Dreams Related To Desert

Leaving someone behind in a desert

I am a female, I had a dream that I was speeding in a red Mustang leaving someone behind that I know but don't keep in touch with. I left him in the desert and I saw his face in the rear view mirror as I was speeding away. I felt that I was missing something. In my waking life I tried to forget about this person.

Envisioning yourself driving a fancy or sports car, especially at high speed, reveals your penchant for extravagant purchases and an excessive lifestyle. This also indicates your desire to achieve a higher social standing and influence. As such, your focus is to expand your influence and stature by projecting yourself as a wealthy, capable and powerful person. Due to your fixation on appearances and prestige, you would end up neglecting a loved one who is undergoing a personal crisis as illustrated by the person you left behind in the desert. This is a stern warning from your subconscious to rethink your priorities and temper your dreams with concern for the most important people in your life.

Driving through a desert and a scorpion

I was driven by no one to this dark house in the desert but I didn't feel alone, many souls were present. Only for daylight to quickly approach. I was transported from the front to the back with nothing but desert all around. I then saw a diamond covered scorpion crawling through the desert sand that no one was afraid of, and it let itself be known and latched onto my hand. I pulled it off but it felt like Velcro, as if it was stuck. It didn't sting or bite, I then saw a strange water spout an awoke?

The desert, as the main symbol in this vision, sheds light on some trouble you may soon have in reality regarding certain members of your social circle. A friend may leave you high and dry suddenly, without any explanation or clear reason for doing so. Your loss of this individual's support would likely cripple your ability to succeed in something you are currently working on. This is seen in the image of the scorpion covered in diamonds, a symbol that is associated with both difficulty achieving personal goals and suffering due to a friend's betrayal. Perhaps your friend was also a partner, and their sudden departure has ruined your chances of completing your project or meeting your deadline. In any case, the water that spouts at the end of this vision has neither a good nor a bad interpretation. Rather, it suggests this would all come about rather suddenly, casting a shadow over your life much like the dark house you witnessed at the beginning of your vision.