Dreams Related To Death

Your own death

The imagery of your own death within a dream unfolds a unique symbolism, hinting at a promising journey of longevity and contentment that lies ahead. This portrayal often signifies an illuminating phase of transition in your present existence, be it a period of spiritual enlightenment or personal evolution. Much like the shedding of an old skin, this dream suggests that you are on the brink of embracing a new, more profound chapter of your life's narrative. By embracing this symbolic message, you're encouraged to welcome the forthcoming stages with a sense of anticipation, as this metaphorical death signifies the rebirth of your experiences, the blossoming of your spiritual growth, and the emergence of a more fulfilled self.

Death of someone else

The death of someone, whether or not you know the person, is a metaphor of release as well as personal growth. You are letting go of bad habits, personal baggage or toxic relationships which are preventing you from achieving a well-balanced and productive life. On the other hand, if you dream about the death of a family member, then suggestive interpretation of this dream symbol points to conflict or altercation with someone in your family.

Death of a famous person or a celebrity

This dream can suggest a desire for change or transformation in your own life. The death of a famous person might symbolize the need to let go of certain aspects of your own identity, habits, or beliefs in order to grow or evolve. It may also indicate a desire for recognition or success in your waking life. The advice to find peace and understanding with someone close to you is a valuable message from the dream, suggesting that resolving personal conflicts or improving relationships can lead to personal growth and positive change.

Agonizing death

Experiencing a dream of an agonizing death unveils a significant symbol, indicating a potential encounter with an individual who disguises themselves as caring but harbors ruthless, manipulative, or uncaring intentions. Just as the dream portrays a painful passing, it signifies a cautionary message about the hidden motives of someone around you. By interpreting this symbol, you're urged to exercise discernment and vigilant awareness in your relationships, recognizing the potential for deceptive behavior.

Death of a friend and a family member

In general, the death of a friend or family member in dreams is an indication of impending conflict between you and the person who died in the vision. The death of a member of your family, especially if they are still alive in reality, likely reveals brewing disagreements and misunderstandings that have been projected into your subconscious. As such, their death is a metaphor for a parting of ways or the disintegration of your relationship. On the other hand, the death of a friend can sometimes symbolize prosperity and success. However, this is only true if you see your friend as a rival or if you are in the same industry. In that case, your friend's death in the dream can be interpreted as an opportunity for you to find your own path and become successful through your own merit.

Death of a sick person

Death of a sick person predicts temptation will enter your life. Beware of an offer for something you covet because accepting this offer may cause distress, suffering, and hardship to others involved with the transaction.

Death of mother

In general, witnessing the death of a parent alludes to a disagreement in your family. To dream about your mother's death specifically means you will cut ties with a nurturing presence in your life. This could be a confidante, partner or even your actual mother. Other symbols embedded in the dreamscape will provide clues about the reason for the falling out. For example, if the cause of death is a heart attack, then this implies past unresolved issues which will cause a rift between the two of you.

Death trying to take me

Envisioning the face of death itself trying to take you to the underworld or afterlife is a highly ominous image to perceive in the realm of dreams. It suggests that you could soon succumb to the troubles or dangers that have plagued you in reality, especially if those aspects of your life that are in trouble have recently gotten worse. It is possible you could be completely ruined or even die due to there circumstances unless some miraculous change comes to pass.

My own death

Dreaming of your own death surprisingly has a positive dream interpretation. Unlike the morbid nature of this dream symbol, in reality this refers to a long, happy and fulfilling life for you. Death also symbolizes transformation and transition. It could be a spiritual enlightenment that would steer you into a more promising path or personal growth which would allow you to achieve your full potential.

People dying and father crying

I am a female. In my dreams, I always see the death. Mostly those I know. At times I am moving around with them. Please I really need to know why and the meaning of those dreams. And my dad is always crying in my dreams.

Seeing the death of those around you is not actually associated with the passing of these individuals in reality. Rather, this image symbolically suggests these people are becoming more involved in their own lives and, therefore, do not have as much time for you. A classic example would be a friend who gets married and spends more time with their partner than their friends. Because multiple people have passed in your dreams, it could mean you feel like you are being left out while others have very full and exciting lives. This coincides with the symbol of your father crying, a portent often associated with reevaluating your life and circumstances in the face of major changes.

Dead ancestors staring

A group of dead ancestors staring at me saying nothing, just staring. I could not speak to them. My voice went out.

Dreaming of dead ancestors usually bears a positive message. It means you are headed to a better and brighter future. The path ahead would be clearer and, as a result, your own well-being would improve. Perhaps their silence and the loss of your voice represent your insecurities and anxiety about your future. To attain your dreams, you may need to step out of the shadows of your ancestors, find your voice and blaze your own path.

Death of a significant other's family member

Experiencing a dream about the sudden death of a member of your significant other's immediate family is a bad sign to experience in a dream vision. It suggests you may have a major fight or altercation with someone in their family, most likely their parents or siblings. This could cause some uncomfortable situations in the future if not remedied quickly.

Death of an old friend

The death of an old friend in dreams is an allusion to an impending personal transformation. You may be close to letting go of your past and focusing your energy on living in the present as well as planning your future. In a sense, the old friend is your comfort zone and your tendency to hold on to things, places and people even though they no longer serve a meaningful purpose in your life. As such, your friend's death symbolizes your readiness and willingness to leave behind all the things which are holding you back from realizing your full potential. Alternatively, this could also mean that you sense something missing in your waking life and perhaps this aspect is embodied by the friend who died in your vision. In this context, your subconscious is showing you your desire to possess a trait or characteristic which you think you lack.

Death of an unknown and stealing from a family member

The death of a stranger or an unknown person means a falling out with a loved one is likely going to happen soon. A part of you may have sensed a growing animosity between you and someone very close to you but you choose not to entertain the possibility of conflict. Meanwhile, stealing from a family member alludes to dishonesty and betrayal. The combination of those two dream symbols means whatever major disagreement happens, the root cause is likely you own insensitive actions or mistakes. Perhaps you need to consider the adverse effects of your decisions before you do something rash.

Death of a high school friend

The death of your high school friend or someone you graduated from high school with is actually interpreted as a positive symbol in the realm of dreams. It suggests your own life would be filled with good fortune, happiness and success. If you have recently been through hardship or a period of bad luck, you may soon see more rewards from your efforts.

The death of someone who is already dead

Freudian sources of dream interpretation suggest that seeing someone you know to be dead dying again symbolically represents guilt or regret. Even if the way the individual died in a different way in your vision, you likely feel some conflict over their passing or some related incident. The way this man or woman passed away in your vision could shed a little more light on your subconscious emotions or memories.

Learning about death on social media

My son and his wife were killed in a car accident and I had no idea how to take care of burial and preparations. Then an in-law posts it to Facebook before I had a chance to let others know and I was angry.

The imagery involving your family members dying in a car accident is a manifestation of some existing issues or conflicts plaguing your relationship with them. You seem to criticize ob be unhappy about particular aspects of their life, something that they want you to stay out of. You could also be spreading around too much information about them among those who do not really want to know or care about your opinion. You are also subconsciously sensing that your involvement in their matters does not serve you well, so your mind is painting images of physical detachment from them, in this case their departure.

Questioning own death

Well I have seen that I die or see if people will care that I died.

Death in dreams is the opposite of reality. Your own death envisioned in this dream points to a long and happy life ahead and is often suggestive of a transitional phase in your current life, either in the form of spiritual or personal growth. Questioning whether other people cared if you died could also be symbolic of your current attempts to improve your image in their eyes.

Being the death

I am a man. I dreamed that I was death and I was in front of a large group of people then I found myself wrestling a man.

To dream that you are Death or the Grim Reaper depicts a negative personal transformation. You could be cutting yourself off from your friends and family, preferring to keep to yourself instead of being actively involved in their lives. Alternatively, you may be harboring ill will towards certain individuals due to trespasses done against you. This is dangerous because it means you have the tendency to abuse any type of power once it is given to you.

Self death

Self death.

Dreaming about your own death, such as in the case of suicide, could point to certain aspects of your personality that you wish you could eliminate from your existence. Traits like being greedy or lazy may be the things about yourself that you wish you could change or make disappear altogether. Sadly, it is never that easy and you need to learn to accept every part of yourself, even the flaws and shortcomings.

Being warned about imminent death

A girl named Sallie is standing in front of my bed with a slit stomach telling me to beware of him and she is pointing to a dark figure creeping towards me with a knife and a surgeon mask on. And Sallie is telling me that he will slit my stomach and leave me to die.

Dreaming about a dark, shadowy figure which intends to harm you may represent some rift or disconnect between what you believe and what you actually say and do. For example, the prominent image of the slit stomach could point to concerns about health and wellness. You may tell your family and friends that you are relying on prayer or natural cures while, behind their backs, still visiting a regular doctor. Although nothing bad is predicted by this vision, there is a sense that you should try and make peace with yourself, either by revealing the truth to others or standing by the things you say you believe in.

Acknowledging imminent death of a relative

Had a dream about my cousin who died of breast cancer early this year. In the dream my sister and I and my deceased cousin were sitting on my sofa, my sister tells her "You are going to die anyway", she begins to sob and so do I and I am hugging her and the two of us are crying.

A dream in which you envision yourself interacting with a deceased relative, such as your cousin, and actively acknowledging her death could be considered a warning. You may soon find yourself offending someone close to you. Whether provoked by you or someone else, these possible conflicts could have negative ramifications for your relationships with others.

Being told about death by dead son

I dream my dead son told me am dying and I will be with him soon.

Dreaming about being paid a visit by a deceased person, in your case your son, is an indication of you focusing all your attention on something that has happened in the past. You may be dwelling in the past and this is causing you significant distress. It could also represent the sadness and grief related to missing your son. Perhaps being with him soon is the silver lining, that after all the misery and challenges, life gives you reprieve at the end of it. Happiness is knowing you have made something of your life when it finally comes time to reunite with your son.

Dead people dancing and singing

Two dead people inside their coffin dancing and singing.

Coffins in dreams are often associated with the womb or any place of comfort. They also symbolize mortality and the fear of death. In the context of your dream, the coffin with the dead people inside could refer to severed friendships or bonds with people. These are the individuals whom you have cut ties with due to personal differences. Perhaps you want them back in your life. Alternatively, you could be feeling jealous of their seemingly happy and content lives as opposed to your current state. Maybe you envy aspects of their existence despite their limited knowledge and simpler perspective.

Running from a dead girl and meeting a baby

I dreamt that I was taking a shortcut and I saw a dead female, her face was my cousin who is alive, I walked over her and she got up and started laughing and I started running, but she was walking and I got in the house and I heard a knock on the door. I opened the door and I saw a baby, she said to me "Look how long I have been waiting on you for us to play". I woke up.

Dreaming about taking a shortcut could mean you are feeling impatient about reaching your goals and because of that you could be doing some things not entirely ethical in order to achieve them faster. The dead female you came across on the way could be a warning for you to stop doing things in haste, and the way your cousin has resurrected and managed to make you go back to the house could mean people around you are trying to put you on the right path. The baby at the end of the dream could be a metaphor for a reward for you to follow the right way, since a baby is usually a symbol of accomplishments and the resulting prosperity.

Being dead and late mother posting about this

I dreamt I was dead. My late mother put a photo on Facebook of herself with a white owl on her shoulder saying she misses me.

Dreaming about being dead could suggest you are experiencing a difficult period and so you envision a possibility of transitioning into a state when your troubles are over. The notion that you dreamed about your late mother posting a photo on Facebook of herself with a white owl means that you miss her terribly but, more importantly, you think that talking to her and getting her advice just like before would be instrumental for you to be able to overcome this difficult time, since owls are usually a symbol of wisdom.

A man beaten to death

I dreamed that the man I love was sitting at a table with his phone recording me live. I then watched as he was grabbed by the men he was with and beaten to death.

Watching someone being beaten up or attacked means you would be blamed for a mistake or a humiliating situation. Because it was the man you love who was being beaten to death in the dream, this vision further shows that your loved ones in reality would also suffer and be held accountable for the damage to your reputation and credibility. In turn, they would become resentful for being dragged into the issue and distance themselves from you to avoid further complications, either for some time or forever.

A family member resurrecting from death

I am male. I dreamt I was about to bury a male in my family that I did not recognize the face, but he is older, and then suddenly he woke up from the grave as a young boy.

Seeing someone resurrecting in your dream, regardless if it is your relative or just some random person, means that you are about to go through some surprising or extraordinary events or circumstances. The notion of the person being young could mean you have been waiting for this to occur or this is going to be some completely new and never experienced events you will be subjected to. On the cautionary note, this dream does not necessarily portends wealth, good fortune or luck, so be careful how you react to what is to come.

Impending death

Dying in your dream state is one of the common dreams you could have. This particular dream may seem to carry negative omens or premonitions, yet this really holds a positive interpretation. Having this dream is an allusion to your self-discovery and transformation. On top of that, a near-death experience after getting sick signals spiritual enlightenment. You are feeling renewed, and this experience will help you realize your full potential.