Dreams Related To Deceased

Deceased parent giving advice

My deceased father is telling my mother to give someone a white candle.

Dreaming of deceased relatives can mean one of two things, either you are missing them or you require lessons and guidance from them. The white candle in your dream pertains to legal matters. Your family could get involved in a court case or some legal proceedings. The notion of your deceased father being the one advising your mother to give someone the candle can be interpreted as filing a case against someone perhaps to find peace and justice.

Deceased father with a grocery bag

I was lying in my bed, front screen door opened and shut, dog barking, I got up, took three steps. My deceased father of 30 years walked into my bedroom, my eyes got big as golf balls, he walked five steps, turned around facing bedroom door (solemn look on his face never smiling or frowning). I yelled "Dad!", ran to him, he handed me a white grocery bag that looked like it had white papers in it, I threw the bag on the bed, hugged him, he never hugged me back, I woke up. Have dreamed of him before, always happy dreams.

The return of your deceased father in the dream means that you are looking for guidance. Perhaps you can find it in the advice and words of wisdom you have gathered from your time spent together with your father. It is also possible that he is merely a representation of your general past. Somewhere in your previous experiences, there is a valuable lesson you have learned or have yet to learn that would help you navigate your current situation. In addition, the grocery bag denotes opportunity and reward from hard work. There is an open door waiting for you to enter a new chapter in your personal journey. The white papers symbolize blank slate and fresh start. You are given the chance to prove your worth or build the kind of life you want should you accept the challenges ahead.

Deceased loved one being upset

Seeing a dearly departed loved one in a state of unhappiness or trouble may shed light on some upcoming troubles you are about to face in reality, particularly at school or work. This would probably be due to your own shortcomings and bad habits. For instance, you may get in trouble for browsing social media when you should be working. Alternatively, you may be trying to copy the lifestyles of famous celebrities, like the Kardashians or Justin Bieber, much to the annoyance of those around you. You may be shunned for your fake facade and inability to grasp reality.

Deceased father and mother

The dream image of deceased parents, whether or not they are alive in the real world, means you will make an uncharacteristic decision which will change the direction your life is taking. The cause of this decision will be the resolution of a long-time concern. For example, you will embrace your sexuality and decide to live your life as honestly as you want, even if it means losing some of your friends and family. Based on this major decision, life will change as you know it, for better or worse.

Deceased father in a truck

I dreamed I was in a beach house, several of my old time school friends were visiting. The water was only a few feet from the house. It was very close. Then I saw my deceased father in the dream, he was smiling, and driving a truck. There were a few other family members around, but my dad was there too in the truck.

Finding yourself in a beach house in the dream world means you need to slow down and take some time for yourself to recover from a stressful or difficult time. Unfortunately, this may be harder for you because of the constant presence of a stressor. Specifically, the old friends from school who came to visit represent past mistakes and issues that are resurfacing. This is probably the main reason for your anxiety and it is hard to get away from it. Similarly, the truck in your dream symbolize a heavy baggage that is likely family-related. The presence of your deceased father is your subconscious telling you to recall the lessons your father imparted or lessons you learned in the past which you need to apply to your current predicament. This is a problem you need to address head on in order for it to go away, but only if you are already fit in mind and body to tackle it.

My brother and 22 years dead father

Seeing your deceased father and your brother represents the need to take care of some unfinished business in wake life. Perhaps you have been putting something off for too long, or maybe you have been meaning to make a change but have lacked the direction and motivation to make it happen. In either case, finally putting things right or starting that new chapter would bring you a lot of peace of mind and personal satisfaction.

A deceased person holding your hand

Holding hands with someone who is already deceased is an indicator of upcoming trials and challenges. You may soon suffer greatly because someone who does not like you would take it upon themselves to ruin your life in some major way. For students, this could involve a bullying campaign that includes being shoved around in the hallways and cyber-stalked online. For those out in the world, a potential business or romantic rival may spread false rumors about your sexual exploits (or lack thereof) to drag your name through the dirt. Unfortunately, ignoring the problem until it goes away and not becoming incited may be the only way to survive this vicious attack.

A deceased person dying again

I'm a female, I had a dream that my friend's child's father (already passed away due to a motorcycle accident 2 years ago) was dying again in a dream and told me to give his 3-year old daughter a piece of red clothing of his.

Seeing a dead person in a dream depicts a persistent problem that requires your attention. Perhaps this person left some loose ends and your friend is now saddled with this problem. Red clothing refers to money or personal wealth. Your friend and her daughter could be having financial difficulties and she would need to borrow some money from you. It is also possible that they stand to inherit something valuable from the deceased father but they just do not know the value of this item.

Deceased father rising from the coffin

My dad just died last March 10, 2015. I dream that he was inside a coffin and he sat down and lied down again on his side. As if he is not comfortable, then gets down the coffin. I kept calling my dad, but he just walks towards me and he told me "Gloria in excelsis deo" and he lie back again.

This dream reflects your current state of mind when you are being haunted by your father's departure and unable to reconcile the feelings of hurt and sudden loss associated with this event. The notion of him rising from the coffin could also be symbolic of soon to occur visit from a person or people whom you have not had a chance to meet or talk to for a long time. You would be surprised if not astonished by the reasons they need to see you. Another interpretation of this dream, which is especially true if you recently have started dating or seeing someone, is that the person you are trying to establish a lasting relationship with could be hiding something important from you, so you should be careful how you approach and deal with this person. Possible negative outcomes could even involve a potential breakup, so be careful and try to anticipate and prevent future conflicts or disagreements.

A deceased loved one holding a baby

A deceased loved one, like a dear aunt or old friend, holding a small child is interpreted as a symbol of the circle of life. Much like the cyclical nature of life, so does this symbol allude to the end of one thing becoming the beginning of something else. It is similar to the reason graduation is also known as commencement. In essence, while one part of your life may be coming to a close, a different phase or new opportunities are on the horizon. This dream symbol is often associated with nostalgia and bittersweet emotions.

Deceased mother spilling milk

My deceased mother came to me, she tripped and spilled pink milk out of a wooden bowl onto my ancestor altar.

Seeing your deceased mother in a dream vision heralds a period of happiness and prosperity. However, seeing her tripping and spilling milk can be a harbinger of misfortune. Expect problems to crop up alongside the blessings you are about to receive. Specifically, the spilled milk could signify regret. Perhaps you will not fully appreciate your upcoming triumph because you had to sacrifice other things in the process. It is also a sign of betrayal, so it is possible that someone close to you will feel envious of your success and will find ways to downplay your achievement. Finally, the ancestor altar represents success in relation to professional goals. Your next few steps will be in the service of your family legacy. Other family members or relatives may have tarnished your family's reputation, but you are determined to restore honor and integrity to your name.

Deceased grandfather appearing as alive

My grandfather passed away a little over a year ago and I have had 3 dreams before this one with him in it. I had a dream where my father and grandmother (his wife) were sitting next to me at a restaurant. There was a huge line for the restroom and in this line was an older man. He turned around and smirked at me and it was a grandfather. After that, I desperately tried to show my dad and grandma, but he turned away quickly. After they looked away he would face me and start laughing. This went on for a while until I woke up.

This vision represents being toyed with in wake life, just as the man in your dream is taunting you while your father and grandmother are not looking. You may not know who exactly is pulling the strings, but someone is messing with your life and trying to make you upset by getting in your way of ruining things that are important to you. However, the image of your grandmother specifically points toward having a safe place to go when all else seems lost. It may be wise to spend some time there to recuperate and figure out how to deal with your troubles.

A deceased relative showing pictures

A deceased loved one was with me showing me photos in Viber from a handsome wealthy young man. Some pictures of him were half nude. We were about to meet with other friends of us (one of them Helen, in reality I haven't seen her for years).

Both the deceased loved one and the old friend you were meeting at the end of you dream signify mistakes in your past or old issues that are resurfacing. You could be pressured by this vision to tie loose ends and resolve unfinished business. In addition, your subconscious may be telling you to look back on your past for lessons which you need to apply to your present situation. Not learning from your past mistakes may be forcing you to repeat old destructive patterns and you need to break this cycle. Meanwhile, the wealthy, young man alludes to success possibly enjoyed by your younger peers. The partial nudity suggests that perhaps their success is due to their tough skin and ability to spin negative events into favorable opportunities. You may learn something from the way they handle difficult situations. Wisdom is not guaranteed the older you get. Sometimes, there are lessons you can learn from the younger generations.

Deceased father by the fire in a field

I had a dream of my father who died when I was six. In my dream, we were in an open field. My father was sitting in front of the fire. In my dream, he said "The great spirit in the skywalks with you. " I was unable to speak. The thing is, my father looked exactly like me right now. I woke up in a cold sweat.

Seeing your deceased father in your dreams suggests there is some unfinished business you have yet to complete, likely related to his life or passing. Because you were so young at the time of his death, you may not have been fully aware of the situation at the time, but now that you are older, it seems his spirit may be returning to you to remind you of this time. The connection is made stronger by the fact that your face and his face shared a striking resemblance, even though that may not be the case in real life. This means that you may be seeing aspects of him in yourself or that others are recognizing the similarities between you and your father more and more prompting you to act on his behalf.

Deceased people sharing food

I dreamt for the first time of a deceased friend of my late father presenting 3 packets of pastry balls filled with meat inside, but some of the balls were burnt, to my late mother. It involved the delivery to our old childhood apartment address which is no longer in existence and has always been at the same address.

Seeing someone you know who has already passed predicts receiving some unexpected, exciting news in the near future. Because this person is connected to your late parents, it may be related to some changes that are occurring in your life at the moment, be it a new job, a new city, or a new relationship. The food presented to you suggests that this is a positive change that could if fully explored, greatly expand your opportunities in the future. The image of your previous home, however, indicates you might be comfortable where you are and maybe unwilling to try something different. You should consider if the risk of change is worth the possible benefits of starting new and, if it is, make the best of this situation.

Deceased grandmother washing a car

My deceased grandmother was washing a black car in my dreams, but the black car was mine.

Having a black car in your possession can be interpreted as a sign that misfortune could be headed your way shortly. However, the fact that your deceased grandmother was washing it could indicate finding a proper resolution to the situation, as dreaming about your deceased grandmother is often considered a good portent, a sign that there is a safe place for you amidst all the difficulties that you may face in life.

Deceased boyfriend going to the cemetery

I dreamed of my beloved boyfriend who recently died because of a cardiac arrest. He was riding a bike and talking to me. I ask him why is he carrying a black candle? He said he is going to the cemetery to light them. I ask him why is he had not going to the cemetery recently. He said no, just for today, he is going to the cemetery later.

Talking with a loved one who has recently passed away in your dreams could point to a subconscious feeling of depression in your everyday life. Your behavior while interacting with other people might be a good indicator of this inner state. The black candle in the dream further symbolizes how the loss of someone close to you is affecting your waking life, even if you haven't noticed it yet. In this case, you shouldn't be afraid to open up to friends or family about what you are going through.

Deceased husband asking for food

Seeing your deceased husband eating or asking for food signifies your need to interact and socialize more with your family. Generally, this vision denotes that you need to keep in touch with your relatives or even your mother or father, for you might not be talking with them due to your hectic schedule. Likewise, if you are a parent, this dream is a message that you need to be aware of the situation with the members of your family, especially with your children. You might be tied up with work, which makes you overlook important matters in your family.

Deceased family members not in the wedding

I was marrying my ex-husband and my parents did not attend. My ex-husband and I are sitting alone at a table after the wedding and my parents come in and rave about the party they went to instead. My father has been deceased for 5 years.

Dreaming about marriage to a previous partner is often interpreted as a sign of negative events to come. More specifically, you are likely to experience great hardship and misfortune in your personal life. This is because seeing your deceased father in a dream vision points to unfinished business that is coming back to haunt you. Until matters have been cleared up, you may not be able to feel peace and tranquillity in your life.

Interacting with the deceased family members

A brother of mine recently passed. Another brother who passed long ago was seen holding a baby and smiling while our dead parents looked on. Then he said that our father who had recently passed found the fish pot now. You, meaning me, need to go and find the thread bag. What could this mean? When I was younger, I repeatedly saw my grandfather showing me where to go look and dig for a fortune on land he left for my dad. His wife, my grandmother, loved me very very much.

Seeing a brother who has passed away in a dream vision is indicative of troubles or disturbances occurring in wake life. These are completely outside of your control, although if you could find your way through this challenge, you may be all the better at it. This can be seen in the image of the baby your brother was holding and in the presence of your parents, symbols which suggest a need to search for a path that leads out of this predicament and a need to go to others for help in your time of hardship. The bag of threads, then, could be the manifestation of upcoming opportunities that could appear when you are in the clear.

Deceased mother in other people's dreams

Mom died two months ago. Two people who knew her called me and told me they dreamed they were driving in a car with her and she was younger and laughing and joyful. Both dreamed about mom within one week of one another - essentially the same dream. In one dream they were driving to get me, in the other I was driving but mom said "Step on it."

When these people dreamed about driving together with you and your deceased mother, it is indicative that you are about to go through some event involving or concerning these people. Because the central figure in these visions was your mother who recently passed away, it seems that there is a great deal of her influence, even though she is no longer around, leading up to this important life event you are about to experience. While there is no indication of this circumstance being positive or negative, it might be a good idea to be careful about your choices or decisions you make to avoid acting hastily in regard to any surprising or unexpected news. This is especially relevant, considering they envisioned your mother doing the same in one of their dreams.

Deceased son eating popcorn

I dreamed about my dead son and there was a lot of popcorn falling from the sky. And every time it falls on the ground, it will turn into meat and he was eating it.

Popcorn represents ideas, potential and growth. To see popcorn falling in your dream alludes to potential or an important idea or realization that will come to you in real life. Perhaps you have been thinking about your deceased son, which is why he manifested in your dream. The popcorn may be symbolic of his unrealized potential for growth due to his passing. Consuming meat refers to a yearning for clarity and enlightenment. It could be that you are still in the process of coming to terms with his death. Your subconscious is trying to piece together the significance of the tragic event and the need to search within yourself for the strength to cope with the loss and eventually move forward.

Deceased mother visiting not letting go

My late mom visited me in my dream. Just for a few seconds. I was a kid playing on the floor and she came from behind and she leaned over and surprised me, I lifted my head and saw her upside down and she kissed and hugged me and I said "Mom" in surprise and held on to her and told her not to let go of me and I held on tighter and she said "Gracias", and I didn't want to wake up, but I did.

Coping with the loss of a loved one often manifests itself in dreams once in a while. Sometimes events in the waking life trigger memories of a deceased relative. On the other hand, you may also be seeking the guidance of your mother regarding an existing problem or concern. This dream is very much rooted in an idealized past. Perhaps your present is not up to par with your expectations, hence your subconscious is summoning scenes of comfort and contentment. Instead of dwelling on things that have come and gone, try to pick up lessons from your previous experiences instead. Gather up the courage to accept whatever happened, so you can begin to let go and move forward.

A deceased relative in a chair crying

My friend dreams about her dead relative whom she is working with. That dead one is crying and sitting in the chair where he last sat in the house of the person who was sponsoring her visa.

Dead relatives in your friend's dream could point to messages that are linked to these people who have passed. Dreams like this one suggest recalling the wisdom she may have gained from that deceased person. Your friend could need some good advice regarding something the person may have also experienced while he was alive. These lessons and bits of advice could be instrumental in her current pursuits. The vision of the dead relative crying could also mean that he could be disappointed with your friend's decisions in life or disapproving of her behavior or lifestyle. The kind of relationship he had with the dreamer will spell out the specifics of the dream's message.

A deceased parent and long-gone pets

Hello, my dream was about my three deceased pets who have been dead for 15yrs, and my bedridden mom was in my dream, my three fur babies came to visit, but only one greeted me with joy and happiness, while the other just ran to my mom's bed, and the youngest just sat down and stared at me. Suddenly I realized that I didn't have much time with them and this made me so sad, that I woke up crying. What does this mean? Thank you.

Dreaming about the furry members of your family who have already passed away is likely the manifestation of some memory or recollection you were recently reminded of, and whether it was subconscious or not is important. You may have seen a picture from your past or seen a similar-looking pet when out and about, which could have sparked this memory within you. The presence of your mother and the fact that your three pets are divided evenly between you could suggest a balance in your relationships, particularly among family members.

Sexual acts involving deceased parents

I need an answer. This dream is driving me crazy. I have this weird dream that my husband is having sex with my dead mom in front of me. The weird thing is that my mom never met my hubby. She died before, but only saw my hubby's pic that I sent her a few months before she died. In my dream, it felt like my hubby is my dad and I am having an affair with my dad and he won't leave my mom for me. This makes me so uncomfortable. I love him so much and he won't leave her for me.

Feeling like your husband is your father in a dream vision predicts worsening health in your future, possibly over a few months or years. This, combined with the image of your husband (father) having sex with your deceased mother could suggest that negative feelings or a dim outlook on life could contribute to your decline. Your frustration and discomfort in this situation are likely representatives of similar feelings in wake life. In this case, not only is the dream a warning to take precautions with your physical well-being but also to try to focus more on the blessings in your life instead of the challenges.

A deceased family member in a coffin

A dream of a coffin in my house with my deceased brother-in-law decomposed.

The coffin containing the decomposing corpse of your deceased brother-in-law symbolizes certain bad vibes that may be affecting your everyday life. The same vision could also portend the demise of someone you know, which could turn out to be rather surprising and unexpected.

Uneasy relationship with a deceased father

My dad came into my room and fingered me. And I let him. But it felt like a dream within a dream because next, he just sat down beside me with some food and watched TV. We were talking and he was saying how he came to my graduation and I said no you didn't. You couldn't have because you are dead. And then I woke up crying.

Having this strange kind of relationship with your father is associated with the idea of making decisions or observations based on broad generalizations about a certain situation or group of people. Your inability to distinguish a singular entity from the whole could have negative effects on your interactions with others, especially newer relations. The fact that your father has already passed could suggest your way of thinking is based on things you heard or experienced in the past, perhaps pointing toward a "fossilization" of your ideas and beliefs. It might be wise, then, to spend some time actively looking at arguments which challenge your stances and see if what you believe in stands up to the test.

Deceased father wanting his things back

My father that passed away left me money and his car, in my dream he said he wants his things back and then turned his back on me. I never had a relationship with him and did not see him until after he passed away.

Visions of your deceased father, whether you had a close connection with him or not, are symbolic of tasks left unfinished or questions left unanswered, most likely about your father's time on earth. There may be things you wished to know about him (either for your sake or just out of curiosity) that you did not get the chance to ask. Your vision, then, represents your subconscious fear that it is now impossible to learn the truth or finish what you have started.

Deceased parents morphing

Dreams about my deceased dad walking through my deceased mother.

Deceased fathers in dreams generally represent unfinished business, particularly in regard to some task or activity you did with him while he was alive. Your deceased mother, however, symbolizes future happiness and contentment. In this case, then, you need to complete whatever you may have started in order to find peace of mind and satisfaction.

Walking with a deceased grandmother

Female. Me and my grandmother I, who died just over 2 months ago, were walking together, holding hands tightly and she told me that she loved me.

A dream in which you are having a bonding experience with your deceased grandmother could be considered a reassuring sign. It may represent the fact you always have a safe place to go when trouble begins and overwhelms you. This dream could also imply that you should not let your pride keep you from seeking help when you really need it.

A deceased niece with an unborn baby

I went upstairs to the nursery and my 3-year-old niece who recently passed after drowning in a swimming pool was laying in the crib with my unborn son and was rubbing his back singing "This Little Light of Mine."

Seeing a young, deceased relative as though they were still alive, is a reflection of the sadness and profound loss you feel over their passing. The lost future and potential of this young person are truly a tragedy that would have a serious impact on your heart and mind, which can be seen and felt in this imagery. Seeing your unborn son comfort this perished soul with a lullaby represents your personal guilt for not being there, either because you could not save the child or because you were too busy to grieve with the child's parents. It may ease your current state of mind to meet with them and help them in any way you can.

Deceased husband with a ring

I saw my deceased husband holding and staring at a big ruby ring and when I asked him what he was doing he gave me the ring and left and I couldn't find him again.

The presence of your deceased husband in your dream is a warning to watch your words and actions at any upcoming social gatherings because others are paying more attention to you than you may think. You may have enemies waiting to act on some secret information carelessly divulged or, more likely, trying to find some fault in your behavior or logic that can be used to embarrass you in front of family, friends, or co-workers. The ruby ring represents your desire to fight these people head-on, but your husband presenting it to you and disappearing suggests you should keep your feelings to yourself and let the situation sort itself out.

Deceased relatives and animals

I dreamed of a deceased sister telling me about how to do a chore and a deceased father telling me about a chore, becoming angry then discovering a sickly cat, with three other cats and two rats one rat being big and the other small.

You could be projecting yourself onto the image of a sick cat in the dream. Cats are cunning, independent, and feisty creatures. As such, you could be feeling suffocated and deprived of freedom because of the community you live in. Your religion and religious leaders may be chastising you for your behavior and attitude. Due to your free-spirited, and possibly rebellious nature, you could become embroiled in conflict with your nosy neighbors, symbolized by the rats. Your independent thinking sends tongues wagging resulting in disapproval. This kind of pressure to conform is usually a consequence of being part of any community.

Deceased mother upset about money

My late mom crying about money.

Crying about money alludes to failures and disappointments. Your family could have suffered from major setbacks lately and you are currently feeling the consequences of the losses incurred. Money symbolizes success and achievements, hence crying over it reveals hopelessness and feeling defeated. Perhaps your subconscious is showing you the reality of the situation, so you can step up and help your family overcome this setback.

Deceased wife coming back to life

I always dream about my late wife. She passed on in 2014. In the dream, it's like she's still alive and was away for a long time. I would ask her where she's been and tell her how much I'd missed her. I would be so happy that she's back only to wake up in pain realizing it was just a dream.

This dream is a powerful portent, this vivid vision of your deceased wife in the dream could point to the possibility that the choices you have been making so far are questionable at best. A certain decision that you have made as of late are not really beneficial for you and may have consequences and long-term ramifications in your life. This dream, therefore, advises you to be more careful with any important decision you are forced to take. There is no shame in asking for a second opinion before starting something that could end up requiring a lot of your time and effort.

Traveling with a deceased friend

I had a dream that my deceased friend and I were on our way to a vacation, but my daughter's father was also going with us, my friend and my daughter's dad were in a serious relationship, but broke up just before she died. Because of this, we ended our relationship, but before she died we reconciled. In my dream whilst we were traveling, the dream changed to the day of her funeral when I was crying uncontrollably for her to wake up and be OK.

Dreaming of your deceased friend reveals unresolved issues. Even though you managed to settle your differences before she passed, you may still harbor feelings of regret, possibly even guilt, for not patching things up sooner. You may feel as if you let your pride and ego prevail over your friendship with her. It is also possible that despite the reconciliation, you have not fully forgiven her or your daughter's father. As such, the dream is showing you that in order to properly mourn and come to terms with her death, you may also need to let go of the hurt and the anger that has built up over the years. Perhaps it is time to forgive everyone including yourself.