sign of blessedness. It symbolizes favorable changes, maybe meeting a new acquaintance who might prove to be very important for you or achieving some of the goals you have set for yourself.

Looking for diamonds while traveling

A male friend wanted to go traveling with me but first, we had to find diamonds.

Dreaming about your friend who wanted to travel or was preparing for traveling with you signifies some outstanding unresolved issues or unanswered questions which may exist between you and him. The notion of diamonds in the same dream speaks of a long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationship you have with this person. At the same time, you could be subconsciously sensing that this person is trying to take this friendship to a completely new level and perhaps even has some serious romantic feelings toward you.

Taking diamond off a dead body

If you see yourself taking a diamond off a dead body, then this could be sign that you will become very unfaithful or act deceitfully towards your close friends. Your deception and unfaithfulness will not remain unchecked because your actions will become apparent to them very soon.

Losing a diamond from an engagement ring

In my dream, I looked down at the hand that my engagement ring was on and as I looked at it, my diamond fell off of the ring.

Dreaming about the diamond falling off of your engagement ring is a highly ominous sign associated with problems in romantic relationships, in this case, between you and your fiance. The loose stone could symbolize a personal tendency to break promises or not follow through on things you say you will do, suggesting that you are at fault for this particular disagreement. You may need to make a special effort toward finishing the things you start to show your future partner your dedication to your shared future.