Dreams Related To Defecating

Defecating in public

I dream this very often that not finding a suitable place I have to shit in full public view and then in the absence of water or toilet paper I find it difficult to wipe off the shit.

Finding yourself defecating in public is a sign of experiencing losses, either materially or emotionally. Trying to wipe feces off your body in absence of paper. etc. is an indication that you will be faced with an uncomfortable situation, because you will expose yourself to someone whom you do not really trust. This person might find out things about you that you do not wish to reveal to others, and this may cause you problems in the future.

Unbothered about defecating

I dreamed the strangest dream last night! Help! :) In my dream I was in a port-a-potty and needed to go poop. But for some reason I didn't want to sit on the toilet. I noticed some paper cups and so instead pooped into the paper cups. When I looked down I noticed slices of avocado in the poop (cups) and that my poop was the same color also. I was not disturbed and had no negative feelings regarding pooping or seeing the avocado slices. Can you help? I've looked up everywhere and cannot make sense of this one! Thank you!

Fixation on your own feces in this dream could be revealing an established trait in the way you communicate with someone on a personal level. The dream imagery of feces, when you are not disturbed by it, points to some important aspects of such communication which you either try to conceal from the person, intentionally leave them out or distort them in the way that benefits you. Seeing undigested food pieces present in your excrement and not being concerned by the fact, means you are happy with and determined to keep this communication the way that is convenient for you. Figuratively speaking, you expect to have these things to be unaltered and intact by the end of each instance of interacting with another person or other people.

Cleaning body after defecating

I dreamed I was passing a stool and washing my bum... There was lots of shit on my hand and I was washing it off... Then after a while I saw myself carrying a big bowl of clean water on my head, my mum helped me to put it on my head.

This dream points to a process of cleansing. Defecating in the dream refers to a removal or letting go of personal dilemmas and negative emotions. If something in your life is troubling you, perhaps you feel the need to get rid of this source of turmoil. The clear water you were carrying on your head signifies better conditions and happy occasions in the near future. Your life will also be prosperous and you will be able to enjoy the finer things in life. As such, the initial cleansing goes hand in hand with peace and prosperity. Only when you find closure with the more unsavory issues you are battling will you finally get the chance to live a more carefree and fulfilling life.